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lib: Support nested keys in var_get_key_range_full Fixes problems with %{if...} failed: if: requires four or five parameters, got 1
author Aki Tuomi <>
date Fri, 01 Dec 2017 14:53:46 +0200
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v2.2.21 2015-12-11  Timo Sirainen <>

	- doveadm mailbox list (and some others) were broken in v2.2.20
	- director: Fixed making backend changes when running with only a
	  single director server.
	- virtual plugin: Fixed crash when trying to open nonexistent
	  autocreated backend mailbox.

v2.2.20 2015-12-07  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added mailbox { autoexpunge=<time> } setting. See for details.
	+ ssl_options: Added support for no_ticket
	+ imap/pop3/managesieve-login: Added postlogin_socket=path passdb extra
	  field. This allows replacing the default service
	  imap/pop3/managesieve {} settings for specific users (e.g. running
	  their imap process via valgrind or strace).
	+ doveadm fetch: Added date.sent/received/saved.unixtime
	+ fs-posix: Added mode=auto parameter to set the created files' and
	  directories' mode based on the parent dir if it has setgid-bit.
	+ director: Support backends having hostnames, which makes it possible
	  to verify their SSL certificates.
	- director: Directors' state became desynchronized if doveadm director
	  commands were used to modify the same backend in multiple directors
	  at the same time with conflicting changes. This fix includes some
	  extra checks, which makes sure that if such a conflict still happens
	  it's automatically fixed. In some situations such an automatic fix
	  may now be unnecessarily triggered and an error logged.
	- director: Backend tags weren't working correctly.
	- ldap: tls_* settings weren't used for ldaps URIs.
	- ldap, mysql: Fixed setting connect timeout.
	- auth: userdb lookups via auth-worker couldn't change username
	- dsync: Fixed handling deleted directories. Make sure we don't go to
	  infinite mailbox renaming loop.
	- imap: Fixed crash in NOTIFY when there were watched namespaces that
	  didn't support NOTIFY.
	- imap: After SETMETADATA was used, various commands (especially FETCH)
	  could have started hanging when their output was large.
	- stats: Idle sessions weren't refreshed often enough, causing stats
	  process to forget them and log errors about unknown sessions when
	  they were updated later.
	- stats: Fixed "Duplicate session ID" errors when LMTP delivered to
	  multiple recipients and fts_autoindex=yes.
	- zlib plugin: Fixed copying causing cache corruption when zlib_save
	  wasn't set, but the source message was compressed.
	- fts-solr: Fixed escaping Solr query parameters.
	- lmtp: quota_full_tempfail=yes was ignored with

v2.2.19 2015-10-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	* pop3_deleted_flag has been broken since v2.2.10. Using it would
	  cause buffer overflows, which could be exploitable. However, this
	  bug would have become visible quite soon after users had deleted
	  some POP3 mails, because the pop3 processes would have started
	  crashing all the time even in normal use.
	* "doveadm director flush" command has a changed meaning now:
	  It safely moves users to their wanted backends, instead of simply
	  forgetting the mapping entirely and leaving the existing connections
	  untouched. Use -F parameter to get the original unsafe behavior.

	+ Added imap-hibernate processes (see imap_hibernate_timeout setting).
	  IDLEing IMAP connections can be hibernated, which saves memory.
	+ Optimized tracking mailboxes' vsizes (= sum of all messages' sizes).
	  If mailbox_list_index=yes, it's also stored in there. This makes it
	  very efficient to look up vsizes for all mailboxes.
	+ Added a quota "count" backend, which uses the mailbox vsizes to get
	  the current quota usage. It requires using the new quota_vsizes=yes
	  setting, which tracks the messages' "virtual sizes" rather than
	  "physical sizes". Their distiction is minor and mostly irrelevant
	  nowadays (if mail sizes should be counted with LF or CRLF newlines).
	+ "doveadm director up/down" commands added. The monitoring script
	  should be using these commands instead of changing the vhost count.
	  This allows admin to manually disable a server by changing the vhost 
	  count to 0 without the monitoring script changing it back.
	+ Added support for HAProxy protocol:
	+ Added push-notification plugin framework, which can be used to
	  easily implement push notifications to various backends. Implemented
	  "ox" backend for notifying Open-Xchange via HTTP/json.
	+ imap_logout_format supports more variables now, e.g. number of
	  deleted messages.
	+ pop3: Added pop3_delete_type setting (related to pop3_deleted_flag).
	+ plugin { fts_enforced=yes } setting now fails body searches unless
	  it can be done via the full text search engine.
	+ Added %{passdb:*} and %{userdb:*} variables to various places
	+ auth: Added ":protected" suffix for passdb and userdb fields. If
	  used, the field doesn't overwrite an existing field.
	+ IMAP/POP3 proxy: If a backend server dies, avoid client reconnection
	  spikes by slowly disconnecting clients over time. This is enabled by
	  setting login_proxy_max_disconnect_delay=secs passdb extra field.
	+ imap: Added new read-only METADATA entries: /private/specialuse,
	  /shared/comment, /shared/admin
	+ imap: If client disconnects in the middle of a command, log how long
	  the command had been running.
	- mdbox: Rebuilding could have caused message's reference count to
	  overflow the 16bit number in some situations, causing problems when
	  trying to expunge the duplicates.
	- Various search fixes (fts, solr, tika, lib-charset, indexer)
	- Various virtual plugin fixes
	- Various fixes and optimizations to dsync, imapc and pop3-migration
	- imap: Various RFC compliancy and crash fixes to NOTIFY

v2.2.18 2015-05-15  Timo Sirainen <>

	- director: Login UNIX sockets were normally detected as doveadm or
	  director ring sockets, causing it to break in existing installations.
	- sdbox: When copying a mail in alt storage, place the destination to
	  alt storage as well.

v2.2.17 2015-05-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Dovecot no longer checks or warns if a mountpoint is removed. This
	  was causing more trouble than it was worth. Make sure that all the
	  mountpoints that Dovecot accesses aren't writable by mail processes
	  when they're unmounted.
	* dict server wasn't properly escaping/unescaping data. Fixing this
	  broke backwards compatibility with data that contains line feeds.
	  This hopefully affects only very few installations. If you're using
	  dict to save multiline data (Sieve scripts to SQL), you may be
	* imap: SPECIAL-USE capability is no longer advertised if there are
	  no special_use flags specified for any mailboxes.

	+ lmtp: Added lmtp_hdr_delivery_address setting to specify whether
	  to include email address in Delivered-To: and Received: headers.
	+ Added initial version of full text search library, which includes
	  language-specific text normalization and filtering. This is still
	  in development, but it's already possible to use for testing with
	  fts-lucene and fts-solr.
	+ lda, lmtp: deliver_log_format can now include %{delivery_time},
	  which expands to how many milliseconds it took to deliver the mail.
	  With LMTP %{session_time} also expands to how many milliseconds the
	  LMTP session took, not including the delivery time.
	+ lmtp proxy: Mail delivery logging includes timing information.
	+ imap: Most IMAP commands now include in the tagged reply how many
	  milliseconds it took to run the command (not counting the time spent
	  on waiting for the IMAP client to read/write data).
	+ director: Implemented director_proxy_maybe passdb extra field to
	  be able to run director and backend in the same Dovecot instance.
	  (LMTP doesn't support mixed proxy/non-proxy destinations currently.)
	+ doveadm: Added -F <file> parameter to read a list of users from the
	  given file and run the command for all the users. This is similar to
	  -A parameter reading the list of users from userdb lookup.
	+ Implemented initial Cassandra CQL support as lib-sql backend. It's
	  only usable as dict backend currently.
	+ Added quota-clone plugin to copy current quota usage to a dict.
	- auth: If auth_master_user_separator was set, auth process could be
	  crashed by trying to log in with empty master username.
	- imap-login, pop3-login: Fixed crash on handshake failures with new
	  OpenSSL versions (v1.0.2) when SSLv3 was disabled.
	- auth: If one passdb fails allow_nets check, it shouldn't have failed
	  all the other passdb checks later on.
	- imap: Server METADATA couldn't be accessed
	- imapc: Fixed \Muted label handling in gmail-migration.
	- imapc: Various bugfixes and improvements.
	- Trash plugin fixes by Alexei Gradinari
	- mbox: Fixed crash/corruption in some situations

v2.2.16 2015-03-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	* dbox: Resyncing (e.g. doveadm force-resync) no longer deletes
	  dovecot.index.cache file. The cache file was rarely the problem
	  so this just caused unnecessary slowness.
	* Mailbox name limits changed during mailbox creation: Each part of
	  a hierarchical name (e.g. "x" or "y" in "x/y") can now be up to 255
	  chars long (instead of 200). This also reduces the max number of
	  hierarchical levels to 16 (instead of 20) to keep the maximum name
	  length 4096 (a common PATH_MAX limit). The 255 char limit is
	  hopefully large enough for migrations from all existing systems.
	  It's also the limit on many filesystems.

	+ director: Added director_consistent_hashing setting to enable
	  consistent hashing (instead of the mostly-random MD5 hashing).
	  This causes fewer user moves between backends when backend counts
	  are changed, which may improve performance (mainly due to caching).
	+ director: Added support for "tags", which allows one director ring
	  to serve multiple backend clusters with different sets of users.
	+ LMTP server: Added lmtp_user_concurrency_limit setting to limit how
	  many LMTP deliveries can be done concurrently for a single user.
	+ LMTP server: Added support for STARTTLS command.
	+ If logging data is generated faster than it can be written, log a
	  warning about it and show information about it in log process's
	  process title in ps output. Also don't allow a single service to
	  flood too long at the cost of delaying other services' logging.
	+ stats: Added support for getting global statistics.
	+ stats: Use the same session IDs as the rest of Dovecot.
	+ stats: Plugins can now create their own statistics fields
	+ doveadm server: Non-mail related commands can now also be used
	  via doveadm server (TCP socket).
	+ doveadm proxying: passdb lookup can now override doveadm_port and
	  change the username.
	+ doveadm: Search query supports now "oldestonly" parameter to stop
	  immediately on the first non-match. This can be used to optimize:
	  doveadm expunge mailbox Trash savedbefore 30d oldestonly
	+ doveadm: Added "save" command to directly save mails to specified
	  mailbox (bypassing Sieve).
	+ doveadm fetch: Added body.snippet field, which returns the first
	  100 chars of a message without whitespace or HTML tags. The result
	  is stored into dovecot.index.cache, so it can be fetched efficiently.
	+ dsync: Added -t <timestamp> parameter to sync only mails newer than
	  the given received-timestamp.
	+ dsync: Added -F [-]<flag> parameter to sync only mails with[out] the
	  given flag/keyword.
	+ dsync: Added -a <mailbox> parameter to specify the virtual mailbox
	  containing user's all mails. If this mailbox is already found to
	  contain the wanted mail (by its GUID), the message is copied from
	  there instead of being re-saved. (This isn't efficient enough yet
	  for incremental replication.)
	+ dsync: -m parameter can now specify \Special-use names for mailboxes.
	+ imapc: Added imapc_features=gmail-migration to help migrations from
	  GMail. See
	+ imapc: Added imapc_features=search to support IMAP SEARCH command.
	  (Currently requires ESEARCH support from remote server.)
	+ expire plugin: Added expire_cache=yes setting to cache most of the
	  database lookups in dovecot index files.
	+ quota: If overquota-flag in userdb doesn't match the current quota
	  usage, execute a configured script.
	+ redis dict: Added support for expiring keys (:expire_secs=n) and
	  specifying the database number (:db=n)
	- auth: Don't crash if master user login is attempted without
	  any configured master=yes passdbs
	- Parsing UTF-8 text for mails could have caused broken results
	  sometimes if buffering was split in the middle of a UTF-8 character.
	  This affected at least searching messages.
	- String sanitization for some logged output wasn't done properly:
	  UTF-8 text could have been truncated wrongly or the truncation may
	  not have happened at all.
	- fts-lucene: Lookups from virtual mailbox consisting of over 32
	  physical mailboxes could have caused crashes.

v2.2.15 2014-10-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Plugins can now print a banner comment in doveconf output
	  (typically the plugin version)
	* Replication plugin now triggers low (instead of high) priority for
	  mail copying operations.
	* IMAP/POP3/ManageSieve proxy: If destination server can't be
	  connected to, retry connecting once per second up to the value of
	  proxy_timeout. This allows quick restarts/upgrades on the backend
	  server without returning login failures.
	* Internal passdb lookups (e.g. done by lmtp/doveadm proxy) wasn't
	  returning failure in some situations where it should have (e.g.
	  allow_nets mismatch)
	* LMTP uses mail_log_prefix now for logging mail deliveries instead of
	  a hardcoded prefix. The non-delivery log prefix is still hardcoded

	+ passdb allow_nets=local matches lookups that don't contain an IP
	  address (internally done by Dovecot services)
	+ Various debug logging and error logging improvements
	- Various race condition fixes to LAYOUT=index
	- v2.2.14 virtual plugin crashed in some situations

v2.2.14 2014-10-14  Timo Sirainen <>

	* lmtp: Delivered-To: header no longer contains <> around the email
	  address. Other MDAs don't have it either.
	* "Out of disk space" errors are now treated as temporary errors
	  (not the same as "Out of disk quota").
	* replication plugin: Use replication only for users who have a
	  non-empty mail_replica setting.

	+ lmtp proxy: Log a line about each mail delivery.
	+ Added login_source_ips setting. This can be used to set the source IP
	  address round-robin from a pool of IPs (in case you run out of TCP
	+ Rawlog settings can use tcp:<host>:<port> as the path.
	+ virtual plugin: Don't keep more than virtual_max_open_mailboxes
	  (default 64) number of backend mailboxes open.
	+ SSL/TLS compression can be disabled with ssl_options=no_compression
	+ acl: Global ACL file now supports "quotes" around patterns.
	+ Added last-login plugin to set user's last-login timestamp on login.
	+ LDAP auth: Allow passdb credentials lookup also with auth_bind=yes	
	- IMAP: MODSEQ was sent in FETCH reply even if CONDSTORE/QRESYNC wasn't
	  enabled. This broke at least old Outlooks.
	- passdb static treated missing password field the same as an empty
	  password field.
	- mdbox: Fixed potential infinite looping when scanning a broken
	  mdbox file.
	- imap-login, pop3-login: Fixed potential crashes when client
	  disconnected unexpectedly.
	- imap proxy: The connection was hanging in some usage patterns. This
	  mainly affected older Outlooks.
	- lmtp proxy: The proxy sometimes delivered empty mails in error
	  situations or potentially delivered truncated mails.
	- fts-lucene: If whitespace_chars was set, we may have ended up
	  indexing some garbage words, growing the index size unnecessarily.
	- -c and -i parameters for dovecot/doveadm commands were ignored if
	  the config socket was readable.
	- quota: Quota recalculation didn't include INBOX in some setups.
	- Mail headers were sometimes added to dovecot.index.cache in wrong
	  order. The main problem this caused was with dsync+imapc incremental
	  syncing when the second sync thought the local mailbox had changed.
	- Fixed several race conditions with dovecot.index.cache handling that
	  may have caused unnecessary "cache is corrupted" errors.
	- doveadm backup didn't notice if emails were missing from the middle
	  of the destination mailbox. Now it deletes and resyncs the mailbox.
	- auth: If auth client listed userdb and disconnected before finishing,
	  the auth worker process got stuck (and eventually all workers could
	  get used up and requests would start failing).

v2.2.13 2014-05-11  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Fixed a DoS attack against imap/pop3-login processes. If SSL/TLS
	  handshake was started but wasn't finished, the login process
	  attempted to eventually forcibly disconnect the client, but failed
	  to do it correctly. This could have left the connections hanging
	  arond for a long time. (Affected Dovecot v1.1+)

	+ mdbox: Added mdbox_purge_preserve_alt setting to keep the file
	  within alt storage during purge. (Should become enforced in v2.3.0?)
	+ fts: Added support for parsing attachments via Apache Tika. Enable
	  with: plugin { fts_tika = http://tikahost:9998/tika/ }
	+ virtual plugin: Delay opening backend mailboxes until it's necessary.
	  This requires mailbox_list_index=yes to work. (Currently IMAP IDLE
	  command still causes all backend mailboxes to be opened.)
	+ mail_never_cache_fields=* means now to disable all caching. This may
	  be a useful optimization as doveadm/dsync parameter for some admin
	  tasks which shouldn't really update the cache file.
	+ IMAP: Return SPECIAL-USE flags always for LSUB command.
	- pop3 server was still crashing in v2.2.12 with some settings
	- maildir: Various fixes and improvements to handling compressed mails,
	  especially when they have broken/missing S=sizes in filenames.
	- fts-lucene, fts-solr: Fixed crash on search when the index contained
	  duplicate entries.
	- Many fixes and performance improvements to dsync and replication
	- director was somewhat broken when there were exactly two directors
	  in the ring. It caused errors about "weak users" getting stuck.
	- mail_attachment_dir: Attachments with the last base64-encoded line
	  longer than the rest wasn't handled correctly.
	- IMAP: SEARCH/SORT PARTIAL was handled completely wrong in v2.2.11+
	- acl: Global ACL file handling was broken when multiple entries
	  matched the mailbox name. (Only the first entry was used.)

v2.2.12 2014-02-14  Timo Sirainen <>

	- pop3 server was crashing in v2.2.11

v2.2.11 2014-02-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ acl plugin: Added an alternative global ACL file that can contain
	  mailbox patterns. See for details.
	+ imap proxy: Added proxy_nopipelining passdb setting to work around
	  other IMAP servers' bugs (MS Exchange 2013 especially).
	+ Added %{auth_user}, %{auth_username} and %{auth_domain} variables.
	  See for details.
	+ Added support for LZ4 compression.
	+ stats: Track also wall clock time for commands.
	+ pop3_migration plugin improvements to try harder to match the UIDLs
	- imap: SEARCH/SORT PARTIAL reponses may have been too large.
	- doveadm backup: Fixed assert-crash when syncing mailbox deletion.

v2.2.10 2013-11-25  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ auth: passdb/userdb dict rewrite to support much more complex
	  setups. See doc/example-config/dovecot-dict-auth.conf.ext.
	  The old settings will continue to work.
	+ auth: Added userdb result_success/failure/tempfail and skip
	  settings, similar to passdb's. See
	+ imap: Implemented SETQUOTA command for admin user when quota_set is
	  configured. See
	+ quota: Support "*" and "?" wildcards in mailbox names in quota_rules
	+ mysql: Added ssl_verify_server_cert=no|yes parameter. This currently
	  defaults to "no" to make sure nothing breaks, but likely will become
	  "yes" in Dovecot v2.3.
	+ ldap: Added blocking=yes setting to use auth worker processes for
	  ldap lookups. This is a workaround for now to be able to use multiple
	  simultaneous LDAP connections.
	+ pop3c+dsync performance improvements
	- quota-status: quota_grace was ignored
	- ldap: Fixed memory leak with auth_bind=yes and without
	- imap: Don't send HIGHESTMODSEQ anymore on SELECT/EXAMINE when
	  CONDSTORE/QRESYNC has never before been enabled for the mailbox.
	- imap: Fixes to handling mailboxes without permanent modseqs.
	  (When [NOMODSEQ] is returned by SELECT, mainly with in-memory
	- imap: Various fixes to METADATA support.
	- stats plugin: Processes that only temporarily dropped privileges
	  (e.g. indexer-worker) may have been logging errors about not being
	  able to open /proc/self/io.

v2.2.9 2013-11-25  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Full text search indexing can now be done automatically after
	  saving/copying mails by setting plugin { fts_autoindex=yes }
	+ replicator: Added replication_dsync_parameters setting to pass
	  "doveadm sync" parameters (for controlling what to replicate).
	+ Added mail-filter plugin
	+ Added liblzma/xz support (zlib_save=xz)
	- v2.2.8's improved cache file handling exposed several old bugs
	  related to fetching mail headers.
	- v2.2.7's iostream handling changes were causing some connections
	  to be disconnected before flushing their output (e.g. POP3 logout
	  message wasn't being sent)

v2.2.8 2013-11-19  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Mail cache lookups work for the mail being saved. This improves
	  performance by avoiding the need to parse the mail multiple times
	  when using some plugins (e.g. mail_log).
	+ Mail cache works for recently cached data also with in-memory
	+ imapc: Many performance improvements, especially when working with
	  dsync. Also added imapc_feature=fetch-headers which allows using
	  FETCH BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (..)] to avoid reading the entire
	+ mail_location = ..:FULLDIRNAME=dbox-Mails is the same as
	  :DIRNAME=dbox-Mails, but it will also be used for
	  :INDEX and :CONTROL directories. (It should have worked this way
	  from the beginning, but can't be changed anymore without breaking
	  existing installations).
	- Fixed infinite loop in message parsing if message ends with
	  "--boundary" and CR (without LF). Messages saved via SMTP/LMTP can't
	  trigger this, because messages must end with an "LF.". A user could
	  trigger this for him/herself though.
	- lmtp: Client was sometimes disconnected before all the output was
	  sent to it.
	- imap_zlib plugin caused crashes during client disconnection in
	- replicator: Database wasn't being exported to disk every 15 minutes
	  as it should have. Instead it was being imported, causing "doveadm
	  replicator remove" commands to not work very well.

v2.2.7 2013-11-03  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Some usage of passdb checkpassword could have been exploitable by
	  local users. You may need to modify your setup to keep it working.

	+ auth: Added ability to truncate values logged by
	  auth_verbose_passwords (see 10-logging.conf comment)
	+ mdbox: Added "mdbox_deleted" storage, which can be used to access
	  messages with refcount=0. For example: doveadm import
	  mdbox_deleted:~/mdbox "" mailbox inbox subject oops
	+ ssl-params: Added ssl_dh_parameters_length setting.
	- master process was doing a hostname.domain lookup for each created
	  process, which may have caused a lot of unnecessary DNS lookups.
	- dsync: Syncing over 100 messages at once caused problems in some
	  situations, causing messages to get new UIDs.
	- fts-solr: Different Solr hosts for different users didn't work.

v2.2.6 2013-09-25  Timo Sirainen <>

	* acl: If public/shared namespace has a shared subscriptions file for
	  all users, don't list subscription entries that are not visible to
	  the user accessing it.

	+ doveadm: Added "auth lookup" command for doing passdb lookup.
	+ login_log_format_elements: Added %{orig_user}, %{orig_username}
	  and %{orig_domain} expanding to the username exactly as sent by
	  the client (before any changes auth process made).
	+ Added ssl_prefer_server_ciphers setting.
	+ auth_verbose_passwords: Log the password also for unknown users.
	+ Linux: Added optional support for SO_REUSEPORT with
	  inet_listener { reuse_port=yes }
	- director: v2.2.5 changes caused "SYNC lost" errors
	- dsync: Many fixes and error handling improvements
	- doveadm -A: Don't waste CPU by doing a separate config lookup
	  for each user
	- Long-running ssl-params process no longer prevents Dovecot restart
	- mbox: Fixed mailbox_list_index=yes to work correctly

v2.2.5 2013-08-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ SSL: Added support for ECDH/ECDHE cipher suites (by David Hicks)
	+ Added some missing man pages (by Pascal Volk)
	+ quota-status: Added quota_status_toolarge setting (by Ulrich Zehl)
	- director: Users near expiration could have been redirected to
	  different servers at the same time.
	- pop3: Avoid assert-crash if client disconnects during LIST. 
	- mdbox: Corrupted index header still wasn't automatically fixed.
	- dsync: Various fixes to work better with imapc and pop3c storages.
	- ldap: sasl_bind=yes caused crashes, because Dovecot's lib-sasl
	  symbols conflicted with Cyrus SASL library.
	- imap: Various error handling fixes to CATENATE. (Found using
	  Apple's stress test script.)

v2.2.4 2013-06-25  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ doveadm: Added "flags" command to modify message flags.
	+ doveadm: Added "deduplicate" command to expunge message duplicates.
	+ dsync: Show the state in process title with verbose_proctitle=yes.
	- imap/pop3 proxy: Master user logins were broken in v2.2.3
	- sdbox/mdbox: A corrupted index header with wrong size was never
	  automatically fixed in v2.2.3.
	- mbox: Fixed assert-crashes related to locking.

v2.2.3 2013-06-17  Timo Sirainen <>

	* LDA/LMTP: If new mail delivery first fails with "temporary
	  failure", tempfail the whole delivery instead of falling back to
	  delivering the mail to INBOX. (Requires new Pigeonhole as well.)
	* doc/solr-schema.xml was updated to Solr v4.x format. Also the
	  default analyzers were changed, hopefully for the better. Note that
	  the schema can't be changed for existing Solr indexes without
	  rebuilding everything.
	* Solr plugin does only soft commits from now on. You'll need a
	  cronjob to send a hard commit command to it every few minutes.

	+ Added %N modifier for variables as %H-like "new hash"
	+ sdbox, mdbox: Support POP3 message order field (for migrations)
	+ Added mailbox { driver } to specify a different mail storage
	  format for the mailbox than generally used within the namespace.
	+ Added initial lib-sasl library for client side SASL support.
	  Currently supports only PLAIN, LOGIN and plugins. Used currently
	  by IMAP and POP3 proxying when authenticating to the remote server.
	- IMAP: If subject contained only whitespace, Dovecot returned an
	  ENVELOPE reply with a huge literal value, effectively causing the
	  IMAP client to wait for more data forever.
	- IMAP: Various URLAUTH fixes.
	- imapc: Various bugfixes and improvements
	- pop3c: Various fixes to make it work in dsync (without imapc)
	- dsync: Fixes to syncing subscriptions. Fixes to syncing mailbox

v2.2.2 2013-05-20  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ zlib: Keep the last mail cached uncompressed in a temp file. This
	  fixes performance when doing small partial fetches from a large
	+ acl: If plugin { acl_defaults_from_inbox = yes } is set, get the
	  default ACLs for private and shared namespaces from the user's INBOX.
	  (This probably will become default in v2.3.)
	+ pop3: Added pop3_deleted_flag setting to switch POP3 deletions to
	  only hide the messages from POP3, but still be visible via IMAP.
	- ACL plugin: Mailbox creation wasn't actually checking any ACLs
	  and always succeeded (due to some v2.2 API changes). The created
	  mailbox couldn't have been accessed though, so this couldn't have
	  caused any data leak.
	- IMAP: Various URLAUTH fixes.
	- IMAP: Fixed a hang with invalid APPEND parameters.
	- IMAP LIST-EXTENDED: INBOX was never listed with \Subscribed flag.
	- mailbox_list_index=yes still caused crashes.
	- maildir: Fixed a crash after dovecot-keywords file was re-read.
	- maildir: If files had reappeared unexpectedly to a Maildir, they
	  were ignored until index files were deleted.
	- Maildir: Fixed handling over 26 keywords in a mailbox. 
	- Maildir++: Fixed mail_shared_explicit_inbox=no 
	- namespace { prefix="" list=no } was listing mailboxes.
	- imap/pop3-login proxying: Fixed a crash if TCP connection succeeded,
	  but the remote login timed out.
	- Case-insensitive search/sort didn't work correctly for all unicode
	  characters, as specified by i;unicode-casemap comparator. If full
	  text search indexes were used, they need to be rebuilt for old mails
	  to be handled correctly. (This bug has existed always in Dovecot.)

v2.2.1 2013-04-19  Timo Sirainen <>

	- mailbox_list_index=yes was broken.
	- LAYOUT=index didn't list subscriptions.
	- auth: Multiple master passdbs didn't work.
	- Message parsing (e.g. during search) crashed when multipart message
	  didn't actually contain any parts.

v2.2.0 2013-04-11  Timo Sirainen <>

	* When creating home directories, the permissions are copied from the
	  parent directory if it has setgid-bit set. For full details, see
	* "doveadm auth" command was renamed to "doveadm auth test"
	* IMAP: ID command now advertises server name as Dovecot by default.
	  It was already trivial to guess this from command replies.
	* dovecot.index.cache files can be safely accessed only by v2.1.11+.
	  Older versions may think they're corrupted and delete them.
	* LDA/LMTP: If saving a mail brings user from under quota to over 
	  quota, allow it based on quota_grace setting (default: 10%
	  above quota limit).
	* pop3_lock_session=yes now uses a POP3-only dovecot-pop3-session.lock
	  file instead of actually locking the mailbox (and causing
	  IMAP/LDA/LMTP to wait for the POP3 session to close).
	* mail_shared_explicit_inbox setting's default switched to "no".
	* ssl_client_ca_dir setting replaced imapc_ssl_ca_dir and
	  pop3c_ssl_ca_dir settings.

	+ Implemented IMAP MOVE and BINARY extensions
	+ Implemented IMAP CATENATE, URLAUTH and URLAUTH=BINARY extensions
	  (by Stephan Bosch).
	+ Implemented IMAP NOTIFY extension. Requires mailbox_list_index=yes
	  to be enabled.
	+ Redesigned and rewritten dsync. The new design makes the syncing
	  faster, more reliable and more featureful. The new dsync protocol
	  isn't backwards compatible with old dsync versions (but is designed
	  to be forwards compatible with future versions).
	+ All mailbox formats now support per-user message flags for shared
	  mailboxes by using a private index. It can be enabled by adding
	  :INDEXPVT=<path> to mail location. This should be used instead of
	  :INDEX also for Maildir/mbox to improve performance.
	+ Improved mailbox list indexes. They should be usable now, although
	  still disabled by default.
	+ Added LAYOUT=index. The mailbox directories are created using their
	  GUIDs in the filesystem, while the actual GUID <-> name mapping
	  exists only in the index.
	+ LMTP proxy: Implemented XCLIENT extension for passing remote IP
	  address through proxy.

v2.2.rc7 2013-04-10  Timo Sirainen <>

	* checkpasword: AUTH_PASSWORD environment is no longer set.
	* Running dsync no longer triggers quota warnings.

	+ dsync: Commit large transactions every 100 new messages, so if a
	  large sync crashes it doesn't have to be restarted from the
	- replicator: doveadm commands and user list export may have skipped
	  some users.
	- Various fixes to mailbox_list_index=yes

v2.2.rc6 2013-04-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* replicator: Don't create replicator-doveadm socket by default.
	  This way doveadm replicator commands don't accidentally start an
	  unconfigured replicator server.
	+ replicator: Have remote dsync notify the remote replicator that
	  a user was just synced. This way the replicators are kept roughly
	  in sync.
	+ Added ssl_client_ca_file to specify the CA certs as a file. This is
	  needed (instead of ssl_client_ca_dir) in RedHat-based systems.
	+ Added "doveadm fs" commands, mainly to debug lib-fs backends.
	- Mailbox list indexes weren't using proper file permissions based
	  on the root directory.

v2.2.rc5 2013-04-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	- A few small random fixes

v2.2.rc4 2013-04-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added "doveadm replicator" commands
	- Larger changes to lib-http and lib-ssl-iostream error handling.
	  The API caller can now get the exact error message as a string.
	- Various bugfixes to LDAP changes in rc3

v2.2.rc3 2013-03-20  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ dsync: Support syncing ACLs (and Sieve scripts with Pigeonhole)
	+ ldap: Support subqueries and value pointers, see
	+ postmaster_address setting: Expand %d to recipient's domain
	- Fixed a crash when decoding quoted-printable content.
	- dsync: Various bugfixes

v2.2.rc2 2013-02-15  Timo Sirainen <>

	- rc1 wasn't actually usable in most configurations.

v2.2.rc1 2013-02-15  Timo Sirainen <>

	* See v2.2.0 notes

v2.1.13 2013-01-06  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Some fixes to cache file changes in v2.1.11.
	- fts-solr: Overlong UTF8 sequences in mails were rejected by Solr and
	  caused the mails to not be indexed.
	- virtual storage: Sorting mailbox by from/to/cc/bcc didn't work.

v2.1.12 2012-11-30  Timo Sirainen <>

	- dovecot-config in v2.1.11 caused build problems with Pigeonhole

v2.1.11 2012-11-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	* lmtp/lda: dovecot.index.cache file is no longer fully mapped to
	  memory, allowing mail deliveries to work even if the file is huge.
	* auth: userdb passwd lookups are now done by auth worker processes
	  instead of auth master process (as it was documented, but
	  accidentally didn't work that way).

	+ lmtp: lmtp_rcpt_check_quota=yes setting checks quota on RCPT TO.
	- lmtp: After successful proxying RCPT TO, the next one to a
	  nonexistent user gave tempfail error instead of "user not found".
	- lmtp proxy: Fixed hanging if remote server was down.
	- imap: Fixed crash when SEARCH contained multiple KEYWORD parameters.
	- doveadm: Various fixes to handling doveadm-server connections.
	- -i <instance name> parameter for Dovecot tools didn't work correctly.
	- director was somewhat broken in v2.1.10. This version also includes
	  various reliability enhancements.
	- auth: passdb imap was broken in v2.1.10.

v2.1.10 2012-09-18  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ imap: Implemented THREAD=ORDEREDSUBJECT extension.
	+ Added "doveadm exec" command to easily execute commands from
	  libexec_dir, e.g. "doveadm exec imap -u user@domain"
	+ Added "doveadm copy" command.
	+ doveadm copy/move: Added optional user parameter to specify the
	  source username. This allows easily copying mails between different
	+ Added namespace { disabled } setting to quickly enable/disable
	  namespaces. This is especially useful when its value is returned by
	+ Added mailbox_alias plugin. It allows creating mailbox aliases using
	+ imapc storage: Added imapc_max_idle_time setting to force activity
	  on connection.
	+ fts-solr: Expunging multiple messages is now faster.
	- director: In some conditions director may have disconnected from
	  another director (without logging about it), thinking it was sending
	  invalid data.
	- imap: Various fixes to listing mailboxes.
	- pop3-migration plugin: Avoid disconnection from POP3 server due
	  to idling.
	- login processes crashed if there were a lot of local {} or remote {}
	  settings blocks.

v2.1.9 2012-08-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	* mail-log plugin: Log mailbox names with UTF-8 everywhere 
	  (instead of mUTF-7 in some places and UTF-8 in other places)
	* director: Changed director_username_hash setting's default from %u
	  to %Lu (= lowercase usernames). This doesn't break any existing
	  installations, but might fix some of them.

	+ doveadm: Added "auth cache flush [<username>]" command.
	+ Implemented dict passdb/userdb
	+ Implemented Redis and memcached dict backends, which can be used as
	  auth backends. Redis can also be used as dict-quota backend.
	+ Added plugin { quota_ignore_save_errors=yes } setting to allow saving
	  a mail when quota lookup fails with temporary failure.
	- Full text search indexing might have failed for some messages,
	  always causing indexer-worker process to run out of memory.
	- fts-lucene: Fixed handling SEARCH HEADER FROM/TO/SUBJECT/CC/BCC when
	  the header wasn't lowercased.
	- fts-squat: Fixed crash when searching a virtual mailbox.
	- pop3: Fixed assert crash when doing UIDL on empty mailbox on some
	- auth: GSSAPI RFC compliancy and error handling fixes.
	- Various fixes related to handling shared namespaces

v2.1.8 2012-07-03  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ pop3c: Added pop3c_master_user setting.
	- imap: Mailbox names were accidentally sent as UTF-8 instead of mUTF-7
	  in previous v2.1.x releases for STATUS, MYRIGHTS and GETQUOTAROOT
	- lmtp proxy: Don't timeout connections too early when mail has a lot
	  of RCPT TOs.
	- director: Don't crash if the director is working alone.
	- shared mailboxes: Avoid doing "@domain" userdb lookups.
	- doveadm: Fixed crash with proxying some commands.
	- fts-squat: Fixed handling multiple SEARCH parameters.
	- imapc: Fixed a crash when message had more than 8 keywords.
	- imapc: Don't crash on APPEND/COPY if server doesn't support UIDPLUS.

v2.1.7 2012-05-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	* LDAP: Compatibility fix for v2.0: ldap: If attributes contain
	  ldapAttr=key=template%$ and ldapAttr doesn't exist, skip the key
	  instead of using "template" value with empty %$ part for the key.

	+ pop3: Added pop3_uidl_duplicates setting for changing the behavior
	  for duplicate UIDLs.
	+ director: Added "doveadm director ring remove" command.
	- director: Don't crash with quickly disconnecting incoming director
	- mdbox: If mail was originally saved to non-INBOX, and namespace
	  prefix is non-empty, don't assert-crash when rebuilding indexes.
	- sdbox: Don't use more fds than necessary when copying mails.
	- auth: Fixed crash with DIGEST-MD5 when attempting to do master user
	  login without master passdbs. 
	- Several fixes to mail_shared_explicit_inbox=no
	- imapc: Use imapc_list_prefix also for listing subscriptions.

v2.1.6 2012-05-07  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Session ID is now included by default in auth and login process
	  log lines. It can be added to mail processes also by adding
	  %{session} to mail_log_prefix.

	+ Added ssl_require_crl setting, which specifies if CRL check must
	  be successful when verifying client certificates.
	+ Added mail_shared_explicit_inbox setting to specify if a shared INBOX
	  should be accessible as "shared/$user" or "shared/$user/INBOX".
	- v2.1.5: Using "~/" as mail_location or elsewhere failed to actually
	  expand it to home directory.
	- dbox: Fixed potential assert-crash when reading dbox files.
	- trash plugin: Fixed behavior when quota is already over limit.
	- mail_log plugin: Logging "copy" event didn't work.
	- Proxying to backend server with SSL: Verifying server certificate
	  name always failed, because it was compared to an IP address.

v2.1.5 2012-04-23  Timo Sirainen <>

	* IMAP: When neither the session nor the mailbox has modseq tracking
	  enabled, return the mailbox as having NOMODSEQ in SELECT/EXAMINE
	  reply. Old versions in this situation always simply returned
	  HIGHESTMODSEQ as 1, which could have broken some clients.

	+ dict file: Added optional fcntl/flock locking (default is dotlock)
	+ fts-solr: doveadm fts rescan now resets indexes, which allows
	  reindexing mails. (This isn't a full rescan implementation like
	  fts-lucene has.)
	+ doveadm expunge: Added -d parameter to delete mailbox if it's
	  empty after expunging.
	- IMAP: Several fixes related to mailbox listing in some configs
	- director: A lot of fixes and performance improvements
	- v2.1.4 didn't work without a mail home directory set
	- mbox: Deleting a mailbox didn't delete its index files.
	- pop3c: TOP command was sent incorrectly
	- trash plugin didn't work properly
	- LMTP: Don't add a duplicate Return-Path: header when proxying.
	- listescape: Don't unescape namespace prefixes.

v2.1.4 2012-04-09  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added mail_temp_scan_interval setting and changed its default value
	  from 8 hours to 1 week.
	+ Added pop3-migration plugin for easily doing a transparent IMAP+POP3
	  migration to Dovecot:
	+ doveadm user: Added -m parameter to show some of the mail settings.
	- Proxying SSL connections crashed in v2.1.[23]
	- fts-solr: Indexing mail bodies was broken.
	- director: Several changes to significantly improve error handling
	- doveadm import didn't import messages' flags
	- mail_full_filesystem_access=yes was broken
	- Make sure IMAP clients can't create directories when accessing
	  nonexistent users' mailboxes via shared namespace.
	- Dovecot auth clients authenticating via TCP socket could have failed
	  with bogus "PID already in use" errors.

v2.1.3 2012-03-16  Timo Sirainen <>

	- mdbox was broken in v2.1.2

v2.1.2 2012-03-15  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Initial implementation of dsync-based replication. For now this
	  should be used only on non-critical systems.
	+ Proxying: POP3 now supports sending remote IP+port from proxy to
	  backend server via Dovecot-specific XCLIENT extension.
	+ Proxying: proxy_maybe=yes with host=<hostname> (instead of IP)
	  works now properly.
	+ Proxying: Added auth_proxy_self setting
	+ Proxying: Added proxy_always extra field (see wiki docs)
	+ Added director_username_hash setting to specify what part of the
	  username is hashed. This can be used to implement per-domain
	  backends (which allows safely accessing shared mailboxes within
	+ Added a "session ID" string for imap/pop3 connections, available
	  in %{session} variable. The session ID passes through Dovecot
	  IMAP/POP3 proxying to backend server. The same session ID is can be
	  reused after a long time (currently a bit under 9 years). 
	+ passdb checkpassword: Support "credentials lookups" (for
	  non-plaintext auth and for lmtp_proxy lookups)
	+ fts: Added fts_index_timeout setting to abort search if indexing
	  hasn't finished by then (default is to wait forever). 
	- doveadm sync: If mailbox was expunged empty, messages may have
	  become back instead of also being expunged in the other side.
	- director: If user logged into two directors while near user
	  expiration, the directors might have redirected the user to two
	  different backends.
	- imap_id_* settings were ignored before login.
	- Several fixes to mailbox_list_index=yes
	- Previous v2.1.x didn't log all messages at shutdown.
	- mbox: Fixed accessing Dovecot v1.x mbox index files without errors.

v2.1.1 2012-02-23  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ dsync: If message with same GUID is saved multiple times in session,
	  copy it instead of re-saving. 
	- acl plugin + autocreated mailboxes crashed when listing mailboxes
	- doveadm force-resync: Don't skip autocreated mailboxes (especially
	- If process runs out of fds, stop listening for new connections only
	  temporarily, not permanently (avoids hangs with process_limit=1
	- auth: passdb imap crashed for non-login authentication (e.g. smtp).

v2.1.0 2012-02-16  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Plugins now use UTF-8 mailbox names rather than mUTF-7:
	  acl, autocreate, expire, trash, virtual
	* auth_username_format default changed to %Lu. If you really want
	  case sensitive usernames, set it back to empty.
	* Solr full text search backend changed to use mailbox GUIDs instead of
	  mailbox names, requiring reindexing everything. solr_old backend can
	  be used with old indexes to avoid reindexing, but it doesn't support
	  some newer features.
	* Expire plugin: Only go through users listed by userdb iteration.
	  Delete dict rows for nonexistent users, unless
	* Temporary authentication failures sent to IMAP/POP3 clients
	  now includes the server's hostname and timestamp. This makes it
	  easier to find the error message from logs.
	* dsync was merged into doveadm. There is still "dsync" symlink
	  pointing to "doveadm", which you can use the old way for now.
	  The preferred ways to run dsync are "doveadm sync" (for old "dsync
	  mirror") and "doveadm backup".

	+ imapc (= IMAP client) storage allows using a remote IMAP server to
	  be used as storage. This allows using Dovecot as a smart (caching)
	  proxy or using dsync to do migration from remote IMAP server.
	+ Mailbox indexing via queuing indexer service (required for Lucene)
	+ Lucene full text search (FTS) backend rewritten with support for
	  different languages
	+ FTS finally supports "OR" search operation
	+ FTS supports indexing attachments via external programs
	+ IMAP FUZZY extension, supported by Lucene and Solr FTS backends
	+ IMAP SPECIAL-USE extension to describe mailboxes
	+ Mailbox list indexes
	+ Statistics tracking via stats service. Exported via doveadm stats.
	+ Autocreate plugin creates/subscribes mailboxes physically only when
	  the mailbox is opened for the first time. Mailbox listing shows the
	  autocreated mailboxes even if they don't physically exist.
	+ Password and user databases now support default_fields and
	  override_fields settings to specify template defaults/overrides.
	+ SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism by Florian Zeitz
	+ LDAP: Allow building passdb/userdb extra fields from multiple LDAP
	  attributes by using %{ldap:attributeName} variables in the template.
	+ Improved multi-instance support: Track automatically which instances
	  are started up and manage the list with doveadm instance commands.
	  All Dovecot commands now support -i <instance_name> parameter to
	  select the instance (instead of having to use -c <config path>).
	  See instance_name setting.
	+ auth: Implemented support for Postfix's "TCP map" sockets for
	  user existence lookups.
	- listescape plugin works perfectly now

v2.1.rc7 2012-02-15  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added ignore_on_failure setting for namespaces. If namespace
	  initialization fails with this enabled (e.g. permission denied),
	  the namespace is silently skipped for the user.

v2.1.rc6 2012-02-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Added automatic mountpoint tracking and doveadm mount commands to
	  manage the list. If a mountpoint is unmounted, error handling is
	  done by assuming that the files are only temporarily lost. This is
	  especially helpful if dbox alt storage becomes unmounted.
	* Expire plugin: Only go through users listed by userdb iteration.
	  Delete dict rows for nonexistent users, unless
	* LDA's out-of-quota and Sieve's reject mails now include DSN report
	  instead of MDN report.

	+ LDAP: Allow building passdb/userdb extra fields from multiple LDAP
	  attributes by using %{ldap:attributeName} variables in the template.
	+ doveadm log errors shows the last 1000 warnings and errors since
	  Dovecot was started.
	+ Improved multi-instance support: Track automatically which instances
	  are started up and manage the list with doveadm instance commands.
	  All Dovecot commands now support -i <instance_name> parameter to
	  select the instance (instead of having to use -c <config path>).
	  See instance_name setting.
	+ doveadm mailbox delete: Added -r parameter to delete recursively
	+ doveadm acl: Added "add" and "remove" commands.
	+ Updated to Unicode v6.1
	- mdbox: When saving to alt storage, Dovecot didn't append as much
	  data to m.* files as it could have.
	- dbox: Fixed error handling when saving failed or was aborted
	- IMAP: Using COMPRESS extension may have caused assert-crashes
	- IMAP: THREAD REFS sometimes returned invalid (0) nodes.
	- dsync: Fixed handling non-ASCII characters in mailbox names.

v2.1.rc5 2012-01-26  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Temporary authentication failures sent to IMAP/POP3 clients
	  now includes the server's hostname and timestamp. This makes it
	  easier to find the error message from logs.

	+ auth: Implemented support for Postfix's "TCP map" sockets for
	  user existence lookups.
	+ auth: Idling auth worker processes are now stopped. This reduces
	  error messages about MySQL disconnections.
	- director: With >2 directors ring syncing might have stalled during
	  director connect/disconnect, causing logins to fail.
	- LMTP client/proxy: Fixed potential hanging when sending (big) mails
	- Compressed mails with external attachments (dbox + SIS + zlib) failed
	  sometimes with bogus "cached message size wrong" errors.

v2.1.rc4 was never actually released, but was accidentally tagged in hg.

v2.1.rc3 2012-01-06  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Added missing file that prevented v2.1.rc2 from compiling..

v2.1.rc2 2012-01-06  Timo Sirainen <>

	* dsync was merged into doveadm. There is still "dsync" symlink
	  pointing to "doveadm", which you can use the old way for now.
	  The preferred ways to run dsync are "doveadm sync" (for old "dsync
	  mirror") and "doveadm backup".

	+ IMAP SPECIAL-USE extension to describe mailboxes
	+ Added mailbox {} sections, which deprecate autocreate plugin
	+ lib-fs: Added "mode" parameter to "posix" backend to specify mode
	  for created files/dirs (for mail_attachment_dir).
	+ inet_listener names are now used to figure out what type the socket
	  is when useful. For example naming service auth { inet_listener } to
	  auth-client vs. auth-userdb has different behavior.
	+ Added pop3c (= POP3 client) storage backend.
	- LMTP proxying code was simplified, hopefully fixing its problems.
	- dsync: Don't remove user's subscriptions for subscriptions=no

v2.1.rc1 2011-11-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Plugins now use UTF-8 mailbox names rather than mUTF-7:
	  acl, autocreate, expire, trash, virtual
	* auth_username_format default changed to %Lu. If you really want
	  case sensitive usernames, set it back to empty.
	* Solr full text search backend changed to use mailbox GUIDs instead of
	  mailbox names, requiring reindexing everything. solr_old backend can
	  be used with old indexes to avoid reindexing, but it doesn't support
	  some newer features.

	+ imapc (= IMAP client) storage allows using a remote IMAP server to
	  be used as storage. This allows using Dovecot as a smart (caching)
	  proxy or using dsync to do migration from remote IMAP server.
	+ Mailbox indexing via queuing indexer service (required for Lucene)
	+ Lucene full text search (FTS) backend rewritten with support for
	  different languages
	+ FTS finally supports "OR" search operation
	+ FTS supports indexing attachments via external programs
	+ IMAP FUZZY extension, supported by Lucene and Solr FTS backends
	+ IMAP SPECIAL-USE extension to describe mailboxes
	+ Mailbox list indexes
	+ Statistics tracking via stats service. Exported via doveadm stats.
	+ Autocreate plugin creates/subscribes mailboxes physically only when
	  the mailbox is opened for the first time. Mailbox listing shows the
	  autocreated mailboxes even if they don't physically exist.
	+ Password and user databases now support default_fields and
	  override_fields settings to specify template defaults/overrides.
	+ SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism by Florian Zeitz
	- listescape plugin works perfectly now

v2.0.15 2011-09-16  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ doveadm altmove: Added -r parameter to move mails back to primary
	- v2.0.14: Index reading could have eaten a lot of memory in some
	- doveadm index no longer affects future caching decisions
	- mbox: Fixed crash during mail delivery when mailbox didn't yet have
	  GUID assigned to it.
	- zlib+mbox: Fetching last message from compressed mailboxes crashed.
	- lib-sql: Fixed load balancing and error handling when multiple hosts
	  are used.

v2.0.14 2011-08-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ doveadm: Added support for running mail commands by proxying to
	  another doveadm server.
	+ Added "doveadm proxy list" and "doveadm proxy kick" commands to
	  list/kick proxy connections (via a new "ipc" service).
	+ Added "doveadm director move" to assign user from one server to
	  another, killing any existing connections.
	+ Added "doveadm director ring status" command.
	+ userdb extra fields can now return name+=value to append to an
	  existing name, e.g. "mail_plugins+= quota".
	- script-login attempted an unnecessary config lookup, which usually
	  failed with "Permission denied".
	- lmtp: Fixed parsing quoted strings with spaces as local-part for
	- imap: FETCH BODY[HEADER.FIELDS (..)] may have crashed or not
	  returned all data sometimes.
	- ldap: Fixed random assert-crashing with with sasl_bind=yes.
	- Fixes to handling mail chroots
	- Fixed renaming mailboxes under different parent with FS layout when
	  using separate ALT, INDEX or CONTROL paths.
	- zlib: Fixed reading concatenated .gz files.

v2.0.13 2011-05-11  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added "doveadm index" command to add unindexed messages into
	  index/cache. If full text search is enabled, it also adds unindexed
	  messages to the fts database.
	+ added "doveadm director dump" command.
	+ pop3: Added support for showing messages in "POP3 order", which can 
	  be different from IMAP message order. This can be useful for
	  migrations from other servers. Implemented it for Maildir as 'O'
	  field in dovecot-uidlist.
	- doveconf: Fixed a wrong "subsection has ssl=yes" warning.
	- mdbox purge: Fixed wrong warning about corrupted extrefs.
	- sdbox: INBOX GUID changed when INBOX was autocreated, leading to
	  trouble with dsync.
	- script-login binary wasn't actually dropping privileges to the
	  user/group/chroot specified by its service settings.
	- Fixed potential crashes and other problems when parsing header names
	  that contained NUL characters.

v2.0.12 2011-04-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ doveadm: Added "move" command for moving mails between mailboxes.
	+ virtual: Added support for "+mailbox" entries that clear \Recent
	  flag from messages (default is to preserve them).
	- dbox: Fixes to handling external attachments
	- dsync: More fixes to avoid hanging with remote syncs
	- dsync: Many other syncing/correctness fixes
	- doveconf: v2.0.10 and v2.0.11 didn't output plugin {} section right

v2.0.11 2011-03-07  Timo Sirainen <>

	* dotlock_use_excl setting's default was accidentally "no" in all
	  v2.0.x releases, instead of "yes" as in v1.1 and v1.2. Changed it
	  back to "yes."

	- v2.0.10: LDAP support was broken
	- v2.0.10: dsyncing to remote often hanged (timed out in 15 mins)

v2.0.10 2011-03-04  Timo Sirainen <>

	* LMTP: For user+detail@domain deliveries, the +detail is again written
	  to Delivered-To: header.
	* Skip auth penalty checks from IPs in login_trusted_networks.

	+ Added import_environment setting.
	+ Added submission_host setting to send mails via SMTP instead of
	  via sendmail binary.
	+ Added doveadm acl get/set/delete commands for ACL manipulation,
	  similar to how IMAP ACL extension works.
	+ Added doveadm acl debug command to help debug and fix problems
	  with why shared mailboxes aren't working as expected.
	- IMAP: Fixed hangs with COMPRESS extension
	- IMAP: Fixed a hang when trying to COPY to a nonexistent mailbox. 
	- IMAP: Fixed hang/crash with SEARCHRES + pipelining $.
	- IMAP: Fixed assert-crash if IDLE+DONE is sent in same TCP packet. 
	- LMTP: Fixed sending multiple messages in a session.
	- doveadm: Fixed giving parameters to mail commands. 
	- doveadm import: Settings weren't correctly used for the
	  import storage.
	- dsync: Fixed somewhat random failures with saving messages to
	  remote dsync.
	- v2.0.9: Config reload didn't notify running processes with
	  shutdown_clients=no, so they could have kept serving new clients
	  with old settings.

v2.0.9 2011-01-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Linux: Fixed a high system CPU usage / high context switch count
	  performance problem
	- Maildir: Avoid unnecessarily reading dovecot-uidlist while opening
	- Maildir: Fixed renaming child mailboxes when namespace had a prefix.
	- mdbox: Don't leave partially written messages to mdbox files when
	  aborting saving.
	- Fixed master user logins when using userdb prefetch
	- lda: Fixed a crash when trying to send "out of quota" reply
	- lmtp: If delivering duplicate messages to same user's INBOX,
	  create different GUIDs for them. This helps to avoid duplicate
	  POP3 UIDLs when pop3_uidl_format=%g.
	- virtual storage: Fixed saving multiple mails in a transaction
	  (e.g. copy multiple messages).
	- dsync: Saved messages' save-date was set to 1970-01-01.

v2.0.8 2010-12-03  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Services' default vsz_limits weren't being enforced correctly in
	  earlier v2.0 releases. Now that they are enforced, you might notice
	  that the default limits are too low and you need to increase them.
	  This problem will show up in logs as "out of memory" errors.
	  See default_vsz_limit and service { vsz_limit } settings.
	* LMTP: In earlier versions if mail was delivered to user+detail@domain
	  address, LMTP server always attempted to deliver the mail to mailbox
	  named "detail". This was rather unintentional and shouldn't have been
	  the default. lmtp_save_to_detail_mailbox=yes setting now preserves
	  this behavior (default is no).

	+ Added systemd support (configure --with-systemdsystemunitdir).
	  Based on patch by Christophe Fergeau.
	+ Replaced broken mbox-snarf plugin with a new more generic snarf
	- dbox: Fixes to handling external mail attachments
	- verbose_proctitle=yes didn't work for all processes in v2.0.7
	- imap, pop3: When service { client_count } was larger than 1, the
	  log messages didn't use the correct prefix. Last logged in user's
	  prefix was always used, regardless of what user's session actually
	  logged it. Now the proper log prefix is always used.
	- MySQL: Only the first specified host was ever used

v2.0.7 2010-11-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* master: default_process_limit wasn't actually used anywhere,
	  rather the default was unlimited. Now that it is enforced, you might
	  notice that the default limit is too low and you need to increase it.
	  Dovecot logs a warning when this happens.
	* mail-log plugin: Log mailbox name as virtual name rather than
	  physical name (e.g. namespace prefix is included in the name)

	+ doveadm dump: Added imapzlib type to uncompress IMAP's
	  COMPRESS DEFLATE I/O traffic (e.g. from rawlog).
	- IMAP: Fixed LIST-STATUS when listing subscriptions with
	  subscriptions=no namespaces. 
	- IMAP: Fixed SELECT QRESYNC not to crash on mailbox close if a lot of
	  changes were being sent. 
	- quota: Don't count virtual mailboxes in quota
	- doveadm expunge didn't always actually do the physical expunging
	- Fixed some index reading optimizations introduced by v2.0.5.
	- LMTP proxying fixes

v2.0.6 2010-10-21  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Pre-login CAPABILITY includes IDLE again. Mainly to make Blackberry
	  servers happy.
	* auth: auth_cache_negative_ttl default was 0 in earlier v2.0.x, but it
	  was supposed to be 1 hour as in v1.x. Changed it back to 1h.
	  If you want it disabled, make sure doveconf shows it as 0.

	+ dbox: Added support for saving mail attachments to external files,
	  with also support for single instance storage. This feature hasn't
	  had much testing yet, so be careful with it.
	+ doveadm: Added import command for importing mails from other storages.
	+ Reduced NFS I/O operations for index file accesses
	+ dbox, Maildir: When copying messages, copy also already cached fields
	  from dovecot.index.cache
	+ mdbox: Added mdbox_preallocate_space setting (Linux+ext4/XFS only)
	- Maildir: LDA/LMTP assert-crashed sometimes when saving a mail.
	- Fixed leaking fds when writing to dovecot.mailbox.log.
	- Fixed rare dovecot.index.cache corruption
	- IMAP: SEARCH YOUNGER/OLDER wasn't working correctly

v2.0.5 2010-10-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	* acl: Fixed the logic of merging multiple ACL entries. Now it works as
	  documented, while previously it could have done slightly different
	  things depending on the order of the entries.
	* virtual: Allow opening virtual mailboxes that refer to non-existing
	  mailboxes. It seems that the benefits of this outweigh the lack of
	  error message when typoing a mailbox name.

	+ Added some disk I/O optimizations to Maildir and index code. They're
	  especially helpful with short-lived connections like POP3.
	+ pop3: Added pop3_fast_size_lookups setting.
	- doveconf sometimes failed with complaining about missing ssl_key
	  setting, causing e.g. dovecot-lda to fail.
	- lda: If there's an error in configuration, doveconf didn't exit with
	  EX_TEMPFAIL as it should have.
	- sdbox: Fixed memory leak when copying messages with hard links. 
	- zlib + sdbox combination didn't work
	- zlib: Fixed several crashes, which mainly showed up with mbox.
	- quota: Don't crash if user has quota disabled, but plugin loaded.
	- doveadm fetch uid was actually returning sequence, not uid.
	- v2.0.4's subscription listing ignored (and logged a warning about)
	  subscriptions=no namespaces' entries in some configurations.
	  (So listing shared mailboxes' subscriptions could have been broken.)
	- acl: Fixed crashing when sometimes listing shared mailboxes via
	  dict proxy.

v2.0.4 2010-09-26  Timo Sirainen <>

	* multi-dbox: If :INDEX=path is specified, keep
	  storage/* files also in the index path rather than
	  in the main storage directory.

	  WARNING: if you specified :INDEX= with earlier mdbox installation,
	  you must now manually move the storage indexes to the expected
	  directory! Otherwise Dovecot won't see them and will rebuild the
	  indexes, possibly unexpunging some mails.

	- Maildir: Copying messages with hard links sometimes caused the
	  source maildir's entire tmp/ directory to be renamed to destination
	  maildir as if it were a message.
	- Maildir: v2.0.3 broke expunging copied messages sometimes
	- Maildir: INBOX whose tmp/ directory was lost couldn't be opened
	- single-dbox: Messages weren't copied with hard links
	- vpopmail support is hopefully working again.
	- dsync: POP3 UIDLs weren't copied with Maildir
	- dict file: Fixed fd leak (showed up easily with LMTP + quota)

v2.0.3 2010-09-17  Timo Sirainen <>

	* dovecot-lda: Removed use of non-standard Envelope-To: header as a
	  default for -a. Set lda_original_recipient_header=Envelope-To to
	  returns the old behavior.

	+ Added support for reverse quota warnings (i.e. when quota goes back
	  under the limit). This is enabled by adding '-' to beginning of
	  quota_warning value. Based on patch by Jeroen Koekkoek.
	+ dovecot-lda: Added lda_original_recipient_header setting, which is
	  used for getting original recipient if -a isn't used.
	+ dovecot-lda: Added -r parameter to specify final recipient address.
	  (It may differ from original address for e.g. aliases.)
	+ Maildir: uidlist file can now override message's GUID, making it
	  possible for multiple messages in a mailbox to have the same GUID.
	  This also fixes dsync's message conflict resolution.
	- dovecot-lda: If destination user isn't found, exit with EX_NOUSER,
	- dsync: Fixed handling \Noselect mailboxes
	- Fixed an infinite loop introduced by v2.0.2's message parser changes.
	- Fixed a crash introduced by v2.0.2's istream-crlf changes.

v2.0.2 2010-09-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* vpopmail support is disabled for now, since it's broken. You can use
	  it via checkpassword support or its sql/ldap database directly.

	- maildir: Fixed "duplicate uidlist entry" errors that happened at
	  least with LMTP when mail was delivered to multiple recipients
	- Deleting ACLs didn't cause entries to be removed from acl_shared_dict
	- mail_max_lock_timeout setting wasn't working with all locks
	- auth_cache_size setting's old-style value wasn't autoconverted
	  and it usually also caused a crash

v2.0.1 2010-08-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	* When dsync is started as root, remote dsync command is now also
	  executed as root instead of with dropped privileges.

	- IMAP: QRESYNC parameters for SELECT weren't handled correctly.
	- UTF-8 string validity checking wasn't done correctly (e.g.
	  mailbox names in Sieve fileinto)
	- dsync: Fixed a random assert-crash with remote dsyncing

v2.0.0 2010-08-16  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Dovecot uses two system users for internal purposes now by default:
	  dovenull and dovecot. You need to create the dovenull user or change
	  default_login_user setting.
	* Global ACLs are now looked up using namespace prefixes. For example
	  if you previously had INBOX. namespace prefix and a global ACL for
	  "INBOX.Sent", it's now looked up from "INBOX.Sent" file instead of
	  "Sent" as before.
	* Maildir: File permissions are no longer based on dovecot-shared file,
	  but the mailbox directory.

	+ Redesigned master process. It's now more modular and there is less
	  code running as root.
	+ Configuration supports now per-local/remote ip/network settings.
	+ dsync utility does a two-way mailbox synchronization.
	+ LMTP server and proxying.
	+ Added mdbox (multi-dbox) mail storage backend.
	+ doveadm utility can be used to do all kinds of administration
	  functions. Old dovecotpw and *view utilities now exist in its
	+ imap and pop3 processes can now handle multiple connections.
	+ IMAP: COMPRESS=DEFLATE is supported by imap_zlib plugin
	+ director service helps NFS installations to redirect users always
	  to same server to avoid corruption

v2.0.rc6 2010-08-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	- dict quota didn't always decrease quota when messages were expunged
	- Shared INBOX wasn't always listed with FS layout

v2.0.rc5 2010-08-09  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Using more than 2 plugins could have caused broken behavior
	  (more fixes for this)
	- Listescape plugin fixes
	- mbox: Fixed a couple of assert-crashes
	- mdbox: Fixed potential assert-crash when saving multiple messages
	  in one transaction.

v2.0.rc4 2010-08-04  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ director: Added director_doveadm_port for accepting doveadm
	  TCP connections. 
	+ doveadm: Added client/server architecture support for running mail
	  commands. Enable this by setting doveadm_worker_count to non-zero.
	+ mail-log: Added support for mailbox_create event.
	+ imap_capability = +XFOO BAR can be used to add capabilities instead
	  of replacing the whole capability string.
	+ virtual storage: Added support for IDLE notifications. 
	- doveadm mailbox status: Fixed listing non-ASCII mailbox names. 
	- doveadm fetch: Fixed output when fetching message header or body
	- doveadm director map/add/remove: Fixed handling IP address as
	- dsync: A few more fixes

v2.0.rc3 2010-07-20  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Single-dbox is now called "sdbox" instead of "dbox".
	  "dbox" will stay as an alias for it for now.

	+ Added mail_temp_dir setting, used by deliver and lmtp for creating
	  temporary mail files. Default is /tmp.
	+ doveadm: Added "director map" command to list user -> host mappings.
	- imap: Fixed checking if list=children namespace has children.
	- director: If all login processes died, director stopped reading
	  proxy-notify input and caused future login processes to hang
	- mail_log plugin configuration was broken
	- Using more than 2 plugins could have caused broken behavior
	- mdbox: Race condition fixes related to copying and purging
	- dsync: Lots of fixes

v2.0.rc2 2010-07-09  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Fixed a crash with empty mail_plugins
	- Fixed sharing INBOX to other users
	- mdbox: Rebuilding storage was broken in rc1
	- dsync was broken for remote syncs in rc1
	- director+LMTP proxy wasn't working correctly
	- v1.x config parser failed with some settings if pigeonhole wasn't
	- virtual: If non-matching messages weren't expunged within same
	  session, they never got expunged.

v2.0.rc1 2010-07-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	* See v2.0.0 notes

v1.2.6 2009-10-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Upgraded to Unicode 5.2.0

	+ Added authtest utility for doing passdb and userdb lookups.
	+ login: ssl_security string now also shows the used compression.
	- quota: Don't crash with non-Maildir++ quota backend.
	- imap proxy: Fixed crashing with some specific password characters.
	- dovecot --exec-mail was broken.
	- Avoid assert-crashing when two processes try to create index at the
	  same time.

v1.2.5 2009-09-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Authentication: DIGEST-MD5 and RPA mechanisms no longer require
	  user's login realm to be listed in auth_realms. It only made
	  configuration more difficult without really providing extra security.
	* zlib plugin: Don't allow clients to save compressed data directly.
	  This prevents users from exploiting (most of the) potential security
	  holes in zlib/bzlib.

	+ Added pop3_save_uidl setting.
	+ dict quota: When updating quota and user isn't already in dict,
	  recalculate and save the quota.
	- file_set_size() was broken with OSes that didn't support
	  posix_fallocate() (almost everyone except Linux), causing all kinds
	  of index file errors.
	- v1.2.4 index file handling could have caused an assert-crash
	- IMAP: Fixes to QRESYNC extension.
	- virtual plugin: Crashfix
	- deliver: Don't send rejects to any messages that have Auto-Submitted
	  header. This avoids emails loops.
	- Maildir: Performance fixes, especially with maildir_very_dirty_syncs.
	- Maildir++ quota: Limits weren't read early enough from maildirsize
	  file (when quota limits not enforced by Dovecot)
	- Message decoding fixes (mainly for IMAP SEARCH, Sieve).

v1.2.4 2009-08-17  Timo Sirainen <>

	* acl: When looking up ACL defaults, use global/local default files
	  if they exist. So it's now possible to set default ACLs by creating
	  dovecot-acl file to the mail root directory.

	+ imap/pop3 proxy: If proxy destination is known to be down,
	  fail connections to it immediately.
	+ imap/pop3 proxy: Added proxy_timeout passdb extra field to specify
	  proxy's connect timeout.
	- Fixed a crash in index file handling.
	- Fixed a crash in saving messages where message contained a CR
	  character that wasn't followed by LF (and the CR happened to be the
	  last character in an internal buffer).
	- v1.2.3 crashed when listing shared namespace prefix.
	- listescape plugin: Several fixes.
	- autocreate plugin: Fixed autosubscribing to mailboxes in
	  subscriptions=no namespaces.

v1.2.3 2009-08-07  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Mailbox names with control characters can't be created anymore.
	  Existing mailboxes can still be accessed though.

	+ Allow namespace prefix to be opened as mailbox, if a mailbox
	  already exists in the root dir.
	- Maildir: dovecot-uidlist was being recreated every time a mailbox
	  was accessed, even if nothing changed.
	- listescape plugin was somewhat broken
	- Compiling fixes for non-Linux/BSDs
	- imap: tb-extra-mailbox-sep workaround was broken.
	- ldap: Fixed hang when >128 requests were sent at once.
	- fts_squat: Fixed crashing when searching virtual mailbox.
	- imap: Fixed THREAD .. INTHREAD crashing.

v1.2.2 2009-07-27  Timo Sirainen <>

	* GSSAPI: More changes to authentication. Hopefully good now.
	* lazy_expunge plugin: Drop \Deleted flag when moving message.

	+ dovecot -n/-a now outputs also lda settings.
	+ dovecot.conf !include now supports globs (e.g.
	  !include /etc/dovecot/*.conf). Based on patch by Thomas Guthmann.
	+ acl: Support spaces in user/group identifiers.
	+ shared mailboxes: If only %%n is specified in prefix, default to
	  current user's domain.
	- Dovecot master process could hang if it received signals too rapidly.
	- Fixed "corrupted index cache file" errors (and perhaps others) caused
	  by e.g. IMAP's FETCH BODY[] command.
	- IMAP: When QRESYNC is enabled, don't crash when a new mail is
	  received while IDLEing.
	- IMAP: FETCH X-* parameters weren't working.
	- Maildir++ quota: Quota was sometimes updated wrong when it was
	  being recalculated.
	- Searching quoted-printable message body internally converted "_"
	  characters to spaces and didn't match search keys with "_".
	- Messages in year's first/last day may have had broken timezones
	  with OSes not having struct tm->tm_gmtoff (e.g. Solaris).
	- virtual plugin: If another session adds a new mailbox to index,
	  don't crash.

v1.2.1 2009-07-09 Timo Sirainen <>

	* GSSAPI: Changed logging levels and improved the messages.
	  Changed the way cross-realm authentication handling is done,
	  hopefully it's working now for everyone.
	* imap/pop3 logins now fail if home directory path is relative.
	  v1.2.0 deliver was already failing with these and they could have
	  caused problems even with v1.1.
	* IMAP: Custom authentication failure messages are now prefixed with
	  [ALERT] to get more clients to actually show them.

	+ Improved some error messages.
	- pop3: AUTH PLAIN was broken when SASL initial response wasn't given.
	- mbox: New mailboxes were created with UIDVALIDITY 1.
	- quota-fs was defaulting to group quota instead of user quota.
	- Fixed ACLs to work with mbox.
	- Fixed fchmod(-1, -1) errors with BSDs
	- convert plugin / convert-tool: Fixed changing hierarchy separators
	  in mailbox names when alt_hierarchy_char isn't set.

v1.2.0 2009-07-01 Timo Sirainen <>

	* When creating files or directories to mailboxes, Dovecot now uses
	  the mailbox directory's permissions and GID for them. Previous
	  versions simply used 0600 mode always. For backwards compatibility
	  dovecot-shared file's permissions still override these with Maildir.
	* SQL dictionary (quota) configuration file is different than in v1.1.
	  See doc/dovecot-dict-sql-example.conf for the new format.
	* deliver -m: Mailbox name is now assumed to be in UTF-8 format,
	  not modified-UTF7. Stephan Bosch's new Sieve implementation also
	  assumes UTF-8 format in fileinto parameters.

	+ Full support for shared mailboxes and IMAP ACL extension.
	  The code is mainly from Sascha Wilde and Bernhard Herzog.
	+ IMAP: Added support for extensions: CONDSTORE, QRESYNC, ESEARCH,
	+ SEARCH supports INTHREAD search key, but the rest of the INTHREAD
	  draft isn't implemented yet so it's not advertised in capability.
	+ THREAD REFS algorithm where threads are sorted by their latest
	  message instead of the thread root message. There is also no base
	  subject merging.
	+ IMAP: Implemented imap-response-codes draft.
	+ Thread indexes for optimizing IMAP THREAD command and INTHREAD
	  search key.
	+ Added userdb checkpassword (by Sascha Wilde)
	+ Virtual mailboxes:
	+ Autocreate plugin:
	+ Listescape plugin:

v1.2.rc8 2009-06-30 Timo Sirainen <>

	- Fixed building LDAP as plugin
	- Fixed starting up in OS X

v1.2.rc7 2009-06-27 Timo Sirainen <>

	* Removed configure --with-deliver, --with-pop3d and --disable-ipv6

	+ Improved permission related error messages.
	- mbox: Don't write garbage to mbox if message doesn't have a body.
	- virtual: Fixed saving messages with keywords.
	- virtual: Fixed infinite looping bug.
	- zlib: Fixed error handling.

v1.2.rc6 2009-06-22 Timo Sirainen <>

	* imap proxy: Pass through to client unexpected untagged replies
	  from remote server (e.g. alerts).
	* Solr: Don't use "any" copyfield, it doubles the index size.
	* mail_location: Allow using ":" characters in dir names by escaping
	  it as "::".

	- mbox: Don't crash with invalid From_-lines.
	- IMAP: Don't crash if IDLE command is pipelined after a long-running
	- ACL / shared mailbox fixes
	- Some metadata files were incorrectly getting 0666 permissions.

v1.2.rc5 2009-06-04 Timo Sirainen <>

	* auth_cache_negative_ttl is now used also for password mismatches
	  (currently only with plaintext authentication mechanisms).

	+ Added support for EXTERNAL SASL mechanism.
	+ FETCH X-SAVEDATE can now be used to get messages' save timestamps
	+ deliver_log_format: %s is now in UTF8
	- If message body started with a space, some operations could have
	- Fixed using LDAP support as a plugin
	- Fixes to virtual mailboxes.

v1.2.rc4 2009-05-17 Timo Sirainen <>

	* If /dev/arandom exists, use it instead of /dev/urandom (OpenBSD).
	* When logging to a file, the lines now start with a timestamp instead
	  of "dovecot: " prefix.

	+ IMAP: When multiple commands are pipelined, try harder to combine
	  their mailbox syncing together. For example with Maildir pipelining
	  STORE 1:* +FLAGS \Deleted and EXPUNGE commands the files won't
	  be unnecessarily rename()d before being unlink()ed.
	+ imap-proxy: Send backend's CAPABILITY if it's different from what
	  was sent to client before.
	+ IMAP: struct mail now keeps track of all kinds of statistics, such
	  as number of open()s, stat()s, bytes read, etc. These fields could
	  be exported by some kind of a statistics plugin (not included yet).
	+ IMAP: SEARCH command now dynamically figures out how to run about
	  0.20 .. 0.25 seconds before seeing if there's other work to do.
	  This makes the SEARCH performance much better.
	- Fixes to shared mailbox handling.
	- Fixes to virtual mailboxes.
	- THREAD command could have crashed.
	- Fixes to expire-tool.
	- mbox: Don't break if From_-line is preceded by CRLF (instead of LF).
	- dict process wasn't restarted after SIGHUP was sent to master.

v1.2.rc3 2009-04-16 Timo Sirainen <>

	* IMAP proxy no longer simply forwards tagged reply from
	  remote authentication command. It's now done only if the remote
	  server sent a [resp-code], otherwise all failure strings are
	  converted to Dovecot's "Authentication failed." to make sure that
	  if remote isn't using Dovecot it won't reveal user's existence.

	+ Quota roots can now specify which namespace's quota they're
	  tracking. This is probably the most useful for giving public
	  namespaces a quota.
	+ Added imap_idle_notify_interval setting.
	- Fixes to shared mailbox handling
	- Fixes to virtual mailboxes
	- Fixed compiling with some FreeBSD and NetBSD versions
	- THREAD REFS still might have returned one (0) at the beginning.
	- deliver wasn't using mail_access_groups setting.
	- Fixed some error handling in maildir and index code.

v1.2.rc2 2009-04-03  Timo Sirainen <>

	- rquota.x file was missing from rc1 distribution, causing compiling
	  to fail.

v1.2.rc1 2009-04-03  Timo Sirainen <>

	* See v1.2.0 notes

v1.1.5 2008-10-22  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Dovecot prints an informational message about authentication problems
	  at startup. The message goes away after the first successful
	  authentication. This hopefully reduces the number of "Why doesn't
	  my authentication work?" questions.

	+ Maildir/dbox: Try harder to assign unique UIDVALIDITY values to
	  mailboxes to avoid potential problems when recreating or renaming
	  mailboxes. The UIDVALIDITY is tracked using dovecot-uidvalidity*
	  files in the mail root directory.
	+ Many logging improvements
	- In some conditions Dovecot could have stopped using existing cache
	  file and never used it again until it was deleted.
	- pop3 + Maildir: Make sure virtual sizes are always written to
	  dovecot-uidlist. This way if the indexes are lost Dovecot will never
	  do a huge amount of work to recalculate them.
	- mbox: Fixed listing mailboxes in namespaces with prefix beginning
	  with '~' or '/' (i.e. UW-IMAP compatibility namespaces didn't work).
	- dict quota: Don't crash when recalculating quota (when quota warnings
	- Fixes to handling "out of disk space/quota" failures.
	- Blocking passdbs/userdbs (e.g. PAM, MySQL) could have failed lookups
	  sometimes when auth_worker_max_request_count was non-zero.
	- Fixed compiling with OpenBSD

v1.1.4 2008-10-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	- SORT: Yet another assert-crashfix when renumbering index sort IDs.
	- ACL plugin fixes: Negative rights were actually treated as positive
	  rights. 'k' right didn't prevent creating parent/child/child mailbox.
	  ACL groups weren't working.
	- Maildir++ quota: Fixes to rebuilding when quota limit wasn't
	  specified in Dovecot (0 limit or limit read from maildirsize).
	- mbox: Several bugfixes causing errors and crashes.
	- Several fixes to expire plugin / expire-tool.
	- lock_method=dotlock could have deadlocked with itself.
	- Many error handling fixes and log message improvements.

v1.1.3 2008-09-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	* mail_max_userip_connections limit no longer applies to master user

	+ login_log_format_elements: Added %k to show SSL protocol/cipher
	  information. Not included by default.
	+ imap/pop3-proxy: If auth_verbose=yes, log proxy login failures.
	+ deliver: Added -s parameter to autosubscribe to autocreated mailboxes.
	- message parser fixes - hopefully fixes an infinite looping problem
	- SORT: One more assert-crashfix when renumbering index sort IDs.
	- mbox: Saving may have truncated the mail being saved
	- mbox: Several other bugfixes
	- mail_full_filesystem_access=yes was broken when listing mailboxes
	  (it still is with maildir++ layout).
	- maildirlock utility was somewhat broken
	- zlib plugin: bzip2 support was somewhat broken
	- NFS: Make sure writing to files via output streams don't
	  assert-crash when write() returns only partial success.

v1.1.2 2008-07-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added full text search indexing support for Apache Lucene Solr
	+ IMAP SORT: Added X-SCORE sort key for use with Solr searches.
	+ zlib plugin supports now bzip2 also.
	+ quota: All backends now take noenforcing parameter.
	+ Maildir: Add ,S=<size> to maildir filename whenever quota plugin
	  is loaded, even when not using Maildir++ quota.
	+ deliver: Allow lda section to override plugin settings.
	+ deliver: Giving a -m <namespace prefix> parameter now silently saves
	  the mail to INBOX. This is useful for e.g. -m INBOX/${extension}
	+ Added a new maildirlock utility for write-locking Dovecot Maildir.
	+ dict-sql: Support non-MySQL databases by assuming they implement the
	  "INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY" using an INSERT trigger.
	- SORT: Fixed several crashes/errors with sort indexing.
	- IMAP: BODYSTRUCTURE is finally RFC 3501 compliant. Earlier versions
	  didn't include Content-Location support.
	- IMAP: Fixed bugs with listing INBOX.
	- Maildir: maildirfolder file wasn't created when dovecot-shared
	  file existed on the root directory
	- deliver didn't expand %variables in namespace location settings.
	- zlib: Copying non-compressed messages resulted in empty mails
	  (except when hardlink-copying between maildirs).
	- mbox-snarf plugin was somewhat broken
	- deliver + Maildir: If uidlist couldn't be locked while saving,
	  we might have assert-crashed
	- mbox: Fixed an assert-crash with \Recent flag handling

v1.1.1 2008-06-22  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Maildir: When migrating from v1.0 with old format dovecot-uidlist
	  files, Dovecot may have appended lines to it using the new format and
	  later broken with "UID larger than next_uid" error.

v1.1.0 2008-06-21  Timo Sirainen <>

No changes since v1.1.rc13. Below are the largest changes since v1.0:

	* After Dovecot v1.1 has modified index or dovecot-uidlist files,
	  they can't be opened anymore with Dovecot versions earlier than
	* See doc/wiki/Upgrading.1.1.txt (or for latest changes, for list of changes since
	  v1.0 that you should be aware of when upgrading.

	+ IMAP: Added support for UIDPLUS and LIST-EXTENDED extensions.
	+ IMAP SORT: Sort keys are indexed, which makes SORT commands faster.
	+ When saving messages, update cache file immediately with the data
	  that we expect client to fetch later.
	+ NFS caches are are flushed whenever needed. See mail_nfs_storage and
	  mail_nfs_index settings.
	+ Out of order command execution (SEARCH, FETCH, LIST), nonstandard
	  command cancellation (X-CANCEL <tag>)
	+ IMAP: STATUS-IN-LIST draft implementation
	+ Expire plugin can be used to keep track of oldest messages in
	  specific mailboxes. A nightly run can then quickly expunge old
	  messages from the mailboxes that have them. The tracking is done
	  using lib-dict, so you can use either Berkeley DB or SQL database.
	+ Namespaces are supported everywhere now.
	+ Namespaces have new list and subscriptions settings.
	+ Full text search indexing support with Lucene and Squat backends.
	+ OTP and S/KEY authentication mechanisms (by Andrey Panin).
	+ mbox and Maildir works with both Maildir++ and FS layouts. You can
	  change these by appending :LAYOUT=maildir++ or :LAYOUT=fs to
	+ LDAP: Support templates in pass_attrs and user_attrs
	+ Support for listening in multiple IPs/ports.
	+ Quota plugin rewrite: Support for multiple quota roots, warnings,
	  allow giving storage size in bytes or kilo/mega/giga/terabytes,
	  per-mailbox quota rules.
	+ Filesystem quota backend supports inode limits, group quota and
	  RPC quota for NFS.
	+ SEARCH and SORT finally compare non-ASCII characters
	  case-insensitively. We use i;unicode-casemap algorithm.
	+ Config files support splitting values to multiple lines with \

v1.1.rc13 2008-06-20  Timo Sirainen <>

	- mbox: Fixed a crash when adding a new X-IMAPbase: header with
	- Message parser: Fixed assert-crash if cached MIME structure was
	- Squat: Potential crashfix with mmap_disable=yes.

v1.1.rc12 2008-06-19  Timo Sirainen <>

	- mbox: Don't give "Can't find next message offset" warnings when
	  plugin (e.g. quota) accesses the message being saved.
	- deliver: Settings inside protocol imap {} weren't ignored.

v1.1.rc11 2008-06-19  Timo Sirainen <>

	- dovecot-uidlist is now recreated if it results in file shrinking
	  over 25%.
	- Some other minor fixes

v1.1.rc10 2008-06-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	* LIST X-STATUS renamed to LIST STATUS and fixed its behavior with
	  LIST-EXTENDED options. It's now compatible with STATUS-IN-LIST
	  draft 00.

	- Message parsing could have sometimes produced incorrect results,
	  corrupting BODY/BODYSTRUCTURE replies and perhaps others.
	- SORT: Fixed several bugs
	- FreeBSD 7.0: Environment clearing wasn't working correctly.
	  This caused "environment corrupted" problems at least with deliver
	  trying to call sendmail and running Dovecot from inetd.
	- HP-UX: Several fixes to get it to work (by Christian Corti)
	- Fixes to using expire plugin with SQL dictionary.
	- dbox fixes

v1.1.rc9 2008-06-09  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Maildir: When hardlink-copying a file, copy the W=<vsize> in the
	  filename if it exists in the original filename.
	- mbox: With rc8 empty lines were inserted in the middle of saved
	  mails' headers.
	- maildir: Fixed problems with opening newly saved messages which we
	  saw in index file but couldn't see in dovecot-uidlist. Happened only
	  when messages weren't saved via Dovecot (deliver or IMAP).
	- Several bugfixes to handling sort indexes
	- deliver: Boolean settings that were supposed to default to "yes" were
	  set to "no" unless explicitly defined in dovecot.conf:
	  dotlock_use_excl, maildir_copy_with_hardlinks, mbox_dirty_syncs,

v1.1.rc8 2008-06-03  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ deliver: Added -p parameter to provide path to delivered mail.
	  This allows maildir to save identical mails to multiple recipients
	  using hard links.
	- rc6/rc7 broke POP3 with non-Maildir formats
	- mbox: Saving a message without a body or the end-of-headers line
	  could have caused an assert-crash later.
	- Several dbox fixes

v1.1.rc7 2008-05-30  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Fixed compiling problems with non-Linux OSes

v1.1.rc6 2008-05-30  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Index file format changed a bit. If an older Dovecot v1.1 reads
	  index files updated by rc6+, they may give "Invalid header record
	  size" or "ext reset: invalid record size" warnings. v1.0 won't give
	  these errors.
	* IMAP: LIST .. RETURN (X-STATUS) command return now LIST entries
	  before STATUS entries.
	* zlib plugin: Uncompress if the message begins with zlib header
	  instead of looking at the 'Z' flag. This fixes copying with hard
	  links. Based on a patch by Richard Platel.

	+ IMAP: SORT index handling code was half-rewritten to fix several bugs
	  when multiple sessions were sorting at the same time. The new code is
	  hopefully also faster.
	+ Maildir: If POP3 UIDL extra field is found from dovecot-uidlist,
	  it's used instead of the default UIDL format (or X-UIDL: header).
	  This allows easily preserving UIDLs when migrating from other POP3
	  servers. Patch by Nicholas Von Hollen @ Mailtrust.
	+ Maildir: ,W=<vsize> is now always added to maildir filenames
	+ deliver: Avoid reading dovecot-uidlist's contents if possible.
	+ Added %T modifier = Trim whitespace from end of string
	- IMAP: Fixed some bugs in LIST-EXTENDED implementation.
	- IMAP: If client tries to change the selected mailbox state while
	  another command is still running, wait until the command is finished.
	  This fixes some crashes and other unwanted behavior.
	- allow_nets userdb setting was broken with big endian CPUs

v1.1.rc5 2008-05-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Support cross-realm Kerberos 5 authentication. Based on patch by
	  Zachary Kotlarek.
	+ Added dict_db_config setting to point to a Berkeley DB config file.
	+ If mail_chroot ends with "/.", remove chroot prefix from home
	- Fixed several bugs and memory leaks in ACL plugin. LIST and LSUB
	  may have listed mailboxes where user had no 'l' access. STORE could
	  have been used to update any flags without appropriate access.
	- mbox: Valid-looking From_-lines in message bodies caused the message
	  to be split to two messages (broken since v1.0).
	- Plugin initialization hooks were called in wrong order, possibly
	  causing problems when multiple plugins were used at the same time.
	- Expire plugin was broken
	- LIST-EXTENDED options were ignored.
	- LDAP: Static attribute names weren't working correctly
	- deliver: mail_uid and mail_gid settings weren't used.
	- pop3 + maildir++ quota: maildirsize file wasn't created if it 
	  didn't exist already.
	- dnotify: Waiting for dotlock to be deleted used 100% CPU

v1.1.rc4 2008-04-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Fixed two buffer overflows in str_find_init(). It was used by
	  SEARCH code when searching for headers or message body. Added code
	  to catch these kind of overflows when compiling with --enable-debug.
	  Found by Diego Liziero.

	+ LDAP: Added debug_level and ldaprc_path settings (OpenLDAP-only)
	+ Squat: Added fts_squat = partial=n full=m settings. See the wiki.
	- dbox metadata updating fixes.
	- quota: backend=n didn't work
	- SEARCH RECENT may have returned non-recent messages if index files
	  were created by v1.0.
	- If mailbox was opened as read-only with EXAMINE, STOREs were
	  permanently saved.
	- LDAP: Templates were somewhat broken (by richs at

v1.1.rc3 2008-03-09  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Fixed a security hole in blocking passdbs (MySQL always. PAM, passwd
	  and shadow if blocking=yes) where user could specify extra fields
	  in the password. The main problem here is when specifying
	  "skip_password_check" introduced in v1.0.11 for fixing master user
	  logins, allowing the user to log in as anyone without a valid

	- mail_privileged_group was broken in some systems (OS X, Solaris?)

v1.1.rc2 2008-03-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* mail_extra_groups setting was commonly used insecurely. This setting
	  is now deprecated. Most users should switch to using
	  mail_privileged_group setting, but if you really need the old
	  functionality use mail_access_groups instead.

	+ Expire plugin now supports wildcards in mailbox names.
	+ dbox: Expire plugin supports moving old mails to alternative
	  dbox directory
	+ Maildir++ quota: quota_rule=?:<rule> specifies a default rule
	  which is used only if the maildirsize file doesn't exist.
	+ If SSL/TLS connection isn't closed cleanly, log the last error
	  in the disconnection line.
	+ EXPUNGE: If new \Deleted messages were found while expunging,
	  do it again and expunge them as well (Outlook workaround)
	- IMAP: SEARCH, LIST and THREAD command correctness fixes
	- Maildir++ quota: Quota rules and warnings with % rules didn't work
	  if the default limits were taken from maildirsize file.
	- Maildir++ quota: If both byte and message limits weren't specified,
	  maildirsize file was recalculated all the time
	- mbox: Flag and keyword updates may have gotten lost in some
	  situations (happens with v1.0 too)
	- ldap: Don't crash if userdb lookup fails
	- Squat fixes and performance improvements

v1.1.rc1 2008-02-21  Timo Sirainen <>

	* See v1.1.0 notes

v1.0.10 2007-12-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Security hole with LDAP+auth cache: If base setting contained
	  %variables they weren't included in auth cache key, which broke
	  caching. This could have caused different users with same passwords
	  to log in as each other.

	- LDAP: Fixed potential infinite looping when connection to LDAP
	  server was lost and there were queued requests.
	- mbox: More changes to fix problems caused by v1.0.8 and v1.0.9.
	- Maildir: Fixed a UIDLIST_IS_LOCKED() assert-crash in some conditions
	  (caused by changes in v1.0.9)
	- If protocols=none, don't require imap executables to exist

v1.0.9 2007-12-11  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Maildir: Don't wait on dovecot-uidlist.lock when we just want to
	  find out a new filename for the message.
	- mbox: v1.0.8 changes sometimes caused FETCH to fail with
	  "got too little data", disconnecting the client.
	- Fixed a memory leak when FETCHing message header/body multiple
	  times within a command (e.g. BODY[1] BODY[2])
	- IMAP: Partial body fetching was still slow with mboxes

v1.0.8 2007-11-28  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Authentication: Added "password_noscheme" field that can be used
	  instead of "password". "password" treats "{prefix}" as a password
	  scheme while "password_noscheme" treats it as part of the password
	  itself. So "password_noscheme" should be used if you're storing
	  passwords as plaintext. Non-plaintext passwords never begin
	  with "{", so this isn't a problem with them.
	- IMAP: Partial body fetching was sometimes non-optimal, causing
	  the entire message to be read for every FETCH command.
	- deliver failed to save the message when envelope sender address
	  contained spaces.
	- Maildir++ quota: We could have randomly recalculated quota when
	  it wasn't necessary.
	- Login process could have crashed after logging in if client sent
	  data before "OK Logged in" reply was sent (i.e. before master had
	  replied that login succeeded).
	- Don't assert-crash when reading dovecot.index.logs generated by
	  Dovecot v1.1.
	- Authentication: Don't assert-crash if password beings with "{" but
	  doesn't contain "}".
	- Authentication cache didn't work when using settings that changed
	  the username (e.g. auth_username_format).

v1.0.7 2007-10-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	- deliver: v1.0.6's "From " line ignoring could have written to a
	  bad location in stack, possibly causing problems.

v1.0.6 2007-10-28  Timo Sirainen <>

	* IDLE: Interval between mailbox change notifies is now 1 second,
	  because some clients keep a long-running IDLE connection and use
	  other connections to actually read the mails.
	* SORT: If Date: header is missing or broken, fallback to using
	  INTERNALDATE (as the SORT draft nowadays specifies).

	+ deliver: If message begins with a "From " line, ignore it.
	+ zlib plugin: If maildir file has a "Z" flag, open it with zlib.
	- CREATE: Don't assert-crash if trying to create namespace prefix.
	- SEARCH: Fixes to handling NOT operator with sequence ranges.
	- LDAP reconnection fixes
	- Maildir: Don't break when renaming mailboxes with '*' or '%'
	  characters and children.
	- mbox: Fixed "file size unexpectedly shrinked" error in some
	- quota+mbox: Don't fail if trying to delete a directory.
	- Fixes to running from inetd

v1.0.5 2007-09-09  Timo Sirainen <>

	- deliver: v1.0.4 broke home directory handling
	- maildir: Creating mailboxes didn't use dovecot-shared's group for
	  cur/new/tmp directories.

v1.0.4 2007-09-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Assume a MIME message if Content-Type: header exists, even if
	  Mime-Version: header doesn't.

	- IMAP: CREATE ns_prefix/box/ didn't work right when namespace prefix
	- deliver: plugin {} settings were overriding settings from userdb.
	- mbox: Expunging the first message might not have worked always
	- PostgreSQL: If we can't connect to server, timeout queries after
	  a while instead of trying forever.
	- Solaris: sendfile() support was broken and could have caused
	  100% CPU usage and the connection hanging.

v1.0.3 2007-08-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	- deliver: v1.0.2's bounce fix caused message to be always saved to
	  INBOX even if Sieve script had discard, reject or redirect commands.
	- LDAP: auth_bind=yes and empty auth_bind_userdn leaked memory
	- ACL plugin: If user was given i (insert) right for a mailbox, but
	  not all s/t/w (seen, deleted, other flags) rights, COPY and APPEND
	  commands weren't supposed to allow saving those flags. This is
	  technically a security fix, but it's unlikely this caused problems
	  for anyone.
	- ACL plugin: i (insert) right didn't work unless user was also given
	  l (lookup) right.
	- Solaris: Fixed filesystem quota for autofs mounts.

v1.0.2 2007-07-15  Timo Sirainen <>

	* dbox isn't built anymore by default. It will be redesigned so it
	  shouldn't be used.

	+ Maildir: Support reading dovecot-uidlist (v3) files created by
	  Dovecot v1.1.
	- Maildir: "UIDVALIDITY changed" errors could happen with newly
	  created mailboxes
	- If "INBOX." namespace was used, LIST returned it with \HasNoChildren
	  which caused some clients not to show any other mailboxes.
	- Maildir++ quota: If multiple processes were updating maildirsize
	  at the same time, we failed with "Unknown error".
	- IMAP: IDLE didn't actually disconnect client after 30 minutes of
	- LDAP passdb/userdb was leaking memory
	- deliver: %variables in plugin {} weren't expanded
	- deliver: Don't bounce the mail if Sieve plugin returns failure

v1.0.1 2007-06-15  Timo Sirainen <>

	* deliver: If Return-Path doesn't contain user and domain, don't try
	  to bounce the mail (this is how it was supposed to work earlier too)
	* deliver: %variables in mail setting coming from userdb aren't
	  expanded anymore (again how it should have worked). The expansion
	  could have caused problems if paths contained any '%' characters.

	+ Print Dovecot version number with dovecot -n and -a
	+ deliver: Added -e parameter to write rejection error to stderr and
	  exit with EX_NOPERM instead of sending the rejection by executing
	+ dovecot --log-error logs now a warning, an error and a fatal
	- Trying to start Dovecot while it's already running doesn't anymore
	  wipe out login_dir and break the running Dovecot.
	- maildir: Fixed "UID larger than next_uid" errors which happened
	  sometimes when dovecot-uidlist file didn't exist but index files did
	  (usually because mailbox didn't have any messages when it was
	  selected for the first time)
	- maildir: We violated maildir spec a bit by not having keyword
	  characters sorted in the filename.
	- maildir: If we don't have write access to cur/ directory, treat the
	  mailbox as read-only. This fixes some internal error problems with
	  trying to use read-only maildirs.
	- maildir: Deleting a symlinked maildir failed with internal error.
	- mbox: pop3_uidl_format=%m wasn't working right
	- mbox: If non-filesystem quota was enabled, we could have failed
	  with "Unexpectedly lost From-line" errors while saving new messages
	- mysql auth: %c didn't work. Patch by Andrey Panin
	- APPEND / SEARCH: If internaldate was outside valid value for time_t,
	  we returned BAD error for APPEND and SEARCH never matched. With 64bit
	  systems this shouldn't have happened. With 32bit systems the valid
	  range is usually for years 1902..2037.
	- COPY: We sent "Hang in there.." too early sometimes and checked it
	  too often (didn't break anything, but was slower than needed).
	- deliver: Postfix's sendmail binary wasn't working with mail_debug=yes
	- Don't corrupt ssl-parameters.dat files when running multiple Dovecot
	- Cache compression caused dovecot.index.cache to be completely deleted
	  with big endian CPUs if 64bit file offsets were used (default)
	- Fixed "(index_mail_parse_header): assertion failed" crash

v1.0.0 2007-04-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Documentation updated.

v1.0.rc32 2007-04-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	- LDAP, auth_bind=no: Don't crash if doing non-plaintext ldap passdb
	  lookup for unknown user. This also broke deliver when userdb static
	  was used.
	- LDAP, auth_bind=yes and userdb ldap: We didn't wait until bind was
	  finished before sending the userdb request, which could have caused
	- LDAP: Don't break when compiling with OpenLDAP v2.3 library
	- Convert plugin: Don't create "maildirfolder" file to Maildir root.

v1.0.rc31 2007-04-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	- mbox: Give "mbox file was modified while we were syncing" error only
	  if we detect some problems in the mbox file. The check can't be
	  trusted with NFS.
	- Convert plugin: If directory for destination storage doesn't exist,
	  create it.
	- Convert plugin: Mailbox names weren't converted in subscription list.

v1.0.rc30 2007-04-06  Timo Sirainen <>

	* PAM: Lowercase the PAM service name when calling with "args = *".
	  Linux PAM did this internally already, but at least BSD didn't.
	  If your PAM file used to be in /etc/pam.d/IMAP or POP3 file you'll
	  need to lowercase it now.

	+ Send list of CA names to client when using
	- IMAP: If message body started with line feed, it wasn't counted
	  in BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE replies' line count field.
	- deliver didn't load plugins before chrooting

v1.0.rc29 2007-03-28  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Security fix: If zlib plugin was loaded, it was possible to open
	  gzipped mbox files outside the user's mail directory.

	+ Added auth_gssapi_hostname setting.
	- IMAP: LIST "" "" didn't return anything if there didn't exist a
	  namespace with empty prefix. This broke some clients.
	- If Dovecot is tried to be started when it's already running, don't
	  delete existing auth sockets and break the running Dovecot
	- If deliver failed too early it still returned exit code 89 instead
	- deliver: INBOX fallbacking with -n parameter wasn't working.
	- passdb passwd and shadow couldn't be used as master or deny databases
	- IDLE: inotify didn't notice changes in mbox file
	- If index file directory couldn't be created, disable indexes instead
	  of failing to open the mailbox.
	- rawlog wasn't working with chrooting
	- Several other minor fixes

v1.0.rc28 2007-03-23  Timo Sirainen <>

	* deliver + userdb static: Verify the user's existence from passdb,
	  unless allow_all_users=yes
	* dovecot --exec-mail: Log to configured log files instead of stderr
	* Added "-example" part to doc/dovecot-sql-example.conf and
	  doc/dovecot-ldap-example.conf. They are now also installed to
	  $sysconfdir with "make install".

	+ When copying/syncing a lot of mails, send "* OK Hang in there"
	  replies to client every 15 seconds so it doesn't just timeout the
	+ Added idxview and logview utilities to examine Dovecot's index files
	+ passdb passwd and shadow support blocking=yes setting now also
	+ mbox: If mbox file changes unexpectedly while we're writing to it,
	  log an error.
	+ deliver: Ignore -m "" parameter to make calling it easier.
	+ deliver: Added new -n parameter to disable autocreating mailboxes.
	  It affects both -m parameter and Sieve plugin's fileinto action
	- mbox: Using ~/ in the mail root directory caused a ~ directory to be
	  created (instead of expanding it to home directory)
	- auth cache: If unknown user was found from cache, we didn't properly
	  return "unknown user" status, which could have caused problems in
	- mbox: Fixed "UID inserted in the middle of mailbox" in some
	  conditions with broken X-UID headers
	- Index view syncing fixes
	- rc27 didn't compile with some non-GCC compilers
	- vpopmail support didn't compile in rc27
	- NFS check with chrooting broke home direcotry for the first login
	- deliver: If user lookup returned "unknown user", it logged
	  "BUG: Unexpected input"
	- convert plugin didn't convert INBOX

v1.0.rc27 2007-03-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ mbox and index file code handles silently out of quota/disk
	  space errors (maildir still has problems). They will give the user
	  a "Not enough disk space" error instead of flooding the log file.
	+ Added fsync_disable setting.
	+ mail-log plugin: Log the mailbox name, except if it's INBOX
	+ dovecot-auth: Added a lot more debug logging to passdbs and userdbs
	+ dovecot-auth: Added %c variable which expands to "secured" with
	+ dovecot-auth: Added %m variable which expands to auth mechanism name
	- maildir++ quota: With ignore=box setting the quota was still updated
	  for the mailbox even though it was allowed to go over quota (but
	  quota recalculation ignored the box).
	- Index file handling fixes
	- mbox syncing fixes
	- Wrong endianess index files still weren't silently rebuilt
	- IMAP quota plugin: GETQUOTAROOT returned the mailbox name wrong the
	  namespace had a prefix or if its separator was non-default
	- IMAP: If client was appending multiple messages with MULTIAPPEND
	  and LITERAL+ extensions and one of the appends failed, Dovecot
	  treated the rest of the mail data as IMAP commands.
	- If mail was sent to client with sendfile() call, we could have
	  hanged the connection. This could happen only if mails were saved
	  with CR+LF linefeeds.

v1.0.rc26 2007-03-07  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Changed --with-headers to --enable-header-install
	* If time moves backwards only max. 5 seconds, sleep until we're back
	  in the original present instead of killing ourself. An error is
	  still logged.

	- IMAP: With namespace prefixes LSUB prefix.* listed INBOX.INBOX.
	- deliver: Ignore mbox metadata headers from the message input.
	  X-IMAP header crashed deliver.
	- deliver: If mail_debug=yes, drop out DEBUG environment before
	  calling sendmail binary. Postfix's sendmail didn't really like it.
	- mbox: X-UID brokeness fixes broke rc25 even with valid X-UID headers.
	  Now the code should finally work right.
	- Maildir: When syncing a huge maildir, touch dovecot-uidlist.lock file
	  once in a while to make sure it doesn't get overwritten by another
	- Maildir++ quota: We didn't handle NUL bytes in maildirsize files very
	  well. Now the file is rebuilt when they're seen (NFS problem).
	- Index/view handling fix should fix some crashes/errors
	- If index files were moved to a different endianess machine, Dovecot
	  logged all sorts of errors instead of silently rebuilding them.
	- Convert plugin didn't change hierarchy separators in mailbox names.
	- PostgreSQL authentication could have lost requests once in a while
	  with a heavily loaded server.
	- Login processes could have crashed in some situations
	- auth cache crashed with non-plaintext mechanisms

v1.0.rc25 2007-03-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	* If time moves backwards, Dovecot kills itself instead of giving
	  random problems.

	+ Added --with-headers configure option to install .h files.
	  Binary package builders could use this to create some dovecot-dev
	  package to make compiling plugins easier.
	- PLAIN authentication: Don't crash dovecot-auth with invalid input.
	- IMAP APPEND: Don't crash if saving fails
	- IMAP LIST: If prefix.INBOX has children and we're listing under
	  prefix.%, don't drop the prefix.
	- mbox: Broken X-UID headers still weren't handled correctly.
	- mail-log plugin: Fixed deleted/undeleted logging.

v1.0.rc24 2007-02-22  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Dovecot now fails to load plugins that were compiled for different
	  Dovecot version, unless version_ignore=yes is set. This needs to be
	  explicitly set in plugins, so out-of-tree plugins won't have this
	  check by default.

	- pop3_lock_session=yes could cause deadlocks, and with maildir the
	  uidlist lock could have been overridden after 2 minutes causing
	- PAM wasted CPU by calling a timeout function 1000x too often
	- Trash plugin was more or less broken with multiple namespaces and
	  with multiple trash mailboxes

v1.0.rc23 2007-02-20  Timo Sirainen <>

	* deliver doesn't ever exit with Dovecot's internal exit codes anymore.
	  All its internal exit codes are changed to EX_TEMPFAIL.
	* mbox: X-Delivery-ID header is now dropped when saving mails.
	* mbox: If pop3_uidl_format=%m, we generate a unique X-Delivery-ID
	  header when saving mails to make sure the UIDL is unique.

	+ PAM: blocking=yes in args uses an alternative way to do PAM checks.
	  Try it if you're having problems with PAM.
	+ userdb passwd: blocking=yes in args makes the userdb lookups be done
	  in auth worker processes. Set it if you're doing remote NSS lookups
	  (eg. nss_ldap problems are fixed by this).
	+ If PAM child process hasn't responded in two minutes, send KILL
	  signal to it (only with blocking=no)
	- IMAP: APPEND ate all CPU while waiting for more data from the client
	  (broken in rc22)
	- mbox: Broken X-UID headers assert-crashed sometimes
	- mbox: When saving a message to an empty mbox file it got an UID
	  which immediately got incremented.
	- mbox: Fixed some wrong "uid-last unexpectedly lost" errors.
	- auth cache: In some situations we crashed if passdb had extra_fields.
	- auth cache: Special extra_fields weren't saved to auth cache.
	  For example allow_nets restrictions were ignored for cached entries.
	- A lot of initial login processes could cause auth socket errors
	  in log file at startup, if dovecot-auth started slowly. Now the
	  login processes are started only after dovecot-auth has finished
	  initializing itself.
	- imap/pop3 proxy: Don't crash if the remote server disconnects before
	  we're logged in.
	- deliver: Don't bother trying to save the mail twice into the default
	  mailbox (eg. if it's over quota).
	- mmap_disable=yes + non-Linux was really slow with large
	  dovecot.index.cache files
	- MySQL couldn't be used as a masterdb
	- Trash plugin was more or less broken
	- imap/pop3 couldn't load plugins if they chrooted
	- imap/pop3-login process could crash in some conditions
	- checkpassword-reply crashed if USER/HOME wasn't set

v1.0.rc22 2007-02-06  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ pop3: Commit the transaction even if client didn't QUIT so cached
	  data gets saved.
	- Fixed another indexing bug in rc19 and later which caused
	  transactions to be skipped in some situations, causing all kinds of
	- mail_log_max_lines_per_sec was a bit broken and caused crashes with
	  dovecot -a
	- BSD filesystem quota was counted wrong. Patch by Manuel Bouyer
	- LIST: If namespace has a prefix and inbox=no, don't list
	  prefix.inbox if it happens to exist when listing for %.

v1.0.rc21 2007-02-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Cache file handling could have crashed rc20

v1.0.rc20 2007-02-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ dovecot: Added --log-error command line option to log an error, so
	  the error log is easily found.
	+ Added mail_log_max_lines_per_sec setting. Change it to avoid log
	  throttling with mail_log plugin.
	- Changing message flags was more or less broken in rc19
	- ACL plugin still didn't work without separate control directory
	- Some mbox handling fixes, including fixing an infinite loop
	- Some index file handling fixes
	- maildir quota: Fixed a file descriptor leak
	- If auth_cache was enabled and userdb returned "user unknown"
	  (typically only deliver can do that), dovecot-auth crashed.
	- mail_log plugin didn't work with pop3

v1.0.rc19 2007-01-23  Timo Sirainen <>

	- ACL plugin didn't work unless control dir was separate from maildir
	- More index file handling fixes

v1.0.rc18 2007-01-22  Timo Sirainen <>

	* ACL plugin + Maildir: Moved dovecot-acl file from control directory
	  to maildir. To prevent accidents caused by this change, Dovecot
	  kills itself if it finds dovecot-acl file from the control directory.
	* When opening a maildir, check if tmp/'s atime is over 8h old. If it
	  is, delete files in it with ctime older than 36h. However if
	  atime - ctime > 36h, it means that there's nothing to be deleted and
	  the scanning isn't done. We update atime ourself if filesystem is
	  mounted with noatime.
	* base_dir doesn't need to be group-readable, don't force it.
	* mail_read_mmaped setting is deprecated and possibly broken. It's now
	  removed from dovecot-example.conf, but it still works for now.
	* Removed also umask setting from dovecot-example.conf since currently
	  it doesn't do what it's supposed to.

	+ Authentication cache caches now also userdb data.
	+ Added mail_log plugin to log various mail operations. Currently it
	  logs mail copies, deletions, expunges and mailbox deletions.
	- dict quota: messages=n parameter actually changed storage limit.
	- A lot of fixes to handling index files. This should fix almost all
	  of the problems ever reported.
	- LDAP: auth_bind=yes was more or less broken.
	- Saved mails and dovecot-keywords file didn't set the group from
	  dovecot-shared file.
	- Fixed potential assert-crash while searching messages
	- Fixed some crashes with invalid X-UID headers in mboxes
	- If you didn't have a namespace with empty prefix, giving STATUS
	  command for a non-existing namespace caused the connection to give
	  "NO Unknown namespace" errors for all the future commands.

v1.0.rc17 2007-01-07  Timo Sirainen <>

	- MySQL authentication caused username to show up as "OK" in rc16.

v1.0.rc16 2007-01-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	* IMAP: When trying to fetch an already expunged message, Dovecot used
	  to just disconnect client. Now it instead replies with dummy NIL
	* Priority numbers in plugin names have changed. If you're installing
	  from source, you should delete the existing plugin files before
	  installing the new ones, otherwise you'll get errors.
	* Maildir: We're using rename() to move files from tmp/ to new/ now.
	  See -> "Issues with
	  the specification" for reasoning why this is safe. This makes saving
	  mails faster, and also makes Dovecot usable with Mac OS X's HFS+
	  (after you also set dotlock_use_excl=yes, see below).

	+ Added dotlock_use_excl setting. If enabled, dotlocks are created
	  directly using O_EXCL flag, instead of by creating a temporary file
	  which is hardlinked. O_EXCL is faster, but may not work with NFS.
	+ If Dovecot crashes with Linux or Solaris, it'll log a
	  "Raw backtrace". It's worse than gdb's backtrace, but better than
	+ Added maildir_copy_preserve_filename=yes setting.
	+ Added a lazy-expunge plugin to allow users to unexpunge their mails.
	+ maildir quota: Added ignore setting to maildir quota, which allows
	  ignoring quota in Trash mailbox.
	+ dict quota: If dictionary doesn't yet contain the quota, calculate
	  it by going through all the mails in all the mailboxes.
	+ login_log_format_elements: Added %a=local port and %b=remote port
	+ Added -i and -o options to rawlog to restrict logging only to
	  input or output.
	- Doing a STATUS command for a selected mailbox (not a recommended
	  IMAP client behavior) caused Dovecot to sync the mailbox silently.
	  This could have lost eg. EXPUNGE events from clients, causing them
	  to use wrong sequence numbers.
	- deliver was treating boolean settings set to "no" as if they were
	  "yes" (they were supposed to be commented out for "no")
	- Running "dovecot" with -a or -n option while Dovecot was running
	  deleted all authentication sockets, which caused all the future
	  logins to fail.
	- maildir: RENAME and DELETE didn't touch control directory if it was
	  different from maildir or index dir.
	- We treated internal userdb lookup errors as "user unknown" errors.
	  In such situations this caused deliver to think the user didn't
	  exist and the mail get bounced.
	- pam: Setting cache_key crashed
	- shared maildir: dovecot-keywords file's mode wasn't taken from
	  dovecot-shared file.
	- dovecotpw wasn't working with PowerPC

v1.0.rc15 2006-11-19  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Fixed an off-by-one buffer overflow in cache file handling. The
	  code is executed only with mmap_disable=yes and only if index files
	  are used (ie. INDEX=MEMORY is safe).
	* passdb checkpassword: Handle vpopmail's non-standard exit codes.

	- rc14 sometimes assert-crashed if .log.2 file existed in a mailbox
	  (earlier versions leaked memory and file descriptors)
	- io_add() assert-crashfixes
	- Potential SSL hang fix at the beginning of the connection

v1.0.rc14 2006-11-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	* LDAP: Don't try to use ldap_bind() with empty passwords, since
	  Windows 2003 AD skips password checking with them and just returns
	* verbose_ssl=yes: Don't bother logging "syscall failed: EOF"
	  messages. No-one cares about them.

	+ Dovecot sources should now compile without any warnings with gcc 3.2+
	- rc13 crashed if client disconnected while IDLEing
	- LDAP: auth_bind=yes fixes
        - %variables: Fixed zero padding handling and documented it. %0.1n
	  shouldn't enable it, and it really shouldn't stay for the next
	  %variable. -sign also shouldn't stay for the next variable.
	- Don't leak opened .log.2 transaction logs.
	- Fixed a potential hang in IDLE command (probably really rare).
	- Fixed potential problems with client disconnecting while master was
	  handling the login.
	- quota plugin didn't work in Mac OS X

v1.0.rc13 2006-11-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ deliver: If we're executing as a normal system user, get the HOME
	  environment from passwd if it's not set. This makes it possible to
	  run deliver from .forward.
	- Older compilers caused LDAP authentication to crash
	- Dying LDAP connections weren't handled exactly correctly in rc11,
	  although it seemed to work usually
	- Fixed crashes and memory leaks with AUTHENTICATE command
	- Fixed crashes and leaks with IMAP/POP3 proxying
	- maildir: Changing a mailbox while another process was saving a
	  message there at the same may have caused the changes to not be made
	  into the maildir, which could have caused other problems later..

v1.0.rc12 2006-11-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	- rc11 didn't compile with some compilers
	- default_mail_env fallbacking was broken with --exec-mail

v1.0.rc11 2006-11-05  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Renamed default_mail_env to mail_location. default_mail_env still
	  works for backwards compatibility.
	* deliver: When sending rejects, don't include Content-Type in the
	  rejected mail's headers.
	* LDAP changes:
            * If auth binds are used, bind back to the default dn before doing
	      a search. Otherwise it could fail if a user gave an invalid
	    * Initial binding at connect is now done asynchronously.
	    * Use pass_attrs even with auth_bind=yes since it may contain
	      useful non-password fields.

	+ passdb checkpassword: Give TCPLOCALIP and TCPREMOTEIP and PROTO=TCP
	  environments to the checkpassword binary so we're UCSPI (and vchkpw)
	- mbox handling was a bit broken in rc10
	- Using Dovecot via inetd kept crashing dovecot master
	- deliver: Don't crash with -f "". Changed the default from envelope
	  to be "MAILER-DAEMON".
	- INBOX wasn't shown with LSUB command if only prefixed namespaces
	  were used.
	- passdb ldap: Reconnecting to LDAP server wasn't working with
	  auth binds.
	- passdb sql: Non-plaintext authentication didn't work
	- MySQL passdb ignored all non-password checks, such as allow_nets
	- trash plugin was broken

v1.0.rc10 2006-10-16  Timo Sirainen <>

	* When matching allowed_nets IPs, convert IPv6-mapped-IPv4 addresses
	  to actual IPv4 addresses first.

	+ IMAP: Try to avoid sending duplicate/useless message flag updates
	+ Added support for non-plaintext authentication for vpopmail if it
	  returns plaintext passwords. Based on patch by Remi Gacogne.
	+ Added %D modified to return "" as
	  "sub,dc=domain,dc=org" (for LDAP queries). Patch by Andrey Panin.
	- rc9 broke cache files in 64bit systems
	- deliver works now with mail_chroot
	- auth cache didn't work properly with multiple passdbs
	- Fixes to handling CRLF linefeeds in mboxes.

v1.0.rc9 2006-10-14  Timo Sirainen <>

	* 64bit systems: dovecot.index.cache file will be rebuilt because
	  some time fields have been changed from 64bit fields to 32bit
	  fields. Now the same cache file can be used in both 32bit and
	  64bit systems without it being rebuilt.
	* Added libmysqlclient workaround to conflicting sha1_result symbol,
	  which caused Dovecot to fail logging into MySQL.

	+ dovecot.index.cache file opening is delayed until it's actually
	  needed. This reduces disk accesses a bit with eg. STATUS commands.
	+ auth_cache: Try to handle changing passwords automatically: If
	  password verification fails, but the last one had succeeded, don't
	  use the cache. This works only with plaintext auth.
	- dovecot.index.cache: We didn't properly detect if some fields were
	  different length than we expected, which caused assert crashes
	- Lots of fixes to login/master process handling
	- mbox: Fixed a bug causing "X-IMAPbase uid-last unexpectedly lost
	  in mbox file" errors, and possibly others.

v1.0.rc8 2006-10-09  Timo Sirainen <>

	* GSSAPI: Changed POP3 service name to "pop", which is what the
	  standard says
	* "mbox:/var/mail/%u" no longer works as the mail location. You'll
	  have to specify the mail root explicitly, just like the examples
	  always have: "mbox:~/mail:INBOX=/var/mail/%u"

	+ SHA1, LDAP-MD5, PLAIN-MD5, PLAIN-MD4: The password can be now either
	  hex or base64 encoded. The encoding is detected automatically based
	  on the password string length.	  
	+ Allow running only Dovecot master and dovecot-auth processes with
	  protocols=none setting
	+ deliver: -f <envelope sender> parameter can be used to set mbox
	  From_-line's sender address
	+ deliver: Log all mail saves and failures
	+ Tru64 SIA passdb support. Patch by Simon L Jackson.
	- INBOX was listed twice in mailbox list if namespace prefix was used
	- INBOX-prefixed namespaces were a bit broken
	- kqueue: Fix 100% CPU usage
	- deliver: Duplicate storage was a bit broken
	- dictionary code was broken (ie. dict quota)
	- SIGHUP caused crashes sometimes

v1.0.rc7 2006-08-18  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Require that Dovecot master process's version number matches the
	  child process's, unless version_ignore=yes. Usually it's an
	  accidental installation problem if the version numbers don't match.
	* Maildir: Create maildirfolder file when creating new maildirs.

	+ ldap+prefetch: Use global uid/gid settings if LDAP query doesn't
	  return them
	+ %variables: Negative offsets count from the end of the string.
	  Patch by Johannes Berg.
	- kqueue ioloop code rewrite
	- notify=kqueue might have caused connection hangs sometimes
	- deliver: If message body contained a valid mbox From_ line, it
	  and the rest of the message was skipped.
	- mbox: We got into infinite loops if trying to open a 2 byte sized
	  file as mbox.
	- Don't crash with ssl_disable=yes
	- quota plugin caused compiling problems with some OSes
	- mbox: After saving a mail to a synced mbox, we lost the sync which
	  caused worse performance

v1.0.rc6 2006-08-07  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Removed login_max_logging_users setting since it was somewhat weird
	  in how it worked. Added login_max_connections to replace it with
	  login_process_per_connection=no, and with =yes its functionality
	  is now within login_max_processes_count.

	+ Added --with-linux-quota configure option to specify which Linux
	  quota version to use, in case it's not correct in sys/quota.h.
	  Usually used as --with-linux-quota=2
	+ acl plugins: If .DEFAULT file exists in global ACL root directory,
	  use it as the default ACLs for all mailboxes.
	- Fixes to login process handling, especially with
	- Back to the original SSL proxy code but with one small fix, which
	  hopefully fixes the occational hangs with it
	- Several fixes to handling LIST command more correctly.

v1.0.rc5 2006-08-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Saving to mboxes still caused assert-crashes

v1.0.rc4 2006-08-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Saving to mboxes caused assert-crashes

v1.0.rc3 2006-08-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	- SSL connections hanged sometimes, especially when saving messages.
	- mbox: Mail bodies were saved with CR+LF linefeeds
	- Mail forwarding was broken with deliver/Sieve
	- dbox fixes. Might actually be usable now.
	- Index file handling fixes with keywords
	- Cache file was incorrectly used in some situations, which probably
	  caused problems sometimes.
	- Maildir++ quota: Don't count "." and ".." directory sizes to quota.
	  After rewriting maildirsize file keep its fd open so that we can
	  later update it. Patch by Alexander Zagrebin

v1.0.rc2 2006-07-04  Timo Sirainen <>

	* disable_plaintext_auth=yes: Removed hardcoded 127.* and ::1 IP
	  checks. Now we just assume that the connection is secure if the
	  local IP matches the remote IP address.
	* SSL code rewrite which hopefully makes it work better than before.
	  Seems to work correctly, but if you suddently have trouble with SSL
	  connections this is likely the reason.

	+ verbose_ssl=yes: Log also SSL alerts and BIO errors
	- If namespace's location field wasn't set, the default location
	  was supposed to be used but it wasn't.
	- When copying ssl-parameters.dat file from /var/lib to /var/run its
	  permissions went wrong if it couldn't be copied with hard linking.
	- Fixed filesystem quota plugin to work with BSDs.
	- Maildir: Saving mails didn't work if quota plugin was enabled (again)
	- Maildir: Messages' received time wasn't saved properly when
	  saving/copying multiple messages at a time. Also if using quota
	  plugin the S= size was only set for the first saved file, and even
	  that was wrong.
	- passdb passwd-file: Don't require valid uid/gid fields if file
	  isn't also being used as a userdb.
	- PostgreSQL: Handle failures better so that there won't be
	  "invalid fd" errors in logs.
	- Don't try to expunge messages if the mailbox is read-only. It'll
	  just cause our index files to go out of sync with the real
	  mailbox and cause errors.
	- ANONYMOUS authentication mechanism couldn't work because
	  anonymous_username setting wasn't passed from master process.

v1.0.rc1 2006-06-28  Timo Sirainen <>

	* PAM: If user's password is expired, give "Password expired" error
	  message to the user. Now actually working thanks to Vaidas Pilkauskas
	* Relicensed dovecot-auth, lib-sql and lib-ntlm to MIT license. See
	  COPYING file for more information.
	* Abuse prevention: When creating a mailbox, limit the number of
	  hierarchies (up to 20) and the length of the mailbox name within
	  a hierarchy (up to 200 characters).
	* mbox: If saved mail doesn't end with LF, add it ourself so that the
	  mails always have one empty line before the next From-line.

	+ Added --with-statedir configure option which defaults to
	  $localstatedir/lib/dovecot. ssl-parameters.dat is permanently
	  stored in that directory and is copied to login_dirs from there.
	+ IMAP: Support SASL-IR extension (SASL initial response)
	+ Support initial SASL response with LOGIN mechanism. Patch by Anders
	+ Added PLAIN-MD4 password scheme. Patch by Andrey Panin.
	+ Added support for XFS disk quotas. Patch by Pawel Jarosz
	+ If another process deletes the opened mailbox, try to handle it
	  without writing errors to log file. Handles the most common cases.
	+ Added TLS support for LDAP if the library supports it.
	- SEARCH command was more or less broken with OR and NOT conditions
	- Dovecot corrupted mbox files which had CR+LF linefeeds in headers
	- MySQL code could have crashed while escaping strings
	- MD4 code with NTLM authentication was broken with 64bit systems.
	  Patch by Andrey Panin
	- Plugin loading was broken in some OSes (eg. FreeBSD)
	- Several fixes to handling empty values in configuration file
	- Several fixes to dictionary quota backend and dict server.
	  Also changed how they're configured.
	- deliver: Fixed plugin handling settings
	- mbox_min_index_size handling was somewhat broken
	- passdb passwd-file: extra_args field wasn't read unless the file
	  was also used as userdb.

v1.0.beta9 2006-06-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	* PAM: Don't call pam_setcred() unless setcred=yes PAM passdb
	  argument was given.
	* Moved around settings in dovecot-example.conf to be in more logical

	+ Local delivery agent (deliver binary) works again.
	+ LDAP: Added support for SASL binding. Patch by Geert Jansen
	+ ssl_verify_client_cert: Check CRLs. If auth_verbose=yes, log
	  invalid sent certificates. If verbose_ssl=yes, log even the valid
	  certificates. When using the username from the certificate, use
	  CommonName. Based on patch by HenkJan Wolthuis
	+ PAM: Set PAM_TTY which is needed by some PAM plugins
	+ dovecot --exec-mail ext <binary path> can now be used to start
	  binaries which want dovecot.conf to be read, for example the
	- Expunging needed to be done twice if client used STORE +FLAGS.SILENT
	  command to set the \Deleted flags
	- Added sql_escape_string() to lib-sql API and use it instead of
	  normal \-escaping.
	- ACL plugin fixes
	- DIGEST-MD5: Trying to use subsequent authentication crashed
	- Fetching BODY when BODYSTRUCTURE was already cached caused the
	  reply to be broken in some cases
	- Lots of fixes for index file handling
	- dbox fixes and changes
	- mbox syncing broke if some extraneous/broken headers were removed
	  (eg. extra X-IMAPbase headers in mails)
	- Running Dovecot from inetd work now properly with POP3
	- Quota plugin fixes for calculating the quota correctly

v1.0.beta8 2006-05-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Fixed a security hole with mbox: "1 LIST .. *" command could
	  list all directories and files under the mbox root directory, so
	  if your mails were stored in eg. /var/mail/%u/ directory, the
	  command would list everything under /var/mail.

	+ Unless nfs_check=no or mmap_disable=yes, check for the first login
	  if the user's index directory exists in NFS mount. If so, refuse to
	  run. This is done only on first login to avoid constant extra
	+ If we have plugins set and imap_capability unset, figure out the
	  IMAP capabilities automatically by running imap binary at startup.
	  The generated capability list isn't updated until Dovecot is
	  restarted completely, so if you add or remove IMAP plugins you
	  should restart. If you have problems related to this, set
	  imap_capabilities setting manually to work around it.
	+ Added auth_username_format setting
	- pop3_lock_session setting wasn't really working
	- Lots of fixes related to quota handling. It's still not working
	  perfectly though.
	- Lots of index handling fixes, especially with mmap_disable=yes
	- Maildir: saving mails could have sometimes caused "Append with UID
	  n, but next_uid = m" errors
	- flock() locking never timeouted because ignoring SIGALRM caused the
	  system call just to be restarted when SIGALRM occurred (probably not
	  with all OSes though?)
	- kqueue: Fixed "Unrecognized event". Patch by Vaclav Haisman

v1.0.beta7 2006-04-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added shutdown_clients setting to control if existing imap/pop3 
	  processes should be killed when master is.
	- Master login fixes, PLAIN authentication was still broken..

v1.0.beta6 2006-04-12  Timo Sirainen <>

	* The login and master usernames were reversed when using
	  master_user_separator (now the order is UW-IMAP compatible).
	* Killing dovecot master process now kills all IMAP and POP3
	  processes also.

	+ -a parameter to dovecot prints now all settings that Dovecot uses.
	  -n prints all settings that are different from defaults.
	+ Added pop3_lock_session setting
	+ %M modifier returns string's MD5 sum. Patch by Ben Winslow
	- PLAIN SASL authentication wasn't working properly, causing failed
	  logins with some clients (broken in beta4)
	- Fixes to Maildir++ quota, should actually work now
	- Don't crash if passwd-file has entries without passwords
	  (eg. deny=yes databases)
	- Fixed prefetch userdb to work nicely with other userdbs
	- If master process runs out of file descriptors, don't go to
	  infinite loop (unlikely to have happened unless the OS's default
	  fd limit was too low)
	- Fixed non-plaintext password lookups from LDAP. Patch by Lior Okman
	- %U modifier was actually lowercasing the string. Patch by Ben Winslow

v1.0.beta5 2006-04-04  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Beta4's SSL proxying rewrite worked worse than I thought.
	  Reverted it back to original code.

v1.0.beta4 2006-04-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Changed the default lock_method back to fcntl. Apparently flock
	  gives problems with some systems.
	* mbox: mailboxes beginning with '.' are now also listed
	* Replaced mail_use_modules and mail_modules settings with mail_plugins
	  and mail_plugin_dir. Now instead of loading all plugins from the
	  directory, you'll have to give a list of plugins to load. If the
	  plugin couldn't be loaded, the process exits instead of just
	  ignoring the problem (this is important with ACL plugin).

	+ Added support for "master users" who can log in as other people.
	  The master username can be given either in authorization ID
	  string with SASL PLAIN mechanism or by setting
	  auth_master_user_separator and giving it within the normal username
	+ Added ACL plugin with ACL file backend. This however doesn't mean
	  that there yet exists a proper shared folder support. If master user
	  logged in as someone else, the ACLs are checked as the master user.
	+ Added some Dovecot extensions to checkpassword passdb, see ChangeLog
	+ Updated passwd-file format to allow specifying any key=value fields
	+ Maildir++ quota support and several quota fixes
	+ passdb supporting extra fields: Added "allow_nets" option which takes
	  a comma separated list of IPs/networks where to allow user to log in.
	+ NFS: Handle ESTALE errors the best way we can
	+ IMAP now writes to log when client disconnects
	+ In shared mailboxes (if dovecot-shared file exists) \Seen flags are
	  now kept only in index files, so as long as each user has a separate
	  index file they have separate \Seen flags.
	- Fixes to DIGEST-MD5 realm handling so it works with more clients
	- BODYSTRUCTURE -> BODY conversion from cache file was broken with
	  mails containing message/rfc822 parts.
	- Fixed several memory leaks
	- We could have sent client FETCH notifications about messages before
	  telling about them with EXISTS
	- Compiling fixes for Solaris and some other OSes
	- Fixed problem with internal timeout handling code, which caused eg.
	  outlook-idle workaround to break.
	- If /dev/urandom didn't exist, we didn't seed OpenSSL's random number
	  generator properly. Patch by Vilmos Nebehaj.
	- Maildir: Recent flags weren't always immediately removed from mails
	  when mailbox was opened.
	- Several changes to SSL proxying code, hopefully making it work

v1.0.beta3 2006-02-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Dotlock code changed to timeout faster in some situations when
	  the lock file is old.
	+ Added support for loading SQL drivers dynamically (see INSTALL file
	  for how to build them)
	+ Keywords are stored to dboxes, and other dbox improvements.
	+ dict-sql could actually work now, making quota-in-sql-database
	  possibly working now (not fully tested)
	+ Added mail storage conversion plugin to convert automatically from
	  one mailbox format to another while user logs in. Doesn't preserve
	+ Added plugin { .. } section to dovecot.conf for passing parameters
	  to plugins (see dovecot-example.conf).
	+ Added ssl-build-param binary which is used to generate
	  ssl-parameters.dat. Main dovecot binary doesn't anymore link to
	  SSL libraries, and this also makes the process title be clearer
	  about why the process is eating all the CPU.
	- Fix building without OpenSSL
	- Fixed memory leak in MySQL driver
	- Fixes to checkpassword
	- Broken Content-Length header could have broken mbox opening
	- Fixed potential hangs after APPEND command
	- Fixed potential crashes in dovecot-auth and imap/pop3-login
	- zlib plugin now links with -lz so it could actually work
	- kqueue fixes by Vaclav Haisman

v1.0.beta2 2006-01-22  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added SQLite support. Patch by Jakob Hirsch.
	+ Added auth_debug_passwords setting. If it's not enabled, hide all
	  password strings from logs.
	+ Added mail_cache_min_mail_count and mbox_min_index_size settings
	  which can be used to make Dovecot do less disk writes in small
	  mailboxes where they don't benefit that much.
	+ Added --build-ssl-parameters parameter to dovecot binary
	- SSL parameters were being regenerated every 10 minutes, although
	  not with all systems.
	- Fixed dovecot-auth crashing at startup. Happened only with some
	  specific compilers.
	- base_dir was supposed to be set world-readable, not world-writable

v1.0.beta1 2006-01-16  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Almost a complete rewrite since 0.99.x, but some of the major
	  changes are:

	+ Index file code rewritten to do less disk I/O, wait locks less and
	  in generate be smarter. They also support being in clustered
	  filesystems and NFS support is mostly working also.
	+ Mail caching is smarter. Only the data that client requests is
	  cached. Before Dovecot opened and cached all mails when mailbox was
	  opened the first time, which was slow.
	+ Mbox handling code rewritten to be much faster, safer and correct
	+ New authentication mechanisms: APOP, GSSAPI, LOGIN, NTLM and RPA.
	+ LDAP supports authentication binds
	+ Authentication server can cache password database lookups
	+ Support for multiple authentication databases
	+ Namespace configuration
	+ Dovecot works with shared 

v0.99.10 2003-06-26  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Default PAM service name changed to "dovecot". This means that
	  if you're using PAM, you most likely have to do
	    mv /etc/pam.d/imap /etc/pam.d/dovecot
	  If you wish to keep using imap, see doc/auth.txt.

	* ~/rawlog directory changed to ~/dovecot.rawlog

	+ Faster and better maildir synchronization. We support read-only
	  maildirs and out-of-quota conditions are handled a lot better.
	  dovecot-uidlist file still isn't out-of-quota-safe though, but you
	  can keep it in another location where quota isn't checked. For
	    default_mail_env = Maildir:~/Maildir:
	+ Read-only mboxes are supported now.
	+ Only NOOP and CHECK now always do a mailbox sync checking. Other
	  commands sync max. once in 5 seconds, plus always from indexes.
	  This should reduce I/O a bit.
	+ All NUL characters are translated to ascii #128 before sending to
	  client. RFC prohibits sending NULs and this is how UW-IMAP handles
	  it as well.
	+ Make ENVELOPE, BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE replies more compact by
	  removing multiple LWSPs and translating TABs to spaces. RFC doesn't
	  specifically require this, but this seems to be the wanted
	+ Added ANONYMOUS SASL mechanism.
	+ More flexible user chrooting configuration in home directories:
	+ Added support for dynamically loadable IMAP/POP3 modules. See
	  INSTALL file for more information.
	- Partial fetches were broken if mails had CR+LF linefeeds
	- SEARCH DELETED didn't return anything if all messages were deleted
	- OpenSSL support was broken in many installations because we were
	  chrooted and it couldn't open /dev/urandom.
	- PAM: Giving wrong password blocked the whole process for two
	  seconds. Now we create a new process for each check.
	- Lots of other smaller bugfixes and better error handling

v0.99.9.1 2003-05-03  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Messages having lines longer than 8192 bytes caused problems.
	- There was some problems when opening a mbox first time that had been
	  empty for a while.
	- Didn't compile with OpenBSD.
	- POP3 server crashed sometimes instead of printing error message.
	- If cached IMAP envelope contained literals, SEARCHing in it wrote
	  errors to log file. For example if subject contained highascii, '"'
	  or '\' characters this happened.

v0.99.9 2003-04-28  Timo Sirainen <>

	* WARNING: mbox rewriting works now faster, but it's less likely to
	  notice external message flag changes (it wasn't perfect before
	  either). This also means that if you're not using index files,
	  Dovecot may not notice changes made by another Dovecot process.
	  This will be fixed later.

	+ Message UIDs are now permanently stored outside index files.
	  Deleting indexes is now possible without any kind of data loss and
	  in-memory indexes are now usable.
	+ mbox rewriting leaves extra space into X-Keywords header. It's
	  shrinked or grown when updating message flag headers to avoid
	  rewriting the rest of the file.
	+ imap-login and pop3-login can now be started from inetd. Privilege
	  separation is still used, so it executes dovecot and dovecot-auth
	  processes which are left on the background.
	+ PostgreSQL authentication support, patch by Alex Howansky
	- Large multiline headers (over 8kB) broke Dovecot before. Now they're
	  parsed one line at a time and we try to avoid reading them fully into
	- SEARCH OR was broken
	- Partial BODY[] fetches were broken
	- Timezones were still set wrong when parsing dates
	- Using non-synchronized literals (LITERAL+) broke APPEND
	- Renaming maildir subfolders inserted extra "." in the middle.
	- Subfolders were a bit broken with maildir
	- Invalid PLAIN auth request crashed auth process.

v0.99.8 2003-02-25  Timo Sirainen <>

	* NOTE: Configuration file has changed a bit: auth_userinfo was
	  replaced by userdb and passdb. *_port were merged into *_listen.
	  Disabling listening in imaps port is now done by changing protocols

	* Maildir: .customflags location has changed for INBOX. If you have
	  set any custom flags, move Maildir/.INBOX/.customflags into
	  Maildir/.customflags or they will be lost.

	* mbox: Autodetect /var/mail/%u and /var/spool/mail/%u as INBOXes
	  if they're found and mail_default_env isn't set.

	* passwd-file: File format changed a bit. If you used realm or mail
	  fields, you'll have to fix the file. See doc/auth.txt for description
	  of the format.

	+ Fully featured POP3 server included. Disabled by default.
	  LISTEXT extensions.
	+ LDAP authentication support.
	+ Internal API cleanups made Dovecot faster and take less memory
	+ auth_verbose logs now all authentication failures
	+ Support for Solaris 9 sendfilev()
	+ New setting: mail_full_filesystem_access allows clients to access the
	  whole filesystem by simply giving the path before the mailbox name
	  (eg. SELECT ~user/mail/box, LIST "" /tmp/%). While this allows users
	  to share mailboxes, it's not recommended since Dovecot's index files
	  can't be safely shared.
	+ New setting: client_workarounds.
	+ Dynamically loadable authentication modules. Binary package builders
	  should consider using it for at least LDAP.
	+ mbox: Content-Length is saved now to each saved message, so it's
	  now safe to have lines beginning with "From ".
	+ mbox: mail_read_mmaped = no works with it now
	+ Indexes can be kept in memory by adding :INDEX=MEMORY to MAIL
	  environment. There's not much point to do this now though, since the
	  UIDs won't be saved.
	- COPY now behaves as RFC2060 says: "If the COPY command is
	  unsuccessful for any reason, server implementations MUST restore the
	  destination mailbox to its state before the COPY attempt."
	- LIST and LSUB rewrite, should fix several bugs in them
	- maildir_copy_with_hardlinks = yes was broken.
	- mboxes in subfolders weren't selectable.
	- STORE didn't accept multiple flags without () around them
	- PLAIN SASL-authentication was a bit broken.
	- IMAP dates were parsed a few hours wrong
	- STATUS command removed \Recent flags from messages
	- Several bugfixes to SEARCH command, especially related to multiple
	  search conditions
	- If auth/login process died unexpectedly at startup, the exit status
	  or killing signal wasn't logged.
	- mbox parsing might have crashed sometimes
	- mbox: when saving mails, internal headers were allowed in input,
	  sometimes causing problems (eg. duplicate headers) when appending
	  and copying messages
	- mbox: X-Keywords headers were duplicated
	- Some small fixes to how messages are saved to Maildir
	- Next command after STARTTLS was ignored which left the connection
	  stuck sometimes
	- Dovecot was pretty much broken with FreeBSD

v0.99.7 2003-01-14  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Rewrote doc/index.txt, small updates to doc/design.txt and
	- New hash table code was broken with removing, which broke several
	  things. Fixed, but it's still a bit ugly code though..

v0.99.6 2003-01-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ THREAD=REFERENCES extension support. ORDEREDSUBJECT would be easy to
	  add, but I think it's pretty useless.
	+ SORT is much faster now.
	+ mbox: If ~/mail directory isn't found, create it.
	+ Log login usernames
	* Some coding style changes (less typedefs)
	- Mails with nested MIME parts might have caused incorrect BODY and
	  BODYSTRUCTURE fetches and sometimes might have crashed dovecot
	  (assert at imap-bodystructure.c). If client had already successfully
	  done the BODY fetching a couple of times, the bug couldn't happen
	  anymore since Dovecot then began caching the BODY data. So, this
	  mostly happened with new users.
	- non-UID SEARCH might gave wrong replies in certain conditions.
	- SORT replied always with UIDs instead of sequences.
	- If authentication was aborted by client ("*" reply to AUTHENTICATE),
	  the login process crashed later.
	- STATUS command gave invalid reply for mailboxes with spaces in name
	- Timezones were parsed wrong with message dates
	- Digest-MD5: We used "qop-options" instead of "qop", which was
	  incompatible with at least Cyrus SASL.
	- Realms in passwd-file were buggy
	- Literals didn't work when logging in
	- Crashed if it had to wait for mbox lock
	- With invalid configuration auth and login processes were just dying
	  and master filling log files infinitely.
	- We didn't work with some 64bit systems

v0.99.5 2003-01-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	* This release includes a lot of code cleanups, especially related to
	  security. Direct buffer modifying was replaced in several places
	  with a new buffer API, which provides a safe way to do it. Code that
	  looks unsafe contains @UNSAFE tag to make auditing easier.

	+ Support for SORT extension. Originally I thought about not
	  implementing any extensions before 1.0, but too many people want
	  webmails which want SORT. THREAD is another extension which they
	  want, but we don't support it yet.
	+ imap_listen and imaps_listen settings now accept "*" and "::" to
	  specify if we want to listen in IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. "::" may
	  also listen in all IPv4 addresses depending on the OS (Linux does,
	  BSD doesn't)
	+ New setting: default_mail_env can be used to specify where to find
	  users mailbox. Default is still to use autodetection.
	+ New setting: imap_log_path to log logins etc. informational messages
	  to different file.
	+ We support now separate mbox file for INBOX folder, no need for
	  symlink kludging anymore.
	+ Support for keeping index files in different location than actual
	? Disabled mailbox_check_interval setting by default, it breaks
	- SEARCH was still somewhat buggy, especially with laggy networks.
	  Also body/header searches might have crashed or at least used
	  memory too much
	- Deleting messages in the middle of mbox caused dovecot to reindex
	  the following messages as new messages (ie. change UIDs and set
	  \Recent flag).
	- Digest-MD5 auth: Initial server challenge packet was missing a comma,
	  which might have made it incompatible with some implementations.
	- Some more fixes to unnecessarily high memory usage
	- SELECT and EXAMINE often printed UNSEEN reply or maybe complained
	  about corrupted indexes. Happened usually only with mbox.
	- FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE gave incorrect reply, breaking pine
	- LIST was pretty buggy with mbox subfolders
	- CHECK command returned just "missing parameters" error
	- DELETE didn't work with mbox folders
	- CREATE mailbox<hierarchy separator> failed always.
	- CREATE and RENAME didn't create required hierarchies with mbox
	- RFC822 date parser didn't handle single digit days correctly.
	- login_process_per_connection = yes didn't work with imaps port
	  connections which is exactly where it was mostly wanted.
	- ssl_disabled = yes didn't disable listening in imaps port
	- process limiting code didn't compile everywhere (eg. FreeBSD).
	- Linux sendfile() was never detected
	- We didn't work at all with gcc/PowerPC

v0.99.4 2002-12-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Command parser had several bugs when it didn't have enough data to
	  parse the full command in one call, ie. network lags etc. triggered
	  those bugs sometimes. This was the last "weird bug" I know of.
	- Mbox indexes got broken when updating cached fields
	- Fixed a few memory leaks and unneededly high memory usage while
	  caching envelopes
	- Fixes to searching from message body and header
	- --with-ssldir didn't do anything and the default was empty

v0.99.3 2002-11-26  Timo Sirainen <>

	- mail_read_mmaped = no (default) caused mbox corruption with EXPUNGE.
	  mmap()ing is forced for now.

v0.99.2 2002-11-26  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ If we have to wait for a lock longer, the client is now notified
	  about it every 30 seconds.
	- Default settings still pointed to lib directory instead of the
	  libexec directory where the binaries were actually installed
	- vpopmail support had to be kludged to fix a bug in vpopmail library
	  which sometimes left extra character after the user name.
	- Login process crashed if master process didn't let some user login.
	  Normally this couldn't happen without error in configuration.
	- select() based I/O loop wasn't working so Dovecot didn't work in
	  eg. OSX. Also PAM authentication wasn't detected with OSX.
	- Didn't compile with NetBSD-current

v0.99.1 2002-11-25  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added doc/ script to easily generate yourself a self-signed
	  certificate. Modify doc/dovecot-openssl.cnf before running it.
	+ --with-ssldir configure option to specify default path for /etc/ssl
	+ Added ssl_disable setting to config file
	- OpenSSL wasn't checked properly by configure
	- vpopmail authentication module didn't compile
	- We should install the binaries into libexec dir, not lib
	- doc/configuration.txt and doc/mail-storages.txt were missing

v0.99.0 2002-11-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Replaced hash file with binary tree file which makes Dovecot stay
	  fast with large mailboxes after expunging multiple mails.
	+ Several speed improvements with SEARCH
	+ SEARCH CHARSET support using iconv(), although case-insensitive
	  searching is currently supported only for ASCII characters.
	+ OpenSSL support.
	+ Support for regenerating Diffie Hellman and RSA parameters with
	  specified intervals. NOTE: currently doesn't work with OpenSSL.
	+ Support for each login connection being handled in it's own process.
	  This is the default as it's more safe especially with SSL.
	+ mbox locking is now safe, other processes can't modify the mbox file
	  while we're reading it.
	+ Notify clients with "EXISTS" almost immediately after new mail is
	+ Rawlog: Support for saving user connections into files - useful for
	+ Content-Language is finally parsed correctly
	+ Lots of smaller speed optimizations
	- Partial BODY[] fetches weren't working properly
	- BODY[section] was buggy with message/rfc822 MIME parts
	- STARTTLS wasn't working
	- \* flag was missing from PERMANENTFLAGS.
	- Comments inside <> mail addresses crashed.
	- imap-login printed UTC timestamps to logfiles
	- passwd-file wasn't reread the the file changed
	- PAM authentication was implemented wrong, which caused it to break
	  with some PAM plugins.
	- Lots of smaller fixes, mostly to do with reliability

v0.98.4 2002-10-06  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Just a final release before replacing hash file with a binary tree.

	- When fetching messages larger than 256k, sometimes Dovecot missed
	  to send CR causing corrupted data at end of message and possibly
	  complete failure depending on IMAP client.
	- Fetching BODY or BODYSTRUCTURE for message having content-type of
	  message/rfc822 didn't correctly add () around the envelope data.
	- Several fixes to make it compile with HP/UX ANSI C compiler.
	  Also fixed several warnings it showed up.

v0.98.3 2002-10-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Sorry, just noticed a very stupid bug which caused evolution 1.2
	  beta to crash. I always thought it was just evolution's fault :)
	- Several fields in BODY / BODYSTRUCTURE replies weren't quoted

v0.98.2 2002-09-30  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ --with-file-offset-size=32 can now be used to select 32bit file
	  offsets. Using them should be a bit faster and take a bit less
	  disk and memory (also needed to compile Dovecot successfully with
	+ maildir_copy_with_hardlinks option works now
	+ Check new mail and notify about it to client also after
	  commands which don't allow full syncing (FETCH, STORE, SEARCH).
	  Also always send RECENT after EXISTS notify.
	+ If we're out of disk space while opening mailbox, notify about it
	  with ALERT.
	- STORE and SEARCH didn't handle properly message sequence numbers
	  when some in the middle were externally deleted
	- SEARCH: Only first search condition was checked.
	- mbox: Message flags given to APPEND were ignored.
	- mbox: index was corrupted when changing flags for multipart MIME
	- Out of disk space-handling wasn't working properly with .customflags
	- if auth processes were killed, login processes weren't reconnecting
	  to them

v0.98.1 2002-09-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Faster and safer mbox rewriting when flags are updated
	- Didn't save messages larger then 8192 bytes
	- Several mbox breakages

v0.98 2002-09-23  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ mbox support is finally working. There's still some reliability
	  fixes left but overall it should be quite usable.
	+ vpopmail authentication support
	+ We should be able to deal with "out of diskspace/quota" conditions
	  properly, by keeping the indexes in memory and allowing user to
	  delete mails to get more space.
	+ Several speed enhancements
	+ New configuration file option: overwrite_incompatible_index to force
	  using ".imap.index" file, overwriting it if it isn't compatible
	- Handle invalid message headers reliably
	- Tons of bugfixes and code cleanups everywhere

v0.97 2002-08-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Large mails are handled in 256kB blocks, so mail size no longer
	  has hardly any effect on memory usage
	+ 64bit file offsets are used if supported by system. This means
	  Dovecot is fully capable of handling >2G mails in those systems.
	  With 32bit offsets >2G mails may not behave too well, but should
	  not crash either.
	+ I fixed lots of potential integer overflows. This should make us
	  fully crash-free no matter what happens (index file corruption
	  mostly). I didn't verify everything too carefully yet, so more
	  auditing is still needed before we fully reach that goal.
	+ Implemented several missing tasks / optimizations to index handling.
	  It should now stay fast after longer usage periods.
	+ New configuration file options: log_path, log_timestamp, imaps_listen
	+ "Critical errors" are now hidden from users, ie. any error message
	  that is not a direct reply to user error is written into log file
	  and user gets only "Internal error [timestamp]".
	+ Nonblocking SSL handshaking
	+ Lots of code cleanups
	- Lots of mbox fixes, it seems to be somewhat reliable now
	- Year in Date-field was parsed wrong
	- Appending mail to mbox didn't work right
	- Always verify that mailbox names are valid (especially they shouldn't
	  contain "../")

v0.96 2002-08-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Changed to LGPL v2.1 license

	+ STARTTLS support and optional disabling of plaintext authentication
	  (LOGINDISABLED capability)
	+ Support for custom message flags, each folder can have 26 different.
	+ New configuration file options: imap_listen, max_logging_users,
	+ You can specify config file location to imap-master with -c <path>
	+ All IMAP processes can now write to specified log file instead of
	  syslog. Either do this by setting IMAP_LOGFILE environment, or
	  give -l <path> parameter to imap-master.
	+ Some cleanups to remove warnings with BSDs
	+ Changed all %s .. strerror(errno) -> %m
	+ Rewritten memory pool code
	- imap-master didn't close all the fds for executed processes
	- iobuffer code was buggy and caused the connection to terminate
	- make install overwrote the existing dovecot.conf file, so it's now
	  named as dovecot-example.conf

v0.95 2002-07-31  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Initial SSL support using GNU TLS, tested with v0.5.1.
	  TLS support is still missing.
	+ Digest-MD5 authentication method
	+ passwd-file authentication backend
	+ Code cleanups
	- Found several bugs from mempool and ioloop code, now we should
	  be stable? :)
	- A few corrections for long header field handling

v0.94 2002-07-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Supports running completely non-root now. imap-auth however is a
	  bit problematic as we don't support passwd-file yet.
	- Memory alignment fixes mostly
	- Other misc. bugfixes