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vpopmail needs also crypt()
author Timo Sirainen <>
date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 14:51:23 +0300
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v0.97 2002-08-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Large mails are handled in 256kB blocks, so mail size no longer
	  has hardly any effect on memory usage
	+ 64bit file offsets are used if supported by system. This means
	  Dovecot is fully capable of handling >2G mails in those systems.
	  With 32bit offsets >2G mails may not behave too well, but should
	  not crash either.
	+ I fixed lots of potential integer overflows. This should make us
	  fully crash-free no matter what happens (index file corruption
	  mostly). I didn't verify everything too carefully yet, so more
	  auditing is still needed before we fully reach that goal.
	+ Implemented several missing tasks / optimizations to index handling.
	  It should now stay fast after longer usage periods.
	+ New configuration file options: log_path, log_timestamp, imaps_listen
	+ "Critical errors" are now hidden from users, ie. any error message
	  that is not a direct reply to user error is written into log file
	  and user gets only "Internal error [timestamp]".
	+ Nonblocking SSL handshaking
	+ Lots of code cleanups
	- Lots of mbox fixes, it seems to be somewhat reliable now
	- Year in Date-field was parsed wrong
	- Appending mail to mbox didn't work right
	- Always verify that mailbox names are valid (especially they shouldn't
	  contain "../")

v0.96 2002-08-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Changed to LGPL v2.1 license

	+ STARTTLS support and optional disabling of plaintext authentication
	  (LOGINDISABLED capability)
	+ Support for custom message flags, each folder can have 26 different.
	+ New configuration file options: imap_listen, max_logging_users,
	+ You can specify config file location to imap-master with -c <path>
	+ All IMAP processes can now write to specified log file instead of
	  syslog. Either do this by setting IMAP_LOGFILE environment, or
	  give -l <path> parameter to imap-master.
	+ Some cleanups to remove warnings with BSDs
	+ Changed all %s .. strerror(errno) -> %m
	+ Rewritten memory pool code
	- imap-master didn't close all the fds for executed processes
	- iobuffer code was buggy and caused the connection to terminate
	- make install overwrote the existing dovecot.conf file, so it's now
	  named as dovecot-example.conf

v0.95 2002-07-31  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Initial SSL support using GNU TLS, tested with v0.5.1.
	  TLS support is still missing.
	+ Digest-MD5 authentication method
	+ passwd-file authentication backend
	+ Code cleanups
	- Found several bugs from mempool and ioloop code, now we should
	  be stable? :)
	- A few corrections for long header field handling

v0.94 2002-07-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Supports running completely non-root now. imap-auth however is a
	  bit problematic as we don't support passwd-file yet.
	- Memory alignment fixes mostly
	- Other misc. bugfixes