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login-proxy: If proxy destination is known to be down, fail immediately. We'll use a simple rule: If connection failed or timed out more recently than it succeeded AND there are currently no clients trying to connect to it, fail it. Since the connect isn't failed unless there is at least one client already trying to connect to it, the proxy notices immediately when the server comes back up and then starts serving it again.
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date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 14:51:35 -0400
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# If you've non-standard directories, set these

if test "$ACLOCAL_DIR" != ""; then
  export ACLOCAL

for dir in $GETTEXT_DIR /usr/share/gettext /usr/local/share/gettext; do
  if test -f $dir/config.rpath; then
    /bin/cp -f $dir/config.rpath .

if test ! -f doc/wiki/Authentication.txt; then
  cd doc
  tar xzf wiki-export.tar.gz
  mv wiki-export/*.txt wiki/
  rm -rf wiki-export wiki-export.tar.gz
  cd ..

cd doc/wiki
cp -f
echo *.txt | sed 's, , \\/	,g' | tr '/' '\n' >>
cd ../..

autoreconf -i