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lib_deinit() now frees memory used by env_put().
author Timo Sirainen <>
date Sun, 02 Aug 2009 13:53:32 -0400
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#ifndef ENV_UTIL_H
#define ENV_UTIL_H

/* Add new environment variable. Wrapper to putenv(). Note that calls to this
   function allocates memory which isn't free'd until env_clean() is called. */
void env_put(const char *env);
/* Remove a single environment. */
void env_remove(const char *name);
/* Clear all environment variables. */
void env_clean(void);

/* Save a copy of the current environment. */
struct env_backup *env_backup_save(void);
/* Clear the current environment and restore the backup. */
void env_backup_restore(struct env_backup *env);
/* Free the memory used by environment backup. */
void env_backup_free(struct env_backup **env);

/* Free all memory used by env_put() function. Environment must not be
   accessed afterwards. */
void env_deinit(void);