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Build instructions

For most people, the usual:

  sudo make install

is enough. This installs Dovecot under /usr/local. You must also rename the
configuration file to get it to work:

  mv /usr/local/etc/dovecot-example.conf /usr/local/etc/dovecot.conf

Read through it, make needed modifications and start imap-master.
doc/configuration.txt tells you more about configuring Dovecot.


Dovecot supports both GNUTLS and OpenSSL. Dovecot prefers GNUTLS if it's
found, but fallbacks to OpenSSL. If you wish to force using OpenSSL, give
--with-ssl=openssl to configure.

For GNUTLS support you need version 0.5.5 or later. You can get GNUTLS from

Optional configure options

You can get a full list with:

  ./configure --help

The options are listed like --with-thing or --enable-thing, usually they're
also enabled by default. You can disable them with --without-thing or

Besides the standard options, Dovecot has added these:

  --enable-ipv6           Enable IPv6 support (default)

Enable IPv6 support. By default it's enabled if system is detected to
support it.


Specifies if we use 32bit or 64bit file offsets. 64bit is default if system
supports it (Linux and Solaris does). You most likely won't have mails
larger than 2GB, so you may want to drop this to 32bit for a bit smaller
disk and memory usage.


Specifies memory alignment, needed with many non-x86 systems and should
speed up x86 systems too. Default is 8 with everyone to make sure 64bit
memory accessing work. Currently it should also be safe to set to 4 when
using 32bit file offets. With x86 it could be 1 as well if you want to save
a bit of disk space (in file) and memory.

Specifies memory alignment to use. Many non-x86 systems require this 

With many non-x86 systems this is
required to be 64bit (8 bytes) since all 64bit memo

  --with-passwd           Build with /etc/passwd support (default)
  --with-passwd-file      Build with passwd-like file support (default)
  --with-shadow           Build with shadow password support (default)
  --with-pam              Build with PAM support (default)
  --with-vpopmail         Build with vpopmail support (default)

Specify which authentication modules to use. Disabling them give you a few
bytes smaller binary, but not much else.

  --with-ssl=gnutls|openssl Build with GNUTLS (default) or OpenSSL

Specify wanted SSL library.