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author Timo Sirainen <>
date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 01:49:45 +0200
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v0.99.5 2003-01-02  Timo Sirainen <>

	* This release includes a lot of code cleanups, especially related to
	  security. Direct buffer modifying was replaced in several places
	  with a new buffer API, which provides a safe way to do it. Code that
	  looks unsafe contains @UNSAFE tag to make auditing easier.

	+ Support for SORT extension. Originally I thought about not
	  implementing any extensions before 1.0, but too many people want
	  webmails which want SORT. THREAD is another extension which they
	  want, but we don't support it yet.
	+ imap_listen and imaps_listen settings now accept "*" and "::" to
	  specify if we want to listen in IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. "::" may
	  also listen in all IPv4 addresses depending on the OS (Linux does,
	  BSD doesn't)
	+ New setting: default_mail_env can be used to specify where to find
	  users mailbox. Default is still to use autodetection.
	+ New setting: imap_log_path to log logins etc. informational messages
	  to different file.
	+ We support now separate mbox file for INBOX folder, no need for
	  symlink kludging anymore.
	+ Support for keeping index files in different location than actual
	? Disabled mailbox_check_interval setting by default, it breaks
	- SEARCH was still somewhat buggy, especially with laggy networks.
	  Also body/header searches might have crashed or at least used
	  memory too much
	- Deleting messages in the middle of mbox caused dovecot to reindex
	  the following messages as new messages (ie. change UIDs and set
	  \Recent flag).
	- Digest-MD5 auth: Initial server challenge packet was missing a comma,
	  which might have made it incompatible with some implementations.
	- Some more fixes to unnecessarily high memory usage
	- SELECT and EXAMINE often printed UNSEEN reply or maybe complained
	  about corrupted indexes. Happened usually only with mbox.
	- FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE gave incorrect reply, breaking pine
	- LIST was pretty buggy with mbox subfolders
	- CHECK command returned just "missing parameters" error
	- DELETE didn't work with mbox folders
	- CREATE mailbox<hierarchy separator> failed always.
	- CREATE and RENAME didn't create required hierarchies with mbox
	- RFC822 date parser didn't handle single digit days correctly.
	- login_process_per_connection = yes didn't work with imaps port
	  connections which is exactly where it was mostly wanted.
	- ssl_disabled = yes didn't disable listening in imaps port
	- process limiting code didn't compile everywhere (eg. FreeBSD).
	- Linux sendfile() was never detected
	- We didn't work at all with gcc/PowerPC

v0.99.4 2002-12-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Command parser had several bugs when it didn't have enough data to
	  parse the full command in one call, ie. network lags etc. triggered
	  those bugs sometimes. This was the last "weird bug" I know of.
	- Mbox indexes got broken when updating cached fields
	- Fixed a few memory leaks and unneededly high memory usage while
	  caching envelopes
	- Fixes to searching from message body and header
	- --with-ssldir didn't do anything and the default was empty

v0.99.3 2002-11-26  Timo Sirainen <>

	- mail_read_mmaped = no (default) caused mbox corruption with EXPUNGE.
	  mmap()ing is forced for now.

v0.99.2 2002-11-26  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ If we have to wait for a lock longer, the client is now notified
	  about it every 30 seconds.
	- Default settings still pointed to lib directory instead of the
	  libexec directory where the binaries were actually installed
	- vpopmail support had to be kludged to fix a bug in vpopmail library
	  which sometimes left extra character after the user name.
	- Login process crashed if master process didn't let some user login.
	  Normally this couldn't happen without error in configuration.
	- select() based I/O loop wasn't working so Dovecot didn't work in
	  eg. OSX. Also PAM authentication wasn't detected with OSX.
	- Didn't compile with NetBSD-current

v0.99.1 2002-11-25  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Added doc/ script to easily generate yourself a self-signed
	  certificate. Modify doc/dovecot-openssl.cnf before running it.
	+ --with-ssldir configure option to specify default path for /etc/ssl
	+ Added ssl_disable setting to config file
	- OpenSSL wasn't checked properly by configure
	- vpopmail authentication module didn't compile
	- We should install the binaries into libexec dir, not lib
	- doc/configuration.txt and doc/mail-storages.txt were missing

v0.99.0 2002-11-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Replaced hash file with binary tree file which makes Dovecot stay
	  fast with large mailboxes after expunging multiple mails.
	+ Several speed improvements with SEARCH
	+ SEARCH CHARSET support using iconv(), although case-insensitive
	  searching is currently supported only for ASCII characters.
	+ OpenSSL support.
	+ Support for regenerating Diffie Hellman and RSA parameters with
	  specified intervals. NOTE: currently doesn't work with OpenSSL.
	+ Support for each login connection being handled in it's own process.
	  This is the default as it's more safe especially with SSL.
	+ mbox locking is now safe, other processes can't modify the mbox file
	  while we're reading it.
	+ Notify clients with "EXISTS" almost immediately after new mail is
	+ Rawlog: Support for saving user connections into files - useful for
	+ Content-Language is finally parsed correctly
	+ Lots of smaller speed optimizations
	- Partial BODY[] fetches weren't working properly
	- BODY[section] was buggy with message/rfc822 MIME parts
	- STARTTLS wasn't working
	- \* flag was missing from PERMANENTFLAGS.
	- Comments inside <> mail addresses crashed.
	- imap-login printed UTC timestamps to logfiles
	- passwd-file wasn't reread the the file changed
	- PAM authentication was implemented wrong, which caused it to break
	  with some PAM plugins.
	- Lots of smaller fixes, mostly to do with reliability

v0.98.4 2002-10-06  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Just a final release before replacing hash file with a binary tree.

	- When fetching messages larger than 256k, sometimes Dovecot missed
	  to send CR causing corrupted data at end of message and possibly
	  complete failure depending on IMAP client.
	- Fetching BODY or BODYSTRUCTURE for message having content-type of
	  message/rfc822 didn't correctly add () around the envelope data.
	- Several fixes to make it compile with HP/UX ANSI C compiler.
	  Also fixed several warnings it showed up.

v0.98.3 2002-10-01  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Sorry, just noticed a very stupid bug which caused evolution 1.2
	  beta to crash. I always thought it was just evolution's fault :)
	- Several fields in BODY / BODYSTRUCTURE replies weren't quoted

v0.98.2 2002-09-30  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ --with-file-offset-size=32 can now be used to select 32bit file
	  offsets. Using them should be a bit faster and take a bit less
	  disk and memory (also needed to compile Dovecot successfully with
	+ maildir_copy_with_hardlinks option works now
	+ Check new mail and notify about it to client also after
	  commands which don't allow full syncing (FETCH, STORE, SEARCH).
	  Also always send RECENT after EXISTS notify.
	+ If we're out of disk space while opening mailbox, notify about it
	  with ALERT.
	- STORE and SEARCH didn't handle properly message sequence numbers
	  when some in the middle were externally deleted
	- SEARCH: Only first search condition was checked.
	- mbox: Message flags given to APPEND were ignored.
	- mbox: index was corrupted when changing flags for multipart MIME
	- Out of disk space-handling wasn't working properly with .customflags
	- if auth processes were killed, login processes weren't reconnecting
	  to them

v0.98.1 2002-09-24  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Faster and safer mbox rewriting when flags are updated
	- Didn't save messages larger then 8192 bytes
	- Several mbox breakages

v0.98 2002-09-23  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ mbox support is finally working. There's still some reliability
	  fixes left but overall it should be quite usable.
	+ vpopmail authentication support
	+ We should be able to deal with "out of diskspace/quota" conditions
	  properly, by keeping the indexes in memory and allowing user to
	  delete mails to get more space.
	+ Several speed enhancements
	+ New configuration file option: overwrite_incompatible_index to force
	  using ".imap.index" file, overwriting it if it isn't compatible
	- Handle invalid message headers reliably
	- Tons of bugfixes and code cleanups everywhere

v0.97 2002-08-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Large mails are handled in 256kB blocks, so mail size no longer
	  has hardly any effect on memory usage
	+ 64bit file offsets are used if supported by system. This means
	  Dovecot is fully capable of handling >2G mails in those systems.
	  With 32bit offsets >2G mails may not behave too well, but should
	  not crash either.
	+ I fixed lots of potential integer overflows. This should make us
	  fully crash-free no matter what happens (index file corruption
	  mostly). I didn't verify everything too carefully yet, so more
	  auditing is still needed before we fully reach that goal.
	+ Implemented several missing tasks / optimizations to index handling.
	  It should now stay fast after longer usage periods.
	+ New configuration file options: log_path, log_timestamp, imaps_listen
	+ "Critical errors" are now hidden from users, ie. any error message
	  that is not a direct reply to user error is written into log file
	  and user gets only "Internal error [timestamp]".
	+ Nonblocking SSL handshaking
	+ Lots of code cleanups
	- Lots of mbox fixes, it seems to be somewhat reliable now
	- Year in Date-field was parsed wrong
	- Appending mail to mbox didn't work right
	- Always verify that mailbox names are valid (especially they shouldn't
	  contain "../")

v0.96 2002-08-08  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Changed to LGPL v2.1 license

	+ STARTTLS support and optional disabling of plaintext authentication
	  (LOGINDISABLED capability)
	+ Support for custom message flags, each folder can have 26 different.
	+ New configuration file options: imap_listen, max_logging_users,
	+ You can specify config file location to imap-master with -c <path>
	+ All IMAP processes can now write to specified log file instead of
	  syslog. Either do this by setting IMAP_LOGFILE environment, or
	  give -l <path> parameter to imap-master.
	+ Some cleanups to remove warnings with BSDs
	+ Changed all %s .. strerror(errno) -> %m
	+ Rewritten memory pool code
	- imap-master didn't close all the fds for executed processes
	- iobuffer code was buggy and caused the connection to terminate
	- make install overwrote the existing dovecot.conf file, so it's now
	  named as dovecot-example.conf

v0.95 2002-07-31  Timo Sirainen <>

	+ Initial SSL support using GNU TLS, tested with v0.5.1.
	  TLS support is still missing.
	+ Digest-MD5 authentication method
	+ passwd-file authentication backend
	+ Code cleanups
	- Found several bugs from mempool and ioloop code, now we should
	  be stable? :)
	- A few corrections for long header field handling

v0.94 2002-07-29  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Supports running completely non-root now. imap-auth however is a
	  bit problematic as we don't support passwd-file yet.
	- Memory alignment fixes mostly
	- Other misc. bugfixes