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See INSTALL file.


See doc/configuration.txt file.


The code is split into a several libraries and binaries:

 src/master      - imap-master binary (see docs/design.txt)
 src/login       - imap-login binary
 src/auth        - imap-auth binary
 src/imap        - imap binary

 src/lib         - Generic library functions
 src/lib-mail    - RFC-822 and MIME parsering code
 src/lib-imap    - IMAP-specific functions for parsing, sending, etc.
 src/lib-index   - Mailbox indexing library, slightly IMAP-specific
 src/lib-storage - Mail storage separated into interface and implementation.
                   imap binary uses only the interface so it's possible to
                   add support for any kind of mail storage (eg. SQL).

RFCs conformed

 822        - Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messages
 2822       - Internet Message Format (updated rfc822)
 2045..2049 - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)

 2060       - IMAP4rev1
 2180       - IMAP4 Multi-Accessed Mailbox Practice
 2683       - IMAP4 Implementation Recommendations

 2595       - Using TLS with IMAP, POP3 and ACAP
 2831       - Using Digest Authentication as a SASL Mechanism (DIGEST-MD5)

Contact info

Timo Sirainen <>,