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*-login: SSL connections didn't get closed when the client got destroyed.
author Timo Sirainen <>
date Thu, 08 May 2014 16:41:29 +0300
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#ifndef SSL_PROXY_H
#define SSL_PROXY_H

#include "ioloop.h"

struct ip_addr;
struct ssl_proxy;

extern bool ssl_initialized;

typedef int ssl_handshake_callback_t(void *context);

/* establish SSL server connection with the given fd, returns a new fd which you
   must use from now on, or -1 if error occurred. Unless -1 is returned,
   the given fd must be simply forgotten. */
int ssl_proxy_new(int fd, struct ip_addr *ip, struct ssl_proxy **proxy_r);
/* establish SSL client connection */
int ssl_proxy_client_new(int fd, struct ip_addr *ip,
			 ssl_handshake_callback_t *callback, void *context,
			 struct ssl_proxy **proxy_r);
bool ssl_proxy_has_valid_client_cert(const struct ssl_proxy *proxy) ATTR_PURE;
bool ssl_proxy_has_broken_client_cert(struct ssl_proxy *proxy);
const char *ssl_proxy_get_peer_name(struct ssl_proxy *proxy);
bool ssl_proxy_is_handshaked(const struct ssl_proxy *proxy) ATTR_PURE;
const char *ssl_proxy_get_last_error(const struct ssl_proxy *proxy) ATTR_PURE;
const char *ssl_proxy_get_security_string(struct ssl_proxy *proxy);
void ssl_proxy_destroy(struct ssl_proxy *proxy);
void ssl_proxy_free(struct ssl_proxy *proxy);

/* Return number of active SSL proxies */
unsigned int ssl_proxy_get_count(void) ATTR_PURE;

void ssl_proxy_init(void);
void ssl_proxy_deinit(void);