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The documentation in wiki/ directory has been imported from The actual Wiki may contain more up-to-date
information, so unless this is an old Dovecot release, you may want to use
the Wiki directly.

Documentation Index

 * <QuickConfiguration.txt> for people in hurry
 * <WhyDoesItNotWork.txt> - Why doesn't Dovecot work?

 1. Welcome to the Dovecot Wiki
 2. Dovecot Wiki Contents
 3. Generic information about mail servers
 4. Dovecot installation
 5. Dovecot configuration
 6. HOWTOs, examples and tutorials
 7. Migration from existing systems
 8. Troubleshooting
 9. Tuning
 10. Reference
 11. Misc

Generic information about mail servers

 * Mail protocols: IMAP [], POP3
   [] and SMTP
 * <Mail delivery agents and Sieve> [MDA.txt]
 * <Mailbox formats> [MailboxFormat.txt]
    * <Dovecot's index files> [IndexFiles.txt]
 * <User authentication> [Authentication.txt]
    * <SASL> [Sasl.txt]

Dovecot installation

It's a good idea to start with a simple Dovecot installation to see that
everything works. After that you can start changing things one at a time, so if
you run into trouble you know immediately where the problem is.

If you're in a hurry and you already know enough about mail servers,
<QuickConfiguration.txt> may be more helpful to you instead.

 1. Installing
     * <Compiling from sources> [CompilingSource.txt]
     * <Installing prebuilt binaries> [PrebuiltBinaries.txt]
 2. <Checking where mail is delivered to> [FindMailLocation.txt]
 3. <Configuring Dovecot> [BasicConfiguration.txt]
 4. <Running Dovecot> [RunningDovecot.txt]
 5. <Logging.txt>
 6. <Testing that everything works> [TestInstallation.txt]
     * <Testing POP3 installation> [TestPop3Installation.txt]
 7. <Finishing the test installation> [FinishBasicConfiguration.txt]

Dovecot configuration

 * Starting guidelines
    * <System users> [SystemUsers.txt]
    * <Virtual users> [VirtualUsers.txt]
    * <UNIX User IDs used by Dovecot> [UserIds.txt]
 * <Authentication configuration> [Authentication.txt]
    * <Password databases> [PasswordDatabase.txt]
    * <User databases> [UserDatabase.txt]
    * <Multiple authentication databases>
    * <Kerberos> [Authentication.Kerberos.txt]
    * <Restricting users' access> [Authentication.RestrictAccess.txt]
    * <Special authentication features> [PasswordDatabase.ExtraFields.txt]
    * <Master users> [Authentication.MasterUsers.txt]
 * <Mailbox location configuration> [MailLocation.txt]
    * <Mails stored in local disk> [MailLocation.LocalDisk.txt]
    * <Mails stored in shared filesystem> [MailLocation.SharedDisk.txt]
      (<NFS.txt>, clustered FS)
    * <Maildir configuration> [MailLocation.Maildir.txt]
    * <Mbox configuration> [MailLocation.Mbox.txt]
    * <Namespaces.txt>
    * <Shared mailboxes> [SharedMailboxes.txt]
 * <Login processes and their settings> [LoginProcess.txt]
 * <SSL.txt> settings and certificate creation
 * <Plugins.txt>
    * <Quota.txt>
    * <Access Control Lists> [ACL.txt] (ACLs)
 * <Dovecot as a POP3 server> [POP3Server.txt]
 * <Dovecot's local delivery agent> [LDA.txt]
 * <Post-login scripting> [PostLoginScripting.txt]

HOWTOs, examples and tutorials

Some HOWTOs haven't been included in wiki/. Use

 * <HOWTOs, examples and tutorials> [HowTo.txt] for different installations
 * Existing Dovecot installations

Migration from existing systems

 * <From other IMAP/POP3 servers> [Migration.txt]
    * <My mailboxes are lost after migrating to Dovecot!>
 * <Upgrading from Dovecot 0.99.x to 1.0> [UpgradingDovecot.txt]
 * <Converting between mailbox formats> [Migration.MailFormat.txt] (mbox <->
   Maildir, etc.)


 * <Why doesn't Dovecot work?> [WhyDoesItNotWork.txt]
 * <Finding the error message from logs> [Logging.txt]
 * <Debugging authentication> [Debugging.Authentication.txt]
 * <Process tracing> [Debugging.ProcessTracing.txt] is useful when Dovecot
   seems slow or hangs completely
 * <mbox errors and crashes> [MboxProblems.txt]
 * <Client issues and configuration> [Clients.txt]
    * <Negative UIDs / message sets> [Clients.NegativeUIDs.txt]
    * <Debugging using Thunderbird's logging> [Debugging.Thunderbird.txt]
 * <"Time moved backwards" error> [TimeMovedBackwards.txt]
 * Sending bug reports [], debugging crashes
   and sniffing network traffic


 * <Performance tuning> [PerformanceTuning.txt]
 * <Security tuning> [SecurityTuning.txt]
    * <Chrooting.txt>


 * <Command line arguments> [CommandLine.txt]
 * <Dovecot's design> [Design.txt]
 * <Client issues and configuration> [Clients.txt]


 * <Listening on Additional Ports> [Iptables.txt] using IP Tables or socat