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When :MAILBOXDIR= was empty, we might have appended extra '/' to it, which caused problems.
author Timo Sirainen <>
date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:00:09 -0400
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#include "file-lock.h"
#include "mail-index.h"
#include "mail-index-view-private.h"
#include "mail-index-transaction-private.h"

#include <sys/stat.h>

struct mail_transaction_header;
struct mail_transaction_log_view;
struct mail_index_sync_map_ctx;

/* How large index files to mmap() instead of reading to memory. */
#define MAIL_INDEX_MMAP_MIN_SIZE (1024*64)
/* How many times to retry opening index files if read/fstat returns ESTALE.
   This happens with NFS when the file has been deleted (ie. index file was
   rewritten by another computer than us). */
/* Large extension header sizes are probably caused by file corruption, so
   try to catch them by limiting the header size. */
#define MAIL_INDEX_EXT_HEADER_MAX_SIZE (1024*1024*16-1)

/* Write to main index file when bytes-to-be-read-from-log is between these
   values. */
#define MAIL_INDEX_MAX_WRITE_BYTES (1024*128)

#define MAIL_INDEX_IS_IN_MEMORY(index) \
	((index)->dir == NULL)

	((map)->rec_map->mmap_base == NULL)

#define MAIL_INDEX_MAP_IDX(map, idx) \
	((struct mail_index_record *) \
	 PTR_OFFSET((map)->rec_map->records, (idx) * (map)->hdr.record_size))

	((((u)->add_flags | (u)->remove_flags) & \

#define MAIL_INDEX_EXT_KEYWORDS "keywords"

typedef int mail_index_expunge_handler_t(struct mail_index_sync_map_ctx *ctx,
					 uint32_t seq, const void *data,
					 void **sync_context, void *context);
typedef int mail_index_sync_handler_t(struct mail_index_sync_map_ctx *ctx,
				      uint32_t seq, void *old_data,
				      const void *new_data, void **context);
typedef void mail_index_sync_lost_handler_t(struct mail_index *index);

ARRAY_DEFINE_TYPE(seq_array, uint32_t);

	(((size) + 7) & ~7)

struct mail_index_ext {
	const char *name;
	uint32_t index_idx; /* index ext_id */
	uint32_t reset_id;
	uint32_t ext_offset; /* points to beginning of mail_index_ext_header */
	uint32_t hdr_offset; /* points to[] */
	uint32_t hdr_size; /* size of[] */
	uint16_t record_offset;
	uint16_t record_size;
	uint16_t record_align;

struct mail_index_ext_header {
	uint32_t hdr_size; /* size of data[] */
	uint32_t reset_id;
	uint16_t record_offset;
	uint16_t record_size;
	uint16_t record_align;
	uint16_t name_size;
	/* unsigned char name[name_size] */
	/* unsigned char data[hdr_size] (starting 64bit aligned) */

struct mail_index_keyword_header {
	uint32_t keywords_count;
	/* struct mail_index_keyword_header_rec[] */
	/* char name[][] */

struct mail_index_keyword_header_rec {
	uint32_t unused; /* for backwards compatibility */
	uint32_t name_offset; /* relative to beginning of name[] */

enum mail_index_sync_handler_type {

struct mail_index_sync_handler {
	mail_index_sync_handler_t *callback;
        enum mail_index_sync_handler_type type;

struct mail_index_registered_ext {
	const char *name;
	uint32_t index_idx; /* index ext_id */
	uint32_t hdr_size; /* size of[] */
	uint16_t record_size;
	uint16_t record_align;

	struct mail_index_sync_handler sync_handler;
	mail_index_expunge_handler_t *expunge_handler;

	void *expunge_context;
	unsigned int expunge_handler_call_always:1;

struct mail_index_record_map {
	ARRAY_DEFINE(maps, struct mail_index_map *);

	void *mmap_base;
	size_t mmap_size, mmap_used_size;
	unsigned int lock_id;

	buffer_t *buffer;

	void *records; /* struct mail_index_record[] */
	unsigned int records_count;

	struct mail_index_map_modseq *modseq;
	uint32_t last_appended_uid;

	/* If this mapping is written to disk and write_atomic=FALSE,
	   write_seq_* specify the message sequence range that needs to be
	   written. */
	uint32_t write_seq_first, write_seq_last;

struct mail_index_map {
	struct mail_index *index;
	int refcount;

	struct mail_index_header hdr;
	const void *hdr_base;
	buffer_t *hdr_copy_buf;

	pool_t extension_pool;
	ARRAY_DEFINE(extensions, struct mail_index_ext);
	ARRAY_DEFINE(ext_id_map, uint32_t); /* index -> file */

	ARRAY_DEFINE(keyword_idx_map, unsigned int); /* file -> index */

	struct mail_index_record_map *rec_map;

	unsigned int write_base_header:1;
	unsigned int write_ext_header:1;
	unsigned int write_atomic:1; /* write to a new file and rename() */

struct mail_index_module_register {
	unsigned int id;

union mail_index_module_context {
	struct mail_index_module_register *reg;

struct mail_index {
	char *dir, *prefix;

	struct mail_cache *cache;
	struct mail_transaction_log *log;

	enum mail_index_sync_type fsync_mask;
	mode_t mode;
	gid_t gid;

	pool_t extension_pool;
	ARRAY_DEFINE(extensions, struct mail_index_registered_ext);

	ARRAY_DEFINE(sync_lost_handlers, mail_index_sync_lost_handler_t *);

	char *filepath;
	int fd;

	struct mail_index_map *map;
	uint32_t indexid;
	unsigned int inconsistency_id;

	/* last_read_log_file_* contains the seq/offsets we last read from
	   the main index file's headers. these are used to figure out when
	   the main index file should be updated, and if we can update it
	   by writing on top of it or if we need to recreate it. */
	uint32_t last_read_log_file_seq;
	uint32_t last_read_log_file_head_offset;
	uint32_t last_read_log_file_tail_offset;
	struct stat last_read_stat;

	/* transaction log head seq/offset when we last fscked */
	uint32_t fsck_log_head_file_seq;
	uoff_t fsck_log_head_file_offset;

	int lock_type, shared_lock_count, excl_lock_count;
	unsigned int lock_id_counter;
	enum file_lock_method lock_method;

	struct file_lock *file_lock;
	struct dotlock *dotlock;

	pool_t keywords_pool;
	ARRAY_TYPE(keywords) keywords;
	struct hash_table *keywords_hash; /* name -> idx */

	uint32_t keywords_ext_id;
	uint32_t modseq_ext_id;

	/* Module-specific contexts. */
	ARRAY_DEFINE(module_contexts, union mail_index_module_context *);

	char *error;
	unsigned int nodiskspace:1;
	unsigned int index_lock_timeout:1;

	unsigned int opened:1;
	unsigned int log_locked:1;
	unsigned int mmap_disable:1;
	unsigned int fsync_disable:1;
	unsigned int use_excl_dotlocks:1;
	unsigned int nfs_flush:1;
	unsigned int readonly:1;
	unsigned int mapping:1;
	unsigned int syncing:1;
	unsigned int need_recreate:1;
	unsigned int index_min_write:1;
	unsigned int modseqs_enabled:1;
	unsigned int initial_create:1;
	unsigned int initial_mapped:1;

extern struct mail_index_module_register mail_index_module_register;

/* Add/replace sync handler for specified extra record. */
void mail_index_register_expunge_handler(struct mail_index *index,
					 uint32_t ext_id, bool call_always,
					 mail_index_expunge_handler_t *callback,
					 void *context);
void mail_index_unregister_expunge_handler(struct mail_index *index,
					   uint32_t ext_id);
void mail_index_register_sync_handler(struct mail_index *index, uint32_t ext_id,
				      mail_index_sync_handler_t *cb,
				      enum mail_index_sync_handler_type type);
void mail_index_unregister_sync_handler(struct mail_index *index,
					uint32_t ext_id);
void mail_index_register_sync_lost_handler(struct mail_index *index,
					   mail_index_sync_lost_handler_t *cb);
void mail_index_unregister_sync_lost_handler(struct mail_index *index,
					mail_index_sync_lost_handler_t *cb);

int mail_index_create_tmp_file(struct mail_index *index, const char **path_r);

int mail_index_try_open_only(struct mail_index *index);
void mail_index_close_file(struct mail_index *index);
int mail_index_reopen_if_changed(struct mail_index *index);
/* Update/rewrite the main index file from index->map */
void mail_index_write(struct mail_index *index, bool want_rotate);

void mail_index_flush_read_cache(struct mail_index *index, const char *path,
				 int fd, bool locked);

/* Returns 0 = ok, -1 = error. */
int mail_index_lock_shared(struct mail_index *index, unsigned int *lock_id_r);
/* Returns 1 = ok, 0 = already locked, -1 = error. */
int mail_index_try_lock_exclusive(struct mail_index *index,
				  unsigned int *lock_id_r);
void mail_index_unlock(struct mail_index *index, unsigned int *lock_id);
/* Returns TRUE if given lock_id is valid. */
bool mail_index_is_locked(struct mail_index *index, unsigned int lock_id);

int mail_index_lock_fd(struct mail_index *index, const char *path, int fd,
		       int lock_type, unsigned int timeout_secs,
		       struct file_lock **lock_r);

/* Allocate a new empty map. */
struct mail_index_map *mail_index_map_alloc(struct mail_index *index);
/* Replace index->map with the latest index changes. This may reopen the index
   file and/or it may read the latest changes from transaction log. The log is
   read up to EOF, but non-synced expunges are skipped.

   If we mmap()ed the index file, the map is returned locked.

   Returns 1 = ok, 0 = corrupted, -1 = error. */
int mail_index_map(struct mail_index *index,
		   enum mail_index_sync_handler_type type);
/* Unreference given mapping and unmap it if it's dropped to zero. */
void mail_index_unmap(struct mail_index_map **map);

/* Clone a map. The returned map is always in memory. */
struct mail_index_map *mail_index_map_clone(const struct mail_index_map *map);
void mail_index_record_map_move_to_private(struct mail_index_map *map);
/* Move a mmaped map to memory. */
void mail_index_map_move_to_memory(struct mail_index_map *map);

bool mail_index_map_lookup_ext(struct mail_index_map *map, const char *name,
			       uint32_t *idx_r);
mail_index_map_register_ext(struct mail_index_map *map,
			    const char *name, uint32_t ext_offset,
			    const struct mail_index_ext_header *ext_hdr);
bool mail_index_map_get_ext_idx(struct mail_index_map *map,
				uint32_t ext_id, uint32_t *idx_r);
const struct mail_index_ext *
mail_index_view_get_ext(struct mail_index_view *view, uint32_t ext_id);

int mail_index_map_check_header(struct mail_index_map *map);
int mail_index_map_parse_keywords(struct mail_index_map *map);

int mail_index_map_ext_get_next(struct mail_index_map *map,
				unsigned int *offset,
				const struct mail_index_ext_header **ext_hdr_r,
				const char **name_r);
int mail_index_map_ext_hdr_check(const struct mail_index_header *hdr,
				 const struct mail_index_ext_header *ext_hdr,
				 const char *name, const char **error_r);
unsigned int mail_index_map_ext_hdr_offset(unsigned int name_len);

void mail_index_view_transaction_ref(struct mail_index_view *view);
void mail_index_view_transaction_unref(struct mail_index_view *view);

void mail_index_fsck_locked(struct mail_index *index);

int mail_index_set_error(struct mail_index *index, const char *fmt, ...)
/* "%s failed with index file %s: %m" */
int mail_index_set_syscall_error(struct mail_index *index,
				 const char *function);
/* "%s failed with file %s: %m" */
int mail_index_file_set_syscall_error(struct mail_index *index,
				      const char *filepath,
				      const char *function);

uint32_t mail_index_uint32_to_offset(uint32_t offset);
uint32_t mail_index_offset_to_uint32(uint32_t offset);

#define MAIL_INDEX_PACK_MAX_SIZE ((sizeof(uint32_t) * 8 + 7) / 7)
void mail_index_pack_num(uint8_t **p, uint32_t num);
int mail_index_unpack_num(const uint8_t **p, const uint8_t *end,
			  uint32_t *num_r);