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Fix VPATH build of RQUOTA support. Some rpcgen derive #include "..." paths from the infile argument. This will be off for VPATH builds, as the generated rquota_xdr.c code will look in $(srcdir), but we'll generate the rquota.h file in $(builddir). Play safe and copy rquota.x to $(builddir) first. This fixes the build on openSUSE 11.1.
author Matthias Andree <>
date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 21:01:36 +0200
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/* Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Dovecot authors, see the included COPYING file */

#include "lib.h"
#include "mempool.h"

#include <stdlib.h>

static const char *pool_unsafe_data_stack_get_name(pool_t pool);
static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_ref(pool_t pool);
static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_unref(pool_t *pool);
static void *pool_unsafe_data_stack_malloc(pool_t pool, size_t size);
static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_free(pool_t pool, void *mem);
static void *pool_unsafe_data_stack_realloc(pool_t pool, void *mem,
					    size_t old_size, size_t new_size);
static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_clear(pool_t pool);
static size_t pool_unsafe_data_stack_get_max_easy_alloc_size(pool_t pool);

static struct pool_vfuncs static_unsafe_data_stack_pool_vfuncs = {





static struct pool static_unsafe_data_stack_pool = {
	MEMBER(v) &static_unsafe_data_stack_pool_vfuncs,

	MEMBER(alloconly_pool) TRUE,
	MEMBER(datastack_pool) TRUE

pool_t unsafe_data_stack_pool = &static_unsafe_data_stack_pool;

static const char *pool_unsafe_data_stack_get_name(pool_t pool ATTR_UNUSED)
	return "unsafe data stack";

static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_ref(pool_t pool ATTR_UNUSED)

static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_unref(pool_t *pool ATTR_UNUSED)

static void *pool_unsafe_data_stack_malloc(pool_t pool ATTR_UNUSED,
					   size_t size)
	if (unlikely(size == 0 || size > SSIZE_T_MAX))
		i_panic("Trying to allocate %"PRIuSIZE_T" bytes", size);

	return t_malloc0(size);

static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_free(pool_t pool ATTR_UNUSED,
					void *mem ATTR_UNUSED)

static void *pool_unsafe_data_stack_realloc(pool_t pool ATTR_UNUSED,
					    void *mem,
					    size_t old_size, size_t new_size)
	void *new_mem;

	/* @UNSAFE */
	if (new_size == 0 || new_size > SSIZE_T_MAX)
		i_panic("Trying to allocate %"PRIuSIZE_T" bytes", new_size);

	if (mem == NULL)
		return pool_unsafe_data_stack_malloc(pool, new_size);

	if (old_size >= new_size)
		return mem;

	if (!t_try_realloc(mem, new_size)) {
		new_mem = t_malloc(new_size);
		memcpy(new_mem, mem, old_size);
		mem = new_mem;

	memset((char *) mem + old_size, 0, new_size - old_size);
	return mem;

static void pool_unsafe_data_stack_clear(pool_t pool ATTR_UNUSED)

static size_t
pool_unsafe_data_stack_get_max_easy_alloc_size(pool_t pool ATTR_UNUSED)
	return t_get_bytes_available();