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add backout command. command undoes effect of an earlier commit, commits new changeset as result.
author Vadim Gelfer <vadim.gelfer@gmail.com>
date Sat, 29 Apr 2006 20:56:46 -0700
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+# basic operation
+adding a
+changeset 2:b38a34ddfd9f backs out changeset 1:a820f4f40a57
+# file that was removed is recreated
+adding a
+adding a
+changeset 2:44cd84c7349a backs out changeset 1:76862dcce372
+# backout of backout is as if nothing happened
+removing a
+changeset 3:0dd8a0ed5e99 backs out changeset 2:44cd84c7349a
+cat: a: No such file or directory
+# backout with merge
+adding a
+changeset 3:6c77ecc28460 backs out changeset 1:314f55b1bf23
+merging with changeset 2:b66ea5b77abb
+merging a
+line 1