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merge: expand and simplify the invalid handling for directory moves
author Matt Mackall <>
date Thu, 03 May 2007 17:24:43 -0500
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# This test tries to exercise the ssh functionality with a dummy script

cat <<'EOF' > dummyssh
# this attempts to deal with relative pathnames
cd `dirname $0`

# check for proper args
if [ $1 != "user@dummy" ] ; then
	exit -1

# check that we're in the right directory
if [ ! -x dummyssh ] ; then
	exit -1

echo Got arguments 1:$1 2:$2 3:$3 4:$4 5:$5 >> dummylog
chmod +x dummyssh

echo "# creating 'local'"
hg init local
echo this > local/foo
hg ci --cwd local -A -m "init" -d "1000000 0"

echo "#test failure"
hg init local

echo "# init+push to remote2"
hg init -e ./dummyssh ssh://user@dummy/remote2
hg incoming -R remote2 local
hg push -R local -e ./dummyssh ssh://user@dummy/remote2

echo "# clone to remote1"
hg clone -e ./dummyssh local ssh://user@dummy/remote1

echo "# init to existing repo"
hg init -e ./dummyssh ssh://user@dummy/remote1

echo "# clone to existing repo"
hg clone -e ./dummyssh local ssh://user@dummy/remote1

echo "# output of dummyssh"
cat dummylog

echo "# comparing repositories"
hg tip -q -R local
hg tip -q -R remote1
hg tip -q -R remote2

echo "# check names for repositories (clashes with URL schemes, special chars)"
for i in bundle file hg http https old-http ssh static-http " " "with space"; do
  echo "# hg init \"$i\""
  hg init "$i"
  test -d "$i" -a -d "$i/.hg" && echo "ok" || echo "failed"