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merge: expand and simplify the invalid handling for directory moves
author Matt Mackall <>
date Thu, 03 May 2007 17:24:43 -0500
parents 83153299aab5
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hg init t
cd t
hg branches

echo foo > a
hg add a
hg ci -m "initial" -d "1000000 0"
hg branch foo
hg branch
hg ci -m "add branch name" -d "1000000 0"
hg branch bar
hg ci -m "change branch name" -d "1000000 0"
hg branch default
hg ci -m "clear branch name" -d "1000000 0"

hg co foo
hg branch
echo bleah > a
hg ci -m "modify a branch" -d "1000000 0"

hg merge
hg branch
hg ci -m "merge" -d "1000000 0"
hg log

hg branches
hg branches -q

echo % test for invalid branch cache
hg rollback
cp .hg/branch.cache .hg/bc-invalid
hg log -r foo
cp .hg/bc-invalid .hg/branch.cache
hg --debug log -r foo
rm .hg/branch.cache
echo corrupted > .hg/branch.cache
hg log -qr foo
cat .hg/branch.cache

echo % update with no arguments: tipmost revision of the current branch
hg up -q -C 0
hg up -q
hg id
hg up -q 1
hg up -q
hg id
hg branch foobar
hg up

exit 0