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merge: expand and simplify the invalid handling for directory moves
author Matt Mackall <>
date Thu, 03 May 2007 17:24:43 -0500
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#Test bug regarding symlinks that showed up in hg 0.7
#Author: Matthew Elder <>

#make and initialize repo
hg init test; cd test;

#make a file and a symlink
touch foo; ln -s foo bar;

#import with addremove -- symlink walking should _not_ screwup.
hg addremove

#commit -- the symlink should _not_ appear added to dir state
hg commit -m 'initial'

#add a new file so hg will let me commit again
touch bomb

#again, symlink should _not_ show up on dir state
hg addremove

#Assert screamed here before, should go by without consequence
hg commit -m 'is there a bug?'

cd .. ; rm -r test
hg init test; cd test;

mkdir dir
touch a.c dir/a.o dir/b.o
# test what happens if we want to trick hg
hg commit -A -m 0
echo "relglob:*.o" > .hgignore
rm a.c
rm dir/a.o
rm dir/b.o
mkdir dir/a.o
ln -s nonexist dir/b.o
mkfifo a.c
# it should show a.c, dir/a.o and dir/b.o deleted
hg status
hg status a.c

echo '# test absolute path through symlink outside repo'
cd ..
hg init x
ln -s x y
cd x
touch f
hg add f
hg status $p/y/f

echo '# try symlink outside repo to file inside'
ln -s x/f ../z
# this should fail
hg status ../z && { echo hg mistakenly exited with status 0; exit 1; } || :