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Fix handling of addresses in hgrc.
author Bryan O'Sullivan <>
date Sun, 21 Aug 2005 23:03:14 -0800
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# Interactive script for sending a collection of Mercurial changesets
# as a series of patch emails.
# The series is started off with a "[PATCH 0 of N]" introduction,
# which describes the series as a whole.
# Each patch email has a Subject line of "[PATCH M of N] ...", using
# the first line of the changeset description as the subject text.
# The message contains two or three body parts:
#   The remainder of the changeset description.
#   [Optional] If the diffstat program is installed, the result of
#   running diffstat on the patch.
#   The patch itself, as generated by "hg export".
# Each message refers to all of its predecessors using the In-Reply-To
# and References headers, so they will show up as a sequence in
# threaded mail and news readers, and in mail archives.
# For each changeset, you will be prompted with a diffstat summary and
# the changeset summary, so you can be sure you are sending the right
# changes.
# It is best to run this script with the "-n" (test only) flag before
# firing it up "for real", in which case it will use your pager to
# display each of the messages that it would send.
# To configure a default mail host, add a section like this to your
# hgrc file:
# [smtp]
# host = my_mail_host
# port = 1025
# To configure other defaults, add a section like this to your hgrc
# file:
# [patchbomb]
# from = My Name <my@email>
# to = recipient1, recipient2, ...
# cc = cc1, cc2, ...

from email.MIMEMultipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText
from mercurial import commands
from mercurial import fancyopts
from mercurial import hg
from mercurial import ui
import os
import popen2
import readline
import smtplib
import socket
import sys
import tempfile
import time

def diffstat(patch):
    fd, name = tempfile.mkstemp()
        p = popen2.Popen3('diffstat -p1 -w79 2>/dev/null > ' + name)
            for line in patch: print >> p.tochild, line
            if p.wait(): return
            fp = os.fdopen(fd, 'r')
            stat = []
            for line in fp: stat.append(line.lstrip())
            last = stat.pop()
            stat.insert(0, last)
            stat = ''.join(stat)
            if stat.startswith('0 files'): raise ValueError
            return stat
        except: raise
        try: os.unlink(name)
        except: pass

def patchbomb(ui, repo, *revs, **opts):
    def prompt(prompt, default = None, rest = ': ', empty_ok = False):
        if default: prompt += ' [%s]' % default
        prompt += rest
        while True:
            r = raw_input(prompt)
            if r: return r
            if default is not None: return default
            if empty_ok: return r
            ui.warn('Please enter a valid value.\n')

    def confirm(s):
        if not prompt(s, default = 'y', rest = '? ').lower().startswith('y'):
            raise ValueError

    def cdiffstat(summary, patch):
        s = diffstat(patch)
        if s:
            if summary:
                ui.write(summary, '\n')
                ui.write(s, '\n')
            confirm('Does the diffstat above look okay')
        return s

    def makepatch(patch, idx, total):
        desc = []
        node = None
        for line in patch:
            if line.startswith('#'):
                if line.startswith('# Node ID'): node = line.split()[-1]
            if line.startswith('diff -r'): break
        if not node: raise ValueError
        body = ('\n'.join(desc[1:]).strip() or
                'Patch subject is complete summary.')
        body += '\n\n\n'
        if opts['diffstat']:
            body += cdiffstat('\n'.join(desc), patch) + '\n\n'
        body += '\n'.join(patch)
        msg = MIMEText(body)
        subj = '[PATCH %d of %d] %s' % (idx, total, desc[0].strip())
        if subj.endswith('.'): subj = subj[:-1]
        msg['Subject'] = subj
        msg['X-Mercurial-Node'] = node
        return msg

    start_time = int(time.time())

    def genmsgid(id):
        return '<%s.%s@%s>' % (id[:20], start_time, socket.getfqdn())

    patches = []

    class exportee:
        def __init__(self, container):
            self.lines = []
            self.container = container
   = 'email'

        def write(self, data):

        def close(self):
            self.lines = []

    commands.export(ui, repo, *args, **{'output': exportee(patches)})

    jumbo = []
    msgs = []

    ui.write('This patch series consists of %d patches.\n\n' % len(patches))

    for p, i in zip(patches, range(len(patches))):
        msgs.append(makepatch(p, i + 1, len(patches)))

    ui.write('\nWrite the introductory message for the patch series.\n\n')

    sender = (opts['from'] or ui.config('patchbomb', 'from') or
              prompt('From', ui.username()))

    msg = MIMEMultipart()
    msg['Subject'] = '[PATCH 0 of %d] %s' % (
        opts['subject'] or
        prompt('Subject:', rest = ' [PATCH 0 of %d] ' % len(patches)))
    to = opts['to'] or ui.config('patchbomb', 'to') or prompt('To')
    to = [t.strip() for t in to.split(',')]
    cc = (opts['cc'] or ui.config('patchbomb', 'cc') or
          prompt('Cc', default = ''))
    cc = [c.strip() for c in cc.split(',')]

    ui.write('Finish with ^D or a dot on a line by itself.\n\n')

    body = []

    while True:
        try: l = raw_input()
        except EOFError: break
        if l == '.': break

    msg.attach(MIMEText('\n'.join(body) + '\n'))


    d = cdiffstat('Final summary:\n', jumbo)
    if d: msg.attach(MIMEText(d))

    msgs.insert(0, msg)

    if not opts['test']:
        s = smtplib.SMTP()
        s.connect(host = ui.config('smtp', 'host', 'mail'),
                  port = int(ui.config('smtp', 'port', 25)))

    parent = None
    tz = time.strftime('%z')
    for m in msgs:
            m['Message-Id'] = genmsgid(m['X-Mercurial-Node'])
        except TypeError:
            m['Message-Id'] = genmsgid('patchbomb')
        if parent:
            m['In-Reply-To'] = parent
            parent = m['Message-Id']
        m['Date'] = time.strftime('%a, %e %b %Y %T ', time.localtime(start_time)) + tz
        start_time += 1
        m['From'] = sender
        m['To'] = ', '.join(to)
        if cc: m['Cc'] = ', '.join(cc)
        ui.status('Sending ', m['Subject'], ' ...\n')
        if opts['test']:
            fp = os.popen(os.getenv('PAGER', 'more'), 'w')
            s.sendmail(sender, to + cc, m.as_string(0))
    if not opts['test']:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    optspec = [('c', 'cc', [], 'email addresses of copy recipients'),
               ('d', 'diffstat', None, 'add diffstat output to messages'),
               ('f', 'from', '', 'email address of sender'),
               ('n', 'test', None, 'print messages that would be sent'),
               ('s', 'subject', '', 'subject of introductory message'),
               ('t', 'to', [], 'email addresses of recipients')]
    options = {}
        args = fancyopts.fancyopts(sys.argv[1:], commands.globalopts + optspec,
    except fancyopts.getopt.GetoptError, inst:
        u = ui.ui()
        u.warn('error: %s' % inst)

    u = ui.ui(options["verbose"], options["debug"], options["quiet"],
              not options["noninteractive"])
    repo = hg.repository(ui = u)

    patchbomb(u, repo, *args, **options)