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date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 14:25:08 -0800
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# This is an example of using HGEDITOR to automate the signing of
# commits and so on.

MANIFEST=`grep '^HG: manifest hash' $1 | cut -b 19-`
if grep -q "^HG: merge resolve" $1 ; then
    # we don't sign merges
    $EDITOR $1
    CHANGED=`grep '^HG: changed' $1 | cut -b 13-`
    # show a diff so writing commit comments is easier
    hg diff $CHANGED >> $T
    echo -e "\n\nmanifest hash: $MANIFEST" > $1
    emacs -nw $T $1 
    head -1 $1 > $T
    echo >> $T
    gpg -a -u $HGUSER -o - --clearsign $1 >> $T
    mv $T $1