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git patches: handle renames of binary files
author Alexis S. L. Carvalho <>
date Fri, 16 Feb 2007 04:54:46 -0200
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hg init a
cd a

echo start > start
hg ci -Amstart -d '0 0'
echo new > new
hg ci -Amnew -d '0 0'
echo '% new file'
hg diff --git -r 0

hg cp new copy
hg ci -mcopy -d '0 0'
echo '% copy'
hg diff --git -r 1:tip

hg mv copy rename
hg ci -mrename -d '0 0'
echo '% rename'
hg diff --git -r 2:tip

hg rm rename
hg ci -mdelete -d '0 0'
echo '% delete'
hg diff --git -r 3:tip

cat > src <<EOF
hg ci -Amsrc -d '0 0'
chmod +x src
hg ci -munexec -d '0 0'
echo '% chmod 644'
hg diff --git -r 5:tip

hg mv src dst
chmod -x dst
echo a >> dst
hg ci -mrenamemod -d '0 0'
echo '% rename+mod+chmod'
hg diff --git -r 6:tip

echo '% nonexistent in tip+chmod'
hg diff --git -r 5:6

echo '% binary diff'
cp $TESTDIR/binfile.bin .
hg add binfile.bin
hg diff --git > b.diff
cat b.diff

echo '% import binary diff'
hg revert binfile.bin
rm binfile.bin
hg import -mfoo b.diff
cmp binfile.bin $TESTDIR/binfile.bin

echo '% rename binary file'
hg mv binfile.bin renamed.bin
hg diff --git

echo '% diff across many revisions'
hg mv dst dst2
hg ci -m 'mv dst dst2' -d '0 0'

echo >> start
hg ci -m 'change start' -d '0 0'

hg revert -r -2 start
hg mv dst2 dst3
hg ci -m 'mv dst2 dst3; revert start' -d '0 0'

hg diff --git -r 9:11

echo a >> foo
hg add foo
hg ci -m 'add foo'
echo b >> foo
hg ci -m 'change foo'
hg mv foo bar
hg ci -m 'mv foo bar'
echo c >> bar
hg ci -m 'change bar'

echo '% file created before r1 and renamed before r2'
hg diff --git -r -3:-1
echo '% file created in r1 and renamed before r2'
hg diff --git -r -4:-1
echo '% file created after r1 and renamed before r2'
hg diff --git -r -5:-1

echo '% comparing with the working dir'
echo >> start
hg ci -m 'change start again' -d '0 0'

echo > created
hg add created
hg ci -m 'add created'

hg mv created created2
hg ci -m 'mv created created2'

hg mv created2 created3
echo "% there's a copy in the working dir..."
hg diff --git
echo "% ...but there's another copy between the original rev and the wd"
hg diff --git -r -2
echo "% ...but the source of the copy was created after the original rev"
hg diff --git -r -3
hg ci -m 'mv created2 created3'

echo > brand-new
hg add brand-new
hg ci -m 'add brand-new'
hg mv brand-new brand-new2
echo '% created in parent of wd; renamed in the wd'
hg diff --git

echo '% created between r1 and parent of wd; renamed in the wd'
hg diff --git -r -2
hg ci -m 'mv brand-new brand-new2'

echo '% one file is copied to many destinations and removed'
hg cp brand-new2 brand-new3
hg mv brand-new2 brand-new3-2
hg ci -m 'multiple renames/copies'
hg diff --git -r -2 -r -1