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author Peter van Dijk <>
date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:58:53 +0100
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# commit hooks can see env vars
hg init a
cd a
echo "[hooks]" > .hg/hgrc
echo 'commit = echo commit hook: n=$HG_NODE p1=$HG_PARENT1 p2=$HG_PARENT2' >> .hg/hgrc
echo 'commit.b = echo commit hook b' >> .hg/hgrc
echo 'precommit = echo precommit hook: p1=$HG_PARENT1 p2=$HG_PARENT2' >> .hg/hgrc
echo 'pretxncommit = echo pretxncommit hook: n=$HG_NODE p1=$HG_PARENT1 p2=$HG_PARENT2; hg -q tip' >> .hg/hgrc
echo a > a
hg add a
hg commit -m a -d "0 0"

hg clone . ../b
cd ../b

# changegroup hooks can see env vars
echo '[hooks]' > .hg/hgrc
echo 'prechangegroup = echo prechangegroup hook' >> .hg/hgrc
echo 'changegroup = echo changegroup hook: n=$HG_NODE' >> .hg/hgrc
echo 'incoming = echo incoming hook: n=$HG_NODE' >> .hg/hgrc

# pretxncommit and commit hooks can see both parents of merge
cd ../a
echo b >> a
hg commit -m a1 -d "1 0"
hg update -C 0
echo b > b
hg add b
hg commit -m b -d '1 0'
hg update -m 1
hg commit -m merge -d '2 0'

cd ../b
hg pull ../a

# tag hooks can see env vars
cd ../a
echo 'pretag = echo pretag hook: t=$HG_TAG n=$HG_NODE l=$HG_LOCAL' >> .hg/hgrc
echo 'tag = echo tag hook: t=$HG_TAG n=$HG_NODE l=$HG_LOCAL' >> .hg/hgrc
hg tag -d '3 0' a
hg tag -l la

# pretag hook can forbid tagging
echo 'pretag.forbid = echo pretag.forbid hook; exit 1' >> .hg/hgrc
hg tag -d '4 0' fa
hg tag -l fla

# pretxncommit hook can see changeset, can roll back txn, changeset
# no more there after
echo 'pretxncommit.forbid = echo pretxncommit.forbid hook: tip=`hg -q tip`; exit 1' >> .hg/hgrc
echo z > z
hg add z
hg -q tip
hg commit -m 'fail' -d '4 0'
hg -q tip

# precommit hook can prevent commit
echo 'precommit.forbid = echo precommit.forbid hook; exit 1' >> .hg/hgrc
hg commit -m 'fail' -d '4 0'
hg -q tip

# prechangegroup hook can prevent incoming changes
cd ../b
hg -q tip
echo '[hooks]' > .hg/hgrc
echo 'prechangegroup.forbid = echo prechangegroup.forbid hook; exit 1' >> .hg/hgrc
hg pull ../a

# pretxnchangegroup hook can see incoming changes, can roll back txn,
# incoming changes no longer there after
echo '[hooks]' > .hg/hgrc
echo 'pretxnchangegroup.forbid = echo pretxnchangegroup.forbid hook: tip=`hg -q tip`; exit 1' >> .hg/hgrc
hg pull ../a
hg -q tip

# outgoing hooks can see env vars
rm .hg/hgrc
echo '[hooks]' > ../a/.hg/hgrc
echo 'preoutgoing = echo preoutgoing hook: s=$HG_SOURCE' >> ../a/.hg/hgrc
echo 'outgoing = echo outgoing hook: n=$HG_NODE s=$HG_SOURCE' >> ../a/.hg/hgrc
hg pull ../a
hg undo

# preoutgoing hook can prevent outgoing changes
echo 'preoutgoing.forbid = echo preoutgoing.forbid hook; exit 1' >> ../a/.hg/hgrc
hg pull ../a

exit 0