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hgweb.cgi and hgwebdir.cgi fixes/cleanups for user configurable parts: - "import os" was missing in hgwebdir.cgi, added to comments for both script. - HGENCODING has to be set before importing hgweb, otherwise you'll get mixed encoding in changelog vs. file content/diffs. - "import sys" is only needed when changing sys.path - document purpose of cgitb.
author Thomas Arendsen Hein <>
date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 14:30:50 +0100
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# An example CGI script to use hgweb, edit as necessary

# send python tracebacks to the browser if an error occurs:
import cgitb

# adjust python path if not a system-wide install:
#import sys
#sys.path.insert(0, "/path/to/python/lib")

# If you'd like to serve pages with UTF-8 instead of your default
# locale charset, you can do so by uncommenting the following lines.
# Note that this will cause your .hgrc files to be interpreted in
# UTF-8 and all your repo files to be displayed using UTF-8.
#import os
#os.environ["HGENCODING"] = "UTF-8"

from mercurial.hgweb.hgweb_mod import hgweb
from mercurial.hgweb.request import wsgiapplication
import mercurial.hgweb.wsgicgi as wsgicgi

def make_web_app():
    return hgweb("/path/to/repo", "repository name")