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Use 'hg ci -d "1000000 0"' in tests to circumvent problem with leading zero. Some systems show "Thu Jan 01" instead of "Thu Jan 1", which breaks tests. Using "1000000" yields "Mon Jan 12 13:46:40 1970", which looks the same on all systems.
author Thomas Arendsen Hein <>
date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 13:05:41 +0100
parents 3a0b69ea5708
line wrap: on
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hg init
touch a
hg add a
hg commit -m "Added a" -d "1000000 0"

touch main
hg add main
hg commit -m "Added main" -d "1000000 0"
hg checkout 0

echo Main should be gone

touch side1
hg add side1
hg commit -m "Added side1" -d "1000000 0"
touch side2
hg add side2
hg commit -m "Added side2" -d "1000000 0"

hg log

echo Should have two heads, side2 and main
hg heads

echo Should show "a side1 side2"

hg update --debug -C 1
echo Should only show "a main"