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author Josef "Jeff" Sipek <>
date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:56:39 -0400
parents e506c14382fd
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"$HG" init
mkdir b
echo 'Bouncy' >b/bouncy
echo 'tricycle' >b/vehicle
"$HG" add b/bouncy
"$HG" add b/vehicle
"$HG" commit -m 'Adding bouncy'
echo 'bouncy' >>b/bouncy
"$HG" commit -m 'Making it bouncier'
"$HG" update -C 0
echo 'stationary' >>b/vehicle
"$HG" commit -m 'Clarifying the vehicle.'
"$HG" update -C 1
chmod a-w b/vehicle
"$HG" merge 2 2>&1 | sed 's|^\(.*[ 	]\).*/\([^/]*/[^/]*/[^/]*\)$|\1\2|g'