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debugconfig: allow to print by section and exact item name
author Vadim Gelfer <>
date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 11:28:27 -0700
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hg init a
cd a
echo a > a
hg ci -A -d'1 0' -m a

cd ..

hg init b
cd b
echo b > b
hg ci -A -d'1 0' -m b

cd ..

hg clone a c
cd c
hg pull -f ../b
HGMERGE=merge hg merge

cd ..

echo %% -R/--repository
hg -R a tip
hg --repository b tip

echo %% abbrev of long option
hg --repo c tip

echo %% --cwd
hg --cwd a parents

echo %% -y/--noninteractive - just be sure it is parsed
hg --cwd a tip -q --noninteractive
hg --cwd a tip -q -y

echo %% -q/--quiet
hg -R a -q tip
hg -R b -q tip
hg -R c --quiet parents

echo %% -v/--verbose
hg --cwd c head -v
hg --cwd b tip --verbose

echo %% --config
hg --cwd c --config paths.quuxfoo=bar paths | grep -q quuxfoo && echo quuxfoo
hg --cwd c --config '' tip -q
hg --cwd c --config a.b tip -q
hg --cwd c --config a tip -q
hg --cwd c --config a.= tip -q
hg --cwd c --config .b= tip -q

echo %% --debug
hg --cwd c log --debug

echo %% --traceback
hg --cwd c --config x --traceback tip 2>&1 | grep -i 'traceback'

echo %% --time
hg --cwd a --time tip 2>&1 | grep '^Time:' | sed 's/[0-9][0-9]*/x/g'

echo %% --version
hg --version -q | sed 's/version \([a-f0-9+]*\|unknown\)/version xxx/'

echo %% -h/--help
hg -h
hg --help

echo %% not tested: --debugger