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author Benoit Boissinot <>
date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 13:31:12 -0700
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The standalone Windows installer for Mercurial is built in a somewhat
jury-rigged fashion.

It has the following prerequisites, at least as I build it:

  Python for Windows


  Python for Windows Extensions

  mfc71.dll (just download, don't install)

  The py2exe distutils extension

  Inno Setup


And, of course, Mercurial itself.

Once you have all this installed and built, clone a copy of the
Mercurial repository you want to package, and name the repo

In a shell, build a standalone copy of the hg.exe program:

  python build -c mingw32 py2exe -b 1

Copy mfc71.dll into the dist directory that just got created.

Run ISTool, and open the C:\hg\hg-release\contrib\win32\mercurial.iss

In ISTool, type Ctrl-F9 to compile the installer file.  The actual
installer will be in the C:\hg\hg-release\Output directory.