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hgk "committer:" bug I've been having an hgk problem with this tree:, specifically changeset 93c590d23a53. The problem seems to be that the commit message contains a "committer:" line, which triggers a (relatively unused?) case in Both cases need the dates at the end of the line.
author Hollis Blanchard <>
date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 03:19:16 +0100
parents 0fc1b588976f
children c0b945c5df08
line wrap: on
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d40cc5aacc31ed673d9b5b24f98bee78c283062c 0.4f
1c590d34bf61e2ea12c71738e5a746cd74586157 0.4e
7eca4cfa8aad5fce9a04f7d8acadcd0452e2f34e 0.4d
b4d0c3786ad3e47beacf8412157326a32b6d25a4 0.4c
f40273b0ad7b3a6d3012fd37736d0611f41ecf54 0.5
0a28dfe59f8fab54a5118c5be4f40da34a53cdb7 0.5b
12e0fdbc57a0be78f0e817fd1d170a3615cd35da 0.6
4ccf3de52989b14c3d84e1097f59e39a992e00bd 0.6b
eac9c8efcd9bd8244e72fb6821f769f450457a32 0.6c
979c049974485125e1f9357f6bbe9c1b548a64c3 0.7
3a56574f329a368d645853e0f9e09472aee62349 0.8