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author Thomas Arendsen Hein <>
date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 12:22:55 +0100
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#!/usr/bin/env wish

# Copyright (C) 2005 Paul Mackerras.  All rights reserved.
# This program is free software; it may be used, copied, modified
# and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence,
# either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.

proc gitdir {} {
    global env
    if {[info exists env(GIT_DIR)]} {
	return $env(GIT_DIR)
    } else {
	return ".hg"

proc getcommits {rargs} {
    global commits commfd phase canv mainfont env
    global startmsecs nextupdate ncmupdate
    global ctext maincursor textcursor leftover

    # check that we can find a .git directory somewhere...
    set gitdir [gitdir]
    if {![file isdirectory $gitdir]} {
	error_popup "Cannot find the git directory \"$gitdir\"."
	exit 1
    set commits {}
    set phase getcommits
    set startmsecs [clock clicks -milliseconds]
    set nextupdate [expr $startmsecs + 100]
    set ncmupdate 1
    if [catch {
	set parse_args [concat --default HEAD $rargs]
	set parsed_args [split [eval exec hg debug-rev-parse $parse_args] "\n"]
    }] {
	# if git-rev-parse failed for some reason...
	if {$rargs == {}} {
	    set rargs HEAD
	set parsed_args $rargs
    if [catch {
	set commfd [open "|hg debug-rev-list --header --topo-order --parents $parsed_args" r]
    } err] {
	puts stderr "Error executing hg debug-rev-list: $err"
	exit 1
    set leftover {}
    fconfigure $commfd -blocking 0 -translation lf
    fileevent $commfd readable [list getcommitlines $commfd]
    $canv delete all
    $canv create text 3 3 -anchor nw -text "Reading commits..." \
	-font $mainfont -tags textitems
    . config -cursor watch
    settextcursor watch

proc getcommitlines {commfd}  {
    global commits parents cdate children
    global commitlisted phase commitinfo nextupdate
    global stopped redisplaying leftover

    set stuff [read $commfd]
    if {$stuff == {}} {
	if {![eof $commfd]} return
	# set it blocking so we wait for the process to terminate
	fconfigure $commfd -blocking 1
	if {![catch {close $commfd} err]} {
	    after idle finishcommits
	if {[string range $err 0 4] == "usage"} {
	    set err \
{Gitk: error reading commits: bad arguments to git-rev-list.
(Note: arguments to gitk are passed to git-rev-list
to allow selection of commits to be displayed.)}
	} else {
	    set err "Error reading commits: $err"
	error_popup $err
	exit 1
    set start 0
    while 1 {
	set i [string first "\0" $stuff $start]
	if {$i < 0} {
	    append leftover [string range $stuff $start end]
	set cmit [string range $stuff $start [expr {$i - 1}]]
	if {$start == 0} {
	    set cmit "$leftover$cmit"
	    set leftover {}
	set start [expr {$i + 1}]
	set j [string first "\n" $cmit]
	set ok 0
	if {$j >= 0} {
	    set ids [string range $cmit 0 [expr {$j - 1}]]
	    set ok 1
	    foreach id $ids {
		if {![regexp {^[0-9a-f]{40}$} $id]} {
		    set ok 0
	if {!$ok} {
	    set shortcmit $cmit
	    if {[string length $shortcmit] > 80} {
		set shortcmit "[string range $shortcmit 0 80]..."
	    error_popup "Can't parse hg debug-rev-list output: {$shortcmit}"
	    exit 1
	set id [lindex $ids 0]
	set olds [lrange $ids 1 end]
	set cmit [string range $cmit [expr {$j + 1}] end]
	lappend commits $id
	set commitlisted($id) 1
	parsecommit $id $cmit 1 [lrange $ids 1 end]
	drawcommit $id
	if {[clock clicks -milliseconds] >= $nextupdate} {
	    doupdate 1
	while {$redisplaying} {
	    set redisplaying 0
	    if {$stopped == 1} {
		set stopped 0
		set phase "getcommits"
		foreach id $commits {
		    drawcommit $id
		    if {$stopped} break
		    if {[clock clicks -milliseconds] >= $nextupdate} {
			doupdate 1

proc doupdate {reading} {
    global commfd nextupdate numcommits ncmupdate

    if {$reading} {
	fileevent $commfd readable {}
    set nextupdate [expr {[clock clicks -milliseconds] + 100}]
    if {$numcommits < 100} {
	set ncmupdate [expr {$numcommits + 1}]
    } elseif {$numcommits < 10000} {
	set ncmupdate [expr {$numcommits + 10}]
    } else {
	set ncmupdate [expr {$numcommits + 100}]
    if {$reading} {
	fileevent $commfd readable [list getcommitlines $commfd]

proc readcommit {id} {
    if [catch {set contents [exec hg debug-cat-file commit $id]}] return
    parsecommit $id $contents 0 {}

proc parsecommit {id contents listed olds} {
    global commitinfo children nchildren parents nparents cdate ncleft

    set inhdr 1
    set comment {}
    set headline {}
    set auname {}
    set audate {}
    set comname {}
    set comdate {}
    if {![info exists nchildren($id)]} {
	set children($id) {}
	set nchildren($id) 0
	set ncleft($id) 0
    set parents($id) $olds
    set nparents($id) [llength $olds]
    foreach p $olds {
	if {![info exists nchildren($p)]} {
	    set children($p) [list $id]
	    set nchildren($p) 1
	    set ncleft($p) 1
	} elseif {[lsearch -exact $children($p) $id] < 0} {
	    lappend children($p) $id
	    incr nchildren($p)
	    incr ncleft($p)
    foreach line [split $contents "\n"] {
	if {$inhdr} {
	    if {$line == {}} {
		set inhdr 0
	    } else {
		set tag [lindex $line 0]
		if {$tag == "author"} {
		    set x [expr {[llength $line] - 2}]
		    set audate [lindex $line $x]
		    set auname [lrange $line 1 [expr {$x - 1}]]
		} elseif {$tag == "committer"} {
		    set x [expr {[llength $line] - 2}]
		    set comdate [lindex $line $x]
		    set comname [lrange $line 1 [expr {$x - 1}]]
	} else {
	    if {$comment == {}} {
		set headline [string trim $line]
	    } else {
		append comment "\n"
	    if {!$listed} {
		# git-rev-list indents the comment by 4 spaces;
		# if we got this via git-cat-file, add the indentation
		append comment "    "
	    append comment $line
    if {$audate != {}} {
	set audate [clock format $audate -format "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"]
    if {$comdate != {}} {
	set cdate($id) $comdate
	set comdate [clock format $comdate -format "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"]
    set commitinfo($id) [list $headline $auname $audate \
			     $comname $comdate $comment]

proc readrefs {} {
    global tagids idtags headids idheads tagcontents

    set tags [exec hg tags]
    set lines [split $tags '\n']
    foreach f $lines {
	set f [regexp -all -inline {\S+} $f]
	set direct [lindex $f 0]
	set full [lindex $f 1]
	set sha [split $full ':']
	set tag [lindex $sha 1]
	lappend tagids($direct) $tag
	lappend idtags($tag) $direct

proc readotherrefs {base dname excl} {
    global otherrefids idotherrefs

    set git [gitdir]
    set files [glob -nocomplain -types f [file join $git $base *]]
    foreach f $files {
	catch {
	    set fd [open $f r]
	    set line [read $fd 40]
	    if {[regexp {^[0-9a-f]{40}} $line id]} {
		set name "$dname[file tail $f]"
		set otherrefids($name) $id
		lappend idotherrefs($id) $name
	    close $fd
    set dirs [glob -nocomplain -types d [file join $git $base *]]
    foreach d $dirs {
	set dir [file tail $d]
	if {[lsearch -exact $excl $dir] >= 0} continue
	readotherrefs [file join $base $dir] "$dname$dir/" {}

proc error_popup msg {
    set w .error
    toplevel $w
    wm transient $w .
    message $w.m -text $msg -justify center -aspect 400
    pack $w.m -side top -fill x -padx 20 -pady 20
    button $w.ok -text OK -command "destroy $w"
    pack $w.ok -side bottom -fill x
    bind $w <Visibility> "grab $w; focus $w"
    tkwait window $w

proc makewindow {} {
    global canv canv2 canv3 linespc charspc ctext cflist textfont
    global findtype findtypemenu findloc findstring fstring geometry
    global entries sha1entry sha1string sha1but
    global maincursor textcursor curtextcursor
    global rowctxmenu gaudydiff mergemax

    menu .bar
    .bar add cascade -label "File" -menu .bar.file
    menu .bar.file
    .bar.file add command -label "Reread references" -command rereadrefs
    .bar.file add command -label "Quit" -command doquit
    .bar add cascade -label "Help" -menu add command -label "About gitk" -command about
    . configure -menu .bar

    if {![info exists geometry(canv1)]} {
	set geometry(canv1) [expr 45 * $charspc]
	set geometry(canv2) [expr 30 * $charspc]
	set geometry(canv3) [expr 15 * $charspc]
	set geometry(canvh) [expr 25 * $linespc + 4]
	set geometry(ctextw) 80
	set geometry(ctexth) 30
	set geometry(cflistw) 30
    panedwindow .ctop -orient vertical
    if {[info exists geometry(width)]} {
	.ctop conf -width $geometry(width) -height $geometry(height)
	set texth [expr {$geometry(height) - $geometry(canvh) - 56}]
	set geometry(ctexth) [expr {($texth - 8) /
				    [font metrics $textfont -linespace]}]
    pack -side bottom -fill x
    set cscroll
    scrollbar $cscroll -command {allcanvs yview} -highlightthickness 0
    pack $cscroll -side right -fill y
    panedwindow -orient horizontal -sashpad 0 -handlesize 4
    pack -side top -fill both -expand 1
    .ctop add
    set canv
    canvas $canv -height $geometry(canvh) -width $geometry(canv1) \
	-bg white -bd 0 \
	-yscrollincr $linespc -yscrollcommand "$cscroll set" add $canv
    set canv2
    canvas $canv2 -height $geometry(canvh) -width $geometry(canv2) \
	-bg white -bd 0 -yscrollincr $linespc add $canv2
    set canv3
    canvas $canv3 -height $geometry(canvh) -width $geometry(canv3) \
	-bg white -bd 0 -yscrollincr $linespc add $canv3
    bind <Configure> {resizeclistpanes %W %w}

    set sha1entry
    set entries $sha1entry
    set sha1but
    button $sha1but -text "SHA1 ID: " -state disabled -relief flat \
	-command gotocommit -width 8
    $sha1but conf -disabledforeground [$sha1but cget -foreground]
    pack -side left
    entry $sha1entry -width 40 -font $textfont -textvariable sha1string
    trace add variable sha1string write sha1change
    pack $sha1entry -side left -pady 2

    image create bitmap bm-left -data {
	#define left_width 16
	#define left_height 16
	static unsigned char left_bits[] = {
	0x00, 0x00, 0xc0, 0x01, 0xe0, 0x00, 0x70, 0x00, 0x38, 0x00, 0x1c, 0x00,
	0x0e, 0x00, 0xff, 0x7f, 0xff, 0x7f, 0xff, 0x7f, 0x0e, 0x00, 0x1c, 0x00,
	0x38, 0x00, 0x70, 0x00, 0xe0, 0x00, 0xc0, 0x01};
    image create bitmap bm-right -data {
	#define right_width 16
	#define right_height 16
	static unsigned char right_bits[] = {
	0x00, 0x00, 0xc0, 0x01, 0x80, 0x03, 0x00, 0x07, 0x00, 0x0e, 0x00, 0x1c,
	0x00, 0x38, 0xff, 0x7f, 0xff, 0x7f, 0xff, 0x7f, 0x00, 0x38, 0x00, 0x1c,
	0x00, 0x0e, 0x00, 0x07, 0x80, 0x03, 0xc0, 0x01};
    button -image bm-left -command goback \
	-state disabled -width 26
    pack -side left -fill y
    button -image bm-right -command goforw \
	-state disabled -width 26
    pack -side left -fill y

    button -text "Find" -command dofind
    pack -side left
    set findstring {}
    set fstring
    lappend entries $fstring
    entry $fstring -width 30 -font $textfont -textvariable findstring
    pack $fstring -side left -expand 1 -fill x
    set findtype Exact
    set findtypemenu [tk_optionMenu \
			  findtype Exact IgnCase Regexp]
    set findloc "All fields"
    tk_optionMenu findloc "All fields" Headline \
	Comments Author Committer Files Pickaxe
    pack -side right
    pack -side right
    # for making sure type==Exact whenever loc==Pickaxe
    trace add variable findloc write findlocchange

    panedwindow .ctop.cdet -orient horizontal
    .ctop add .ctop.cdet
    frame .ctop.cdet.left
    set ctext .ctop.cdet.left.ctext
    text $ctext -bg white -state disabled -font $textfont \
	-width $geometry(ctextw) -height $geometry(ctexth) \
	-yscrollcommand " set" \
	-xscrollcommand ".ctop.cdet.left.hb set" -wrap none
    scrollbar -command "$ctext yview"
    scrollbar .ctop.cdet.left.hb -orient horizontal -command "$ctext xview"
    pack -side right -fill y
    pack .ctop.cdet.left.hb -side bottom -fill x
    pack $ctext -side left -fill both -expand 1
    .ctop.cdet add .ctop.cdet.left

    $ctext tag conf filesep -font [concat $textfont bold] -back "#aaaaaa"
    if {$gaudydiff} {
	$ctext tag conf hunksep -back blue -fore white
	$ctext tag conf d0 -back "#ff8080"
	$ctext tag conf d1 -back green
    } else {
	$ctext tag conf hunksep -fore blue
	$ctext tag conf d0 -fore red
	$ctext tag conf d1 -fore "#00a000"
	$ctext tag conf m0 -fore red
	$ctext tag conf m1 -fore blue
	$ctext tag conf m2 -fore green
	$ctext tag conf m3 -fore purple
	$ctext tag conf m4 -fore brown
	$ctext tag conf mmax -fore darkgrey
	set mergemax 5
	$ctext tag conf mresult -font [concat $textfont bold]
	$ctext tag conf msep -font [concat $textfont bold]
	$ctext tag conf found -back yellow

    frame .ctop.cdet.right
    set cflist .ctop.cdet.right.cfiles
    listbox $cflist -bg white -selectmode extended -width $geometry(cflistw) \
	-yscrollcommand " set"
    scrollbar -command "$cflist yview"
    pack -side right -fill y
    pack $cflist -side left -fill both -expand 1
    .ctop.cdet add .ctop.cdet.right
    bind .ctop.cdet <Configure> {resizecdetpanes %W %w}

    pack .ctop -side top -fill both -expand 1

    bindall <1> {selcanvline %W %x %y}
    #bindall <B1-Motion> {selcanvline %W %x %y}
    bindall <ButtonRelease-4> "allcanvs yview scroll -5 units"
    bindall <ButtonRelease-5> "allcanvs yview scroll 5 units"
    bindall <2> "allcanvs scan mark 0 %y"
    bindall <B2-Motion> "allcanvs scan dragto 0 %y"
    bind . <Key-Up> "selnextline -1"
    bind . <Key-Down> "selnextline 1"
    bind . <Key-Prior> "allcanvs yview scroll -1 pages"
    bind . <Key-Next> "allcanvs yview scroll 1 pages"
    bindkey <Key-Delete> "$ctext yview scroll -1 pages"
    bindkey <Key-BackSpace> "$ctext yview scroll -1 pages"
    bindkey <Key-space> "$ctext yview scroll 1 pages"
    bindkey p "selnextline -1"
    bindkey n "selnextline 1"
    bindkey b "$ctext yview scroll -1 pages"
    bindkey d "$ctext yview scroll 18 units"
    bindkey u "$ctext yview scroll -18 units"
    bindkey / {findnext 1}
    bindkey <Key-Return> {findnext 0}
    bindkey ? findprev
    bindkey f nextfile
    bind . <Control-q> doquit
    bind . <Control-w> doquit
    bind . <Control-f> dofind
    bind . <Control-g> {findnext 0}
    bind . <Control-r> findprev
    bind . <Control-equal> {incrfont 1}
    bind . <Control-KP_Add> {incrfont 1}
    bind . <Control-minus> {incrfont -1}
    bind . <Control-KP_Subtract> {incrfont -1}
    bind $cflist <<ListboxSelect>> listboxsel
    bind . <Destroy> {savestuff %W}
    bind . <Button-1> "click %W"
    bind $fstring <Key-Return> dofind
    bind $sha1entry <Key-Return> gotocommit
    bind $sha1entry <<PasteSelection>> clearsha1

    set maincursor [. cget -cursor]
    set textcursor [$ctext cget -cursor]
    set curtextcursor $textcursor

    set rowctxmenu .rowctxmenu
    menu $rowctxmenu -tearoff 0
    $rowctxmenu add command -label "Diff this -> selected" \
	-command {diffvssel 0}
    $rowctxmenu add command -label "Diff selected -> this" \
	-command {diffvssel 1}
    $rowctxmenu add command -label "Make patch" -command mkpatch
    $rowctxmenu add command -label "Create tag" -command mktag
    $rowctxmenu add command -label "Write commit to file" -command writecommit

# when we make a key binding for the toplevel, make sure
# it doesn't get triggered when that key is pressed in the
# find string entry widget.
proc bindkey {ev script} {
    global entries
    bind . $ev $script
    set escript [bind Entry $ev]
    if {$escript == {}} {
	set escript [bind Entry <Key>]
    foreach e $entries {
	bind $e $ev "$escript; break"

# set the focus back to the toplevel for any click outside
# the entry widgets
proc click {w} {
    global entries
    foreach e $entries {
	if {$w == $e} return
    focus .

proc savestuff {w} {
    global canv canv2 canv3 ctext cflist mainfont textfont
    global stuffsaved findmergefiles gaudydiff maxgraphpct
    global maxwidth

    if {$stuffsaved} return
    if {![winfo viewable .]} return
    catch {
	set f [open "~/.gitk-new" w]
	puts $f [list set mainfont $mainfont]
	puts $f [list set textfont $textfont]
	puts $f [list set findmergefiles $findmergefiles]
	puts $f [list set gaudydiff $gaudydiff]
	puts $f [list set maxgraphpct $maxgraphpct]
	puts $f [list set maxwidth $maxwidth]
	puts $f "set geometry(width) [winfo width .ctop]"
	puts $f "set geometry(height) [winfo height .ctop]"
	puts $f "set geometry(canv1) [expr [winfo width $canv]-2]"
	puts $f "set geometry(canv2) [expr [winfo width $canv2]-2]"
	puts $f "set geometry(canv3) [expr [winfo width $canv3]-2]"
	puts $f "set geometry(canvh) [expr [winfo height $canv]-2]"
	set wid [expr {([winfo width $ctext] - 8) \
			   / [font measure $textfont "0"]}]
	puts $f "set geometry(ctextw) $wid"
	set wid [expr {([winfo width $cflist] - 11) \
			   / [font measure [$cflist cget -font] "0"]}]
	puts $f "set geometry(cflistw) $wid"
	close $f
	file rename -force "~/.gitk-new" "~/.gitk"
    set stuffsaved 1

proc resizeclistpanes {win w} {
    global oldwidth
    if [info exists oldwidth($win)] {
	set s0 [$win sash coord 0]
	set s1 [$win sash coord 1]
	if {$w < 60} {
	    set sash0 [expr {int($w/2 - 2)}]
	    set sash1 [expr {int($w*5/6 - 2)}]
	} else {
	    set factor [expr {1.0 * $w / $oldwidth($win)}]
	    set sash0 [expr {int($factor * [lindex $s0 0])}]
	    set sash1 [expr {int($factor * [lindex $s1 0])}]
	    if {$sash0 < 30} {
		set sash0 30
	    if {$sash1 < $sash0 + 20} {
		set sash1 [expr $sash0 + 20]
	    if {$sash1 > $w - 10} {
		set sash1 [expr $w - 10]
		if {$sash0 > $sash1 - 20} {
		    set sash0 [expr $sash1 - 20]
	$win sash place 0 $sash0 [lindex $s0 1]
	$win sash place 1 $sash1 [lindex $s1 1]
    set oldwidth($win) $w

proc resizecdetpanes {win w} {
    global oldwidth
    if [info exists oldwidth($win)] {
	set s0 [$win sash coord 0]
	if {$w < 60} {
	    set sash0 [expr {int($w*3/4 - 2)}]
	} else {
	    set factor [expr {1.0 * $w / $oldwidth($win)}]
	    set sash0 [expr {int($factor * [lindex $s0 0])}]
	    if {$sash0 < 45} {
		set sash0 45
	    if {$sash0 > $w - 15} {
		set sash0 [expr $w - 15]
	$win sash place 0 $sash0 [lindex $s0 1]
    set oldwidth($win) $w

proc allcanvs args {
    global canv canv2 canv3
    eval $canv $args
    eval $canv2 $args
    eval $canv3 $args

proc bindall {event action} {
    global canv canv2 canv3
    bind $canv $event $action
    bind $canv2 $event $action
    bind $canv3 $event $action

proc about {} {
    set w .about
    if {[winfo exists $w]} {
	raise $w
    toplevel $w
    wm title $w "About gitk"
    message $w.m -text {
Gitk version 1.2

Copyright  2005 Paul Mackerras

Use and redistribute under the terms of the GNU General Public License} \
	    -justify center -aspect 400
    pack $w.m -side top -fill x -padx 20 -pady 20
    button $w.ok -text Close -command "destroy $w"
    pack $w.ok -side bottom

proc assigncolor {id} {
    global commitinfo colormap commcolors colors nextcolor
    global parents nparents children nchildren
    global cornercrossings crossings

    if [info exists colormap($id)] return
    set ncolors [llength $colors]
    if {$nparents($id) <= 1 && $nchildren($id) == 1} {
	set child [lindex $children($id) 0]
	if {[info exists colormap($child)]
	    && $nparents($child) == 1} {
	    set colormap($id) $colormap($child)
    set badcolors {}
    if {[info exists cornercrossings($id)]} {
	foreach x $cornercrossings($id) {
	    if {[info exists colormap($x)]
		&& [lsearch -exact $badcolors $colormap($x)] < 0} {
		lappend badcolors $colormap($x)
	if {[llength $badcolors] >= $ncolors} {
	    set badcolors {}
    set origbad $badcolors
    if {[llength $badcolors] < $ncolors - 1} {
	if {[info exists crossings($id)]} {
	    foreach x $crossings($id) {
		if {[info exists colormap($x)]
		    && [lsearch -exact $badcolors $colormap($x)] < 0} {
		    lappend badcolors $colormap($x)
	    if {[llength $badcolors] >= $ncolors} {
		set badcolors $origbad
	set origbad $badcolors
    if {[llength $badcolors] < $ncolors - 1} {
	foreach child $children($id) {
	    if {[info exists colormap($child)]
		&& [lsearch -exact $badcolors $colormap($child)] < 0} {
		lappend badcolors $colormap($child)
	    if {[info exists parents($child)]} {
		foreach p $parents($child) {
		    if {[info exists colormap($p)]
			&& [lsearch -exact $badcolors $colormap($p)] < 0} {
			lappend badcolors $colormap($p)
	if {[llength $badcolors] >= $ncolors} {
	    set badcolors $origbad
    for {set i 0} {$i <= $ncolors} {incr i} {
	set c [lindex $colors $nextcolor]
	if {[incr nextcolor] >= $ncolors} {
	    set nextcolor 0
	if {[lsearch -exact $badcolors $c]} break
    set colormap($id) $c

proc initgraph {} {
    global canvy canvy0 lineno numcommits nextcolor linespc
    global mainline mainlinearrow sidelines
    global nchildren ncleft
    global displist nhyperspace

    allcanvs delete all
    set nextcolor 0
    set canvy $canvy0
    set lineno -1
    set numcommits 0
    catch {unset mainline}
    catch {unset mainlinearrow}
    catch {unset sidelines}
    foreach id [array names nchildren] {
	set ncleft($id) $nchildren($id)
    set displist {}
    set nhyperspace 0

proc bindline {t id} {
    global canv

    $canv bind $t <Enter> "lineenter %x %y $id"
    $canv bind $t <Motion> "linemotion %x %y $id"
    $canv bind $t <Leave> "lineleave $id"
    $canv bind $t <Button-1> "lineclick %x %y $id 1"

proc drawlines {id xtra} {
    global mainline mainlinearrow sidelines lthickness colormap canv

    $canv delete lines.$id
    if {[info exists mainline($id)]} {
	set t [$canv create line $mainline($id) \
		   -width [expr {($xtra + 1) * $lthickness}] \
		   -fill $colormap($id) -tags lines.$id \
		   -arrow $mainlinearrow($id)]
	$canv lower $t
	bindline $t $id
    if {[info exists sidelines($id)]} {
	foreach ls $sidelines($id) {
	    set coords [lindex $ls 0]
	    set thick [lindex $ls 1]
	    set arrow [lindex $ls 2]
	    set t [$canv create line $coords -fill $colormap($id) \
		       -width [expr {($thick + $xtra) * $lthickness}] \
		       -arrow $arrow -tags lines.$id]
	    $canv lower $t
	    bindline $t $id

# level here is an index in displist
proc drawcommitline {level} {
    global parents children nparents displist
    global canv canv2 canv3 mainfont namefont canvy linespc
    global lineid linehtag linentag linedtag commitinfo
    global colormap numcommits currentparents dupparents
    global idtags idline idheads idotherrefs
    global lineno lthickness mainline mainlinearrow sidelines
    global commitlisted rowtextx idpos lastuse displist
    global oldnlines olddlevel olddisplist

    incr numcommits
    incr lineno
    set id [lindex $displist $level]
    set lastuse($id) $lineno
    set lineid($lineno) $id
    set idline($id) $lineno
    set ofill [expr {[info exists commitlisted($id)]? "blue": "white"}]
    if {![info exists commitinfo($id)]} {
	readcommit $id
	if {![info exists commitinfo($id)]} {
	    set commitinfo($id) {"No commit information available"}
	    set nparents($id) 0
    assigncolor $id
    set currentparents {}
    set dupparents {}
    if {[info exists commitlisted($id)] && [info exists parents($id)]} {
	foreach p $parents($id) {
	    if {[lsearch -exact $currentparents $p] < 0} {
		lappend currentparents $p
	    } else {
		# remember that this parent was listed twice
		lappend dupparents $p
    set x [xcoord $level $level $lineno]
    set y1 $canvy
    set canvy [expr $canvy + $linespc]
    allcanvs conf -scrollregion \
	[list 0 0 0 [expr $y1 + 0.5 * $linespc + 2]]
    if {[info exists mainline($id)]} {
	lappend mainline($id) $x $y1
	if {$mainlinearrow($id) ne "none"} {
	    set mainline($id) [trimdiagstart $mainline($id)]
    drawlines $id 0
    set orad [expr {$linespc / 3}]
    set t [$canv create oval [expr $x - $orad] [expr $y1 - $orad] \
	       [expr $x + $orad - 1] [expr $y1 + $orad - 1] \
	       -fill $ofill -outline black -width 1]