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allow multiples hook suggested by Vadim Gelfer This patch allows to have multiple hooks of the same kind: for example = /my/email/hook commit.autobuild = /my/build/hook
author Benoit Boissinot <>
date Sat, 29 Oct 2005 13:44:05 -0700
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# Build a Mercurial RPM in place.
# Bryan O'Sullivan <>

root="`hg root 2>/dev/null`"

if [ -z "$root" ]; then
    echo 'You are not inside a Mercurial repository!' 1>&2
    exit 1

rpmdir=/tmp/"`basename $root | sed 's/ /_/'`"-rpm

cd "$root"
rm -rf $rpmdir
mkdir -p $rpmdir/RPMS
hg clone "$root" $rpmdir/BUILD

if [ ! -f $specfile ]; then
    echo "Cannot find $specfile!" 1>&2
    exit 1

tmpspec=/tmp/`basename "$specfile"`.$$
# Use the most recent tag as the version.
version=`hg tags | perl -e 'while(<STDIN>){if(/^(\d\S+)/){print$1;exit}}'`
# Compute the release number as the difference in revision numbers
# between the tip and the most recent tag.
release=`hg tags | perl -e 'while(<STDIN>){/^(\S+)\s+(\d+)/;if($1eq"tip"){$t=$2}else{print$t-$2+1;exit}}'`
tip=`hg -q tip`

# Beat up the spec file
sed -e 's,^Source:.*,Source: /dev/null,' \
    -e "s,^Version:.*,Version: $version," \
    -e "s,^Release:.*,Release: $release," \
    -e "s,^%prep.*,Changeset: $tip\n\0," \
    -e 's,^%setup.*,,' \
    $specfile > $tmpspec

rpmbuild --define "_topdir $rpmdir" -bb $tmpspec
if [ $? = 0 ]; then
    rm -rf $tmpspec $rpmdir/BUILD
    mv $rpmdir/RPMS/*/* $rpmdir && rm -r $rpmdir/RPMS
    echo "Packages are in $rpmdir"