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Create an atomic opener that does not automatically rename on close The revlog.checkinlinesize() uses an atomic opener to replace the index file after converting it from inline to traditional .i and .d files. If this operation is interrupted, the atomic file class can overwrite a valid file with a partially written one. This patch introduces an atomic opener that does not automatically replace the destination file with the tempfile. This way an interrupted checkinlinesize() call turns into a noop.
date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 16:38:44 -0400
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7eca4cfa8aad5fce9a04f7d8acadcd0452e2f34e 0.4d
b4d0c3786ad3e47beacf8412157326a32b6d25a4 0.4c
f40273b0ad7b3a6d3012fd37736d0611f41ecf54 0.5
0a28dfe59f8fab54a5118c5be4f40da34a53cdb7 0.5b
12e0fdbc57a0be78f0e817fd1d170a3615cd35da 0.6
4ccf3de52989b14c3d84e1097f59e39a992e00bd 0.6b
eac9c8efcd9bd8244e72fb6821f769f450457a32 0.6c
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3a56574f329a368d645853e0f9e09472aee62349 0.8