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Welcome to Mercurial for Windows!

For configuration and usage directions, please read the ReadMe.html
file that comes with this package.

Release Notes

2006-05-10  v0.9

* Major changes between Mercurial 0.8.1 and 0.9:

  - The repository file format has been improved.
    - This has resulted in an average 40% reduction in disk space    usage.
    - The new format (called RevlogNG) is now the default.
    - Mercurial works perfectly with both the old and new repository
      file formats. It can transfer changes transparently between
      repositories of either format.
    - To use the new repository format, simply use `hg clone --pull` to
      clone an existing repository.
    - Note: Versions 0.8.1 and earlier of Mercurial cannot read
      RevlogNG repositories directly, but they can `clone`, `pull`
      from, and `push` to servers that are serving RevlogNG
  - Memory usage has been improved by over 50% for many common operations.
  - Substantial performance improvements on large repositories.
  - New commands:
    - 'archive' - generate a directory tree snapshot, tarball, or zip
      file of a revision
  - Deprecated commands:
    - 'addremove' - replaced by 'add' and 'remove --after'
    - 'forget' - replaced by 'revert'
    - 'undo' - replaced by 'rollback'
  - New extensions:
    - Bugzilla integration hook
    - Email notification hook
  - Nested repositories are now supported. Mercurial will not recurse
    into a subdirectory that contains a '.hg' directory. It is treated
    as a separate repository.
  - The standalone web server, 'hg serve', is now threaded, so it can
    talk to multiple clients at a time.
  - The web server can now display a "message of the day".
  - Support added for hooks written in Python.
  - Many improvements and clarifications to built-in help.

2006-04-07  v0.8.1

* Major changes from 0.8 to 0.8.1:

  - new extensions:
    mq (manage a queue of patches, like quilt only better)
    email (send changes as series of email patches)
  - new command: merge (replaces "update -m")
  - improved commands: log (--limit option added), pull/push ("-r" works
    on specific revisions), revert (rewritten, much better)
  - comprehensive hook support
  - output templating added, supporting e.g. GNU changelog style
  - Windows, Mac OS X: prebuilt binary packages, better support
  - many reliability, performance, and memory usage improvements

2006-01-29  v0.8 

* Upgrade notes:

  - diff and status command are now repo-wide by default
   (use 'hg diff .' for the old behavior)
  - GPG signing is now done with the gpg extension
  - the --text option for commit, rawcommit, and tag has been removed
  - the copy/rename --parents option has been removed

* Major changes from 0.7 to 0.8:

  - faster status, diff, and commit
  - reduced memory usage for push and pull
  - improved extension API
  - new bisect, gpg, hgk, and win32text extensions
  - short URLs, binary file handling, and optional gitweb skin for hgweb
  - numerous new command options including log --keyword and pull --rev
  - improved hooks and file filtering

2005-09-21  v0.7 with modifications

* New INI files have been added to control Mercurial's behaviour:

    System-wide -  C:\Mercurial\Mercurial.ini
    Per-user    -  C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Mercurial.ini

  A default version of the system-wide INI file is installed with
  Mercurial.  No per-user INI file is installed, but it will be
  honoured if you create one.

* Windows line endings are now handled automatically and correctly by
  the update and commit commands.  See the INI file for how to
  customise this behaviour.

* NOTE: Much of the rest of the Mercurial code does not handle Windows
  line endings properly.  Accordingly, the output of the diff command,
  for example, will appear huge until I fix this.

* Packaged text files now have correct Windows line endings.

2005-09-21  v0.7 with modifications

* This is the first standalone release of Mercurial for Windows.

* I believe it to be mostly functional, with one exception: there is
  no support yet for DOS <-> Unix line ending conversion.