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fix appendfile problem on macos. when i open file with mode 'a+' on linux, seek position is 0. on macos seek position is end of file instead. not documented.
author Vadim Gelfer <>
date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 08:31:33 -0800
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include hg
recursive-include mercurial *.py
include hgweb.cgi hgwebdir.cgi
include hgeditor rewrite-log
include tests/README tests/run-tests tests/test-*[a-z0-9] tests/*.out
prune tests/*.err
include *.txt
include templates/map templates/map-*[a-z0-9]
include templates/*.tmpl
include templates/static/*
include doc/README doc/Makefile doc/*.txt doc/*.html doc/*.[0-9]
recursive-include contrib *
include README
include COPYING
include Makefile