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Move hgrc documentation out to its own man page, hgrc(5). # HG changeset patch # User Bryan O'Sullivan <> # Node ID 5076cf1fd6a1b8eb410e5e03cb004ca6a52a30f9 # Parent 7369ec5d93f2ffd490a43970edd9adf8d2bbe269 Move hgrc documentation out to its own man page, hgrc(5). The new man page expands on the existing documentation by describing the file format and the purpose of each section and field.
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Matt Mackall <>
v0.1, 27 May 2005

hgmerge - default wrapper to merge files in Mercurial SCM system

'hgmerge' local ancestor remote

The hgmerge(1) command provides a graphical interface to merge files in the
Mercurial system. It is a simple wrapper around kdiff3, merge(1) and tkdiff(1),
or simply diff(1) and patch(1) depending on what is present on the system.

hgmerge(1) is used by the Mercurial SCM if the environment variable HGMERGE is
not set.

Written by Vincent Danjean <>

hg(1) - the command line interface to Mercurial SCM

Copyright (C) 2005 Matt Mackall.
Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General
Public License (GPL).