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hgweb.manifest: revno of manifest and changelog aren't always the same In the v4l-dvb repo, the manifest revno and the changelog revno are not in sync. This happened because the same patch was applied to the same revision in two different branches, resulting in the same manifest text, with the same parents and so the first revision was reused. Since hgweb.manifest was assuming the revnos of the manifest and of the changelog were always the same, clicking on manifest -> bz2 in the v4l-dvb site would download the wrong revision. Use the linkrev to go from manifest revision to changelog revision. This still won't be perfect since the page will still talk about "manifest for changeset XYZ", where XYZ was the first changeset to have this manifest, which is not necessarily the same changeset that the user clicked to get to this page - but at least the contents will be the same.
author Alexis S. L. Carvalho <>
date Sat, 20 May 2006 15:34:19 -0300
parents b0f6af327fd4
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# An example CGI script to export multiple hgweb repos, edit as necessary

import cgitb, sys

# sys.path.insert(0, "/path/to/python/lib") # if not a system-wide install
from mercurial import hgweb

# The config file looks like this.  You can have paths to individual
# repos, collections of repos in a directory tree, or both.
# [paths]
# virtual/path = /real/path
# virtual/path = /real/path
# [collections]
# /prefix/to/strip/off = /root/of/tree/full/of/repos
# collections example: say directory tree /foo contains repos /foo/bar,
# /foo/quux/baz.  Give this config section:
#   [collections]
#   /foo = /foo
# Then repos will list as bar and quux/baz.

# Alternatively you can pass a list of ('virtual/path', '/real/path') tuples
# or use a dictionary with entries like 'virtual/path': '/real/path'

h = hgweb.hgwebdir("hgweb.config")