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<!-- SCCS keyword
#pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"
<!-- (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.
<!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation:
     <!ENTITY % ISOlat2 PUBLIC
       "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN">
<!ENTITY abreve SDATA "[abreve]"--=small a, breve-->
<!ENTITY Abreve SDATA "[Abreve]"--=capital A, breve-->
<!ENTITY amacr  SDATA "[amacr ]"--=small a, macron-->
<!ENTITY Amacr  SDATA "[Amacr ]"--=capital A, macron-->
<!ENTITY aogon  SDATA "[aogon ]"--=small a, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY Aogon  SDATA "[Aogon ]"--=capital A, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY cacute SDATA "[cacute]"--=small c, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Cacute SDATA "[Cacute]"--=capital C, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY ccaron SDATA "[ccaron]"--=small c, caron-->
<!ENTITY Ccaron SDATA "[Ccaron]"--=capital C, caron-->
<!ENTITY ccirc  SDATA "[ccirc ]"--=small c, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Ccirc  SDATA "[Ccirc ]"--=capital C, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY cdot   SDATA "[cdot  ]"--=small c, dot above-->
<!ENTITY Cdot   SDATA "[Cdot  ]"--=capital C, dot above-->
<!ENTITY dcaron SDATA "[dcaron]"--=small d, caron-->
<!ENTITY Dcaron SDATA "[Dcaron]"--=capital D, caron-->
<!ENTITY dstrok SDATA "[dstrok]"--=small d, stroke-->
<!ENTITY Dstrok SDATA "[Dstrok]"--=capital D, stroke-->
<!ENTITY ecaron SDATA "[ecaron]"--=small e, caron-->
<!ENTITY Ecaron SDATA "[Ecaron]"--=capital E, caron-->
<!ENTITY edot   SDATA "[edot  ]"--=small e, dot above-->
<!ENTITY Edot   SDATA "[Edot  ]"--=capital E, dot above-->
<!ENTITY emacr  SDATA "[emacr ]"--=small e, macron-->
<!ENTITY Emacr  SDATA "[Emacr ]"--=capital E, macron-->
<!ENTITY eogon  SDATA "[eogon ]"--=small e, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY Eogon  SDATA "[Eogon ]"--=capital E, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY gacute SDATA "[gacute]"--=small g, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY gbreve SDATA "[gbreve]"--=small g, breve-->
<!ENTITY Gbreve SDATA "[Gbreve]"--=capital G, breve-->
<!ENTITY Gcedil SDATA "[Gcedil]"--=capital G, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY gcirc  SDATA "[gcirc ]"--=small g, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Gcirc  SDATA "[Gcirc ]"--=capital G, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY gdot   SDATA "[gdot  ]"--=small g, dot above-->
<!ENTITY Gdot   SDATA "[Gdot  ]"--=capital G, dot above-->
<!ENTITY hcirc  SDATA "[hcirc ]"--=small h, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Hcirc  SDATA "[Hcirc ]"--=capital H, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY hstrok SDATA "[hstrok]"--=small h, stroke-->
<!ENTITY Hstrok SDATA "[Hstrok]"--=capital H, stroke-->
<!ENTITY Idot   SDATA "[Idot  ]"--=capital I, dot above-->
<!ENTITY Imacr  SDATA "[Imacr ]"--=capital I, macron-->
<!ENTITY imacr  SDATA "[imacr ]"--=small i, macron-->
<!ENTITY ijlig  SDATA "[ijlig ]"--=small ij ligature-->
<!ENTITY IJlig  SDATA "[IJlig ]"--=capital IJ ligature-->
<!ENTITY inodot SDATA "[inodot]"--=small i without dot-->
<!ENTITY iogon  SDATA "[iogon ]"--=small i, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY Iogon  SDATA "[Iogon ]"--=capital I, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY itilde SDATA "[itilde]"--=small i, tilde-->
<!ENTITY Itilde SDATA "[Itilde]"--=capital I, tilde-->
<!ENTITY jcirc  SDATA "[jcirc ]"--=small j, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Jcirc  SDATA "[Jcirc ]"--=capital J, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY kcedil SDATA "[kcedil]"--=small k, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY Kcedil SDATA "[Kcedil]"--=capital K, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY kgreen SDATA "[kgreen]"--=small k, Greenlandic-->
<!ENTITY lacute SDATA "[lacute]"--=small l, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Lacute SDATA "[Lacute]"--=capital L, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY lcaron SDATA "[lcaron]"--=small l, caron-->
<!ENTITY Lcaron SDATA "[Lcaron]"--=capital L, caron-->
<!ENTITY lcedil SDATA "[lcedil]"--=small l, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY Lcedil SDATA "[Lcedil]"--=capital L, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY lmidot SDATA "[lmidot]"--=small l, middle dot-->
<!ENTITY Lmidot SDATA "[Lmidot]"--=capital L, middle dot-->
<!ENTITY lstrok SDATA "[lstrok]"--=small l, stroke-->
<!ENTITY Lstrok SDATA "[Lstrok]"--=capital L, stroke-->
<!ENTITY nacute SDATA "[nacute]"--=small n, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Nacute SDATA "[Nacute]"--=capital N, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY eng    SDATA "[eng   ]"--=small eng, Lapp-->
<!ENTITY ENG    SDATA "[ENG   ]"--=capital ENG, Lapp-->
<!ENTITY napos  SDATA "[napos ]"--=small n, apostrophe-->
<!ENTITY ncaron SDATA "[ncaron]"--=small n, caron-->
<!ENTITY Ncaron SDATA "[Ncaron]"--=capital N, caron-->
<!ENTITY ncedil SDATA "[ncedil]"--=small n, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY Ncedil SDATA "[Ncedil]"--=capital N, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY odblac SDATA "[odblac]"--=small o, double acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Odblac SDATA "[Odblac]"--=capital O, double acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Omacr  SDATA "[Omacr ]"--=capital O, macron-->
<!ENTITY omacr  SDATA "[omacr ]"--=small o, macron-->
<!ENTITY oelig  SDATA "[oelig ]"--=small oe ligature-->
<!ENTITY OElig  SDATA "[OElig ]"--=capital OE ligature-->
<!ENTITY racute SDATA "[racute]"--=small r, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Racute SDATA "[Racute]"--=capital R, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY rcaron SDATA "[rcaron]"--=small r, caron-->
<!ENTITY Rcaron SDATA "[Rcaron]"--=capital R, caron-->
<!ENTITY rcedil SDATA "[rcedil]"--=small r, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY Rcedil SDATA "[Rcedil]"--=capital R, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY sacute SDATA "[sacute]"--=small s, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Sacute SDATA "[Sacute]"--=capital S, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY scaron SDATA "[scaron]"--=small s, caron-->
<!ENTITY Scaron SDATA "[Scaron]"--=capital S, caron-->
<!ENTITY scedil SDATA "[scedil]"--=small s, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY Scedil SDATA "[Scedil]"--=capital S, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY scirc  SDATA "[scirc ]"--=small s, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Scirc  SDATA "[Scirc ]"--=capital S, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY tcaron SDATA "[tcaron]"--=small t, caron-->
<!ENTITY Tcaron SDATA "[Tcaron]"--=capital T, caron-->
<!ENTITY tcedil SDATA "[tcedil]"--=small t, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY Tcedil SDATA "[Tcedil]"--=capital T, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY tstrok SDATA "[tstrok]"--=small t, stroke-->
<!ENTITY Tstrok SDATA "[Tstrok]"--=capital T, stroke-->
<!ENTITY ubreve SDATA "[ubreve]"--=small u, breve-->
<!ENTITY Ubreve SDATA "[Ubreve]"--=capital U, breve-->
<!ENTITY udblac SDATA "[udblac]"--=small u, double acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Udblac SDATA "[Udblac]"--=capital U, double acute accent-->
<!ENTITY umacr  SDATA "[umacr ]"--=small u, macron-->
<!ENTITY Umacr  SDATA "[Umacr ]"--=capital U, macron-->
<!ENTITY uogon  SDATA "[uogon ]"--=small u, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY Uogon  SDATA "[Uogon ]"--=capital U, ogonek-->
<!ENTITY uring  SDATA "[uring ]"--=small u, ring-->
<!ENTITY Uring  SDATA "[Uring ]"--=capital U, ring-->
<!ENTITY utilde SDATA "[utilde]"--=small u, tilde-->
<!ENTITY Utilde SDATA "[Utilde]"--=capital U, tilde-->
<!ENTITY wcirc  SDATA "[wcirc ]"--=small w, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Wcirc  SDATA "[Wcirc ]"--=capital W, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY ycirc  SDATA "[ycirc ]"--=small y, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Ycirc  SDATA "[Ycirc ]"--=capital Y, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Yuml   SDATA "[Yuml  ]"--=capital Y, dieresis or umlaut mark-->
<!ENTITY zacute SDATA "[zacute]"--=small z, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Zacute SDATA "[Zacute]"--=capital Z, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY zcaron SDATA "[zcaron]"--=small z, caron-->
<!ENTITY Zcaron SDATA "[Zcaron]"--=capital Z, caron-->
<!ENTITY zdot   SDATA "[zdot  ]"--=small z, dot above-->
<!ENTITY Zdot   SDATA "[Zdot  ]"--=capital Z, dot above-->