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<!-- SCCS keyword
#pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"
<!-- (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.
<!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation:
       "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Numeric and Special Graphic//EN">
<!ENTITY half   SDATA "[half  ]"--=fraction one-half-->
<!ENTITY frac12 SDATA "[frac12]"--=fraction one-half-->
<!ENTITY frac14 SDATA "[frac14]"--=fraction one-quarter-->
<!ENTITY frac34 SDATA "[frac34]"--=fraction three-quarters-->
<!ENTITY frac18 SDATA "[frac18]"--=fraction one-eighth-->
<!ENTITY frac38 SDATA "[frac38]"--=fraction three-eighths-->
<!ENTITY frac58 SDATA "[frac58]"--=fraction five-eighths-->
<!ENTITY frac78 SDATA "[frac78]"--=fraction seven-eighths-->

<!ENTITY sup1   SDATA "[sup1  ]"--=superscript one-->
<!ENTITY sup2   SDATA "[sup2  ]"--=superscript two-->
<!ENTITY sup3   SDATA "[sup3  ]"--=superscript three-->

<!ENTITY plus   SDATA "[plus  ]"--=plus sign B:-- >
<!ENTITY plusmn SDATA "[plusmn]"--/pm B: =plus-or-minus sign-->
<!ENTITY lt     SDATA "[lt    ]"--=less-than sign R:-->
<!ENTITY equals SDATA "[equals]"--=equals sign R:-->
<!ENTITY gt     SDATA "[gt    ]"--=greater-than sign R:-->
<!ENTITY divide SDATA "[divide]"--/div B: =divide sign-->
<!ENTITY times  SDATA "[times ]"--/times B: =multiply sign-->

<!ENTITY curren SDATA "[curren]"--=general currency sign-->
<!ENTITY pound  SDATA "[pound ]"--=pound sign-->
<!ENTITY dollar SDATA "[dollar]"--=dollar sign-->
<!ENTITY cent   SDATA "[cent  ]"--=cent sign-->
<!ENTITY yen    SDATA "[yen   ]"--/yen =yen sign-->

<!ENTITY num    SDATA "[num   ]"--=number sign-->
<!ENTITY percnt SDATA "[percnt]"--=percent sign-->
<!ENTITY amp    SDATA "[amp   ]"--=ampersand-->
<!ENTITY ast    SDATA "[ast   ]"--/ast B: =asterisk-->
<!ENTITY commat SDATA "[commat]"--=commercial at-->
<!ENTITY lsqb   SDATA "[lsqb  ]"--/lbrack O: =left square bracket-->
<!ENTITY bsol   SDATA "[bsol  ]"--/backslash =reverse solidus-->
<!ENTITY rsqb   SDATA "[rsqb  ]"--/rbrack C: =right square bracket-->
<!ENTITY lcub   SDATA "[lcub  ]"--/lbrace O: =left curly bracket-->
<!ENTITY horbar SDATA "[horbar]"--=horizontal bar-->
<!ENTITY verbar SDATA "[verbar]"--/vert =vertical bar-->
<!ENTITY rcub   SDATA "[rcub  ]"--/rbrace C: =right curly bracket-->
<!ENTITY micro  SDATA "[micro ]"--=micro sign-->
<!ENTITY ohm    SDATA "[ohm   ]"--=ohm sign-->
<!ENTITY deg    SDATA "[deg   ]"--=degree sign-->
<!ENTITY ordm   SDATA "[ordm  ]"--=ordinal indicator, masculine-->
<!ENTITY ordf   SDATA "[ordf  ]"--=ordinal indicator, feminine-->
<!ENTITY sect   SDATA "[sect  ]"--=section sign-->
<!ENTITY para   SDATA "[para  ]"--=pilcrow (paragraph sign)-->
<!ENTITY middot SDATA "[middot]"--/centerdot B: =middle dot-->
<!ENTITY larr   SDATA "[larr  ]"--/leftarrow /gets A: =leftward arrow-->
<!ENTITY rarr   SDATA "[rarr  ]"--/rightarrow /to A: =rightward arrow-->
<!ENTITY uarr   SDATA "[uarr  ]"--/uparrow A: =upward arrow-->
<!ENTITY darr   SDATA "[darr  ]"--/downarrow A: =downward arrow-->
<!ENTITY copy   SDATA "[copy  ]"--=copyright sign-->
<!ENTITY reg    SDATA "[reg   ]"--/circledR =registered sign-->
<!ENTITY trade  SDATA "[trade ]"--=trade mark sign-->
<!ENTITY brvbar SDATA "[brvbar]"--=broken (vertical) bar-->
<!ENTITY not    SDATA "[not   ]"--/neg /lnot =not sign-->
<!ENTITY sung   SDATA "[sung  ]"--=music note (sung text sign)-->

<!ENTITY excl   SDATA "[excl  ]"--=exclamation mark-->
<!ENTITY iexcl  SDATA "[iexcl ]"--=inverted exclamation mark-->
<!ENTITY quot   SDATA "[quot  ]"--=quotation mark-->
<!ENTITY apos   SDATA "[apos  ]"--=apostrophe-->
<!ENTITY lpar   SDATA "[lpar  ]"--O: =left parenthesis-->
<!ENTITY rpar   SDATA "[rpar  ]"--C: =right parenthesis-->
<!ENTITY comma  SDATA "[comma ]"--P: =comma-->
<!ENTITY lowbar SDATA "[lowbar]"--=low line-->
<!ENTITY hyphen SDATA "[hyphen]"--=hyphen-->
<!ENTITY period SDATA "[period]"--=full stop, period-->
<!ENTITY sol    SDATA "[sol   ]"--=solidus-->
<!ENTITY colon  SDATA "[colon ]"--/colon P:-->
<!ENTITY semi   SDATA "[semi  ]"--=semicolon P:-->
<!ENTITY quest  SDATA "[quest ]"--=question mark-->
<!ENTITY iquest SDATA "[iquest]"--=inverted question mark-->
<!ENTITY laquo  SDATA "[laquo ]"--=angle quotation mark, left-->
<!ENTITY raquo  SDATA "[raquo ]"--=angle quotation mark, right-->
<!ENTITY lsquo  SDATA "[lsquo ]"--=single quotation mark, left-->
<!ENTITY rsquo  SDATA "[rsquo ]"--=single quotation mark, right-->
<!ENTITY ldquo  SDATA "[ldquo ]"--=double quotation mark, left-->
<!ENTITY rdquo  SDATA "[rdquo ]"--=double quotation mark, right-->
<!ENTITY nbsp   SDATA "[nbsp  ]"--=no break (required) space-->
<!ENTITY shy    SDATA "[shy   ]"--=soft hyphen-->