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Intro to GPG & Demo slides
author Josef "Jeff" Sipek <>
date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 02:06:54 -0400
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\subtitle{The government is watching you...}
\author{Josef ``Jeff'' Sipek}
\slideCaption{PGP -- Josef ``Jeff'' Sipek}


% Intro to public key crypto
%	- what's symmetric cryptography?
%		- caesar cipher example (rot13 variant)
%		- (a) cypher
%		- (b) key
\begin{slide}{What is cryptography?}
{\bf Cryptography}, n.

The science which studies methods for encoding messages so
that they can be read only by a person who knows the
secret information required for decoding, called the key

\begin{slide}{Little History}
		\item Caesar cipher
		\item ROT13
		\item Symmetric cipher
			\item Key used to encrypt \& decrypt
			\item AES
			\item Blowfish

%		- problems
\begin{slide}{Problems with Symmetric Ciphers}
		\item ``Pre-shared secret''
		% FIXME: add more
	% give postal example

%	- what's asymmetric crypto?
%		- (a) cypher
%		- (b) 2 keys!
\begin{slide}{Asymmetric Ciphers}
		\item 2 keys!
			\item Public
			\item Private

% PGP/GPG's role
% 	- why is GPG useful? (for me) / why would I want to use it?
%		- encrypt documents
%		- sign documents
\begin{slide}{What, Why, How?}
		\item What? --- GPG
		\item Why?
			\item Encrypt/decrypt documents
			\item Sign/verify documents
		\item How?

% 	- how do you use it?
%		- DEMO: sign a doc
%		- DEMO: verify sig on a doc
%		- DEMO: encrypt a doc
%		- DEMO: decrypt a doc
%		- There are frontends to make things easier
\begin{slide}{Demo Time!}
		\item Sign a file
		\item Verify the signature on a file
		\item Encrypt a file
		\item Decrypt a file
		\item Nasty, eh?
		% FIXME: pick some frontends to demo

% what is keysigning?
%	- How do you verify who a key belongs to?
%	- web of trust
%		- alice/bob/etc. web - built one sig at a time
% what will happen next month?
%	- generate keys
%	- send the PUBLIC key to me
%	- I will compile a list of keys
%	- I will put it on the web
%	- you will verify that your key is correct
%		- if it is NOT, let me know ASAP
%	- print a copy & bring it next month
%	- next month, we'll go though each key
%		- the author will read it
%		- the author will present sufficient ID
%		- rest will verify
%	- go home, and for each key which was verified by YOU
%		- sign it
%	- send me the signed public keys
%		- I'll combine them, and create a lilug keyring that
%		everyone can import
% references
%	- GNU Privacy Guard
%	- OpenPGP Message Format

% Q&A