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7066915 Move Quagga to Userland PSARC 2008/038 Move quagga files from /usr/sfw to /usr 6636788 quagga files should move from /usr/sfw 6610234 Pre-quagga start/stop scripts in /usr/sfw/sbin (bgpdstart,ospfdstart,etc..) should be removed 7064040 quagga smf start method no longer needs to worry about upgrade from SUNWzerbra 7027236 ospfd should allow the -a option to be set in smf 7066821 quaggaadm usage message gives program name as quaggaadm_usage instead of quaggaadm. 6933282 quagga manual pages need to be adjusted for the new IPS package names. 6615038 quaagadm: there is no usage info for the -e option 7002951 quagga pkg should deliver headers to allow users to build OSPF-API client programs
author Brian Utterback <Brian.Utterback@Oracle.COM>
date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 12:08:25 -0700
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Network Management:solaris:cmd:RO::/usr/sbin/quaggaadm:privs=basic
Network Management:solaris:cmd:RO::/usr/sbin/zebraadm:privs=basic