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Added more helpful strings for the help strings
author Josef "Jeff" Sipek <>
date Sat, 19 Aug 2006 20:23:42 -0400
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import playlist, util

def cmd_quit(ui, start, stop, args):
	ui.shutdown = True

def cmd_number(ui, start, stop, args):
	do_list(ui, start, stop, True, args)

def cmd_list(ui, start, stop, args):
	do_list(ui, start, stop, False, args)

def cmd_enqueue(ui, start, stop, args):
		id = int(args[0])-1

		if (id < 0) or \
		   (id >= len(ui.lists[playlist.LIST_DEFAULT])):
			raise ValueError

	except ValueError:
		print "Invalid song id"


def cmd_dequeue(ui, start, stop, args):
	print "not implemented yet"

def cmd_help(ui, start, stop, args):
	for c in args[0]:
		print "  %s\t%s" % (args[0][c][2],args[0][c][3])

def do_list(ui, start, stop, number, args):
	# get the list id from the argument or default to
		if args[1]:
			listid = int(args[1])
			listid = playlist.LIST_PRIO

		if listid < 0 or listid >= len(ui.lists):
			raise ValueError
	except ValueError, e:
		print "Invalid list number"
		raise e

	max = len(ui.lists[listid])
	if not max:

	start = util.fixupint(start, max)
	stop = util.fixupint(stop, max)

	# starting number should be less than the ending
	# number, as well as positive; ending number should
	# be less than or equal to the size of the playlist
	if start > stop or \
	   start < 1 or \
	   stop > max:
		raise ValueError

	i = 1
	pfx = ""
	for s in ui.lists[listid]:
		if i < start or i > stop:
			i += 1

		if number:
			pfx = "%d. " % (i,)

		print "%s%s (%s)" % (pfx, s["title"],
		i += 1