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+Peter van Dijk reports:
+<li>Debian 6/s390 installs.
+<li>Debian 7/s390 does not install - it aborts early on with a segfault in netcfg.
+<li>Debian 7/s390x does install, and this is the version you'd want right now anyway. s390 is going away and s390x is backwards compatible.
 Save them into the <pre>rdr</pre> directory. The first two files' names
 gives away their contents - the first is an initrd, and the second is the
 kernel image itself. The last file contains the kernel command line options,
@@ -143,7 +152,8 @@
 One thing to note, if your real hardware has only one core, you may want to
-change the NUMCPU to 1.
+change the NUMCPU to 1. Peter van Dijk reports that NUMCPU=4 causes kernel
+stalls with Debian 7/s390x.
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+If you prefer a single /, leave out the second command (and the related line
+in s390.conf). You can add another argument to specify the size. 8000 will give
+you around 6.4 GB.
 Alternatively, if you want to save disk space at the expense of some
 run-time overhead, you can use zlib or bz2 compressed DASDs by using the -z
 or -bz2 arguments, respectively.  For example,
@@ -510,7 +526,8 @@
 This will install the right image, and set up zIPL (the bootloader) to do
 the right thing. The original kernel image will remain installed, and you
 can select it in the bootloader (right after you issue ipl on the Hercules
+console). This step appears to be unnecessary on Debian 6 or up, even when
+installing from s390. YMMV.
 <h2>Final Note</h2>