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Released v1.1.alpha2.
author Timo Sirainen <>
date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 15:17:14 +0300
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 	* Empty passwords in passdb doesn't allow user to log in with any
 	  password anymore. To do that you'll also need to set nopassword
 	  extra field.
+	* PAM always works in blocking=yes mode now. If you have problems
+	  with memory leaks, change auth_worker_max_request_count setting.
 	+ IMAP: Added support for UIDPLUS and LIST-EXTENDED extensions.
 	+ IMAP SORT: Sort keys are indexed, which makes SORT commands faster.
-	+ IMAP THREAD: Threads are indexed into a dovecot.index.thread file.
-	  It can usually be updated incrementally, so this makes THREAD fast.
-	+ Added Dovecot-specific X-REFERENCES2 threading algorithm.
-	  It's similar to REFERENCES, but it doesn't do base subject merging
-	  and it sorts the threads by their newest message.
 	+ When saving messages, update cache file immediately with the data
 	  that we expect client to fetch later.
 	+ NFS attribute and data caches are are flushed whenever needed.
@@ -39,6 +36,11 @@
 	+ Quota plugin rewrite: Support for multiple quota roots, warnings,
 	  allow giving storage size in bytes or kilo/mega/giga/terabytes,
 	  per-mailbox quota rules.
+	+ Filesystem quota backend supports inode limits, group quota and
+	  RPC quota for NFS.
+	+ SEARCH and SORT finally compare all characters case-insensitively.
+	  We use i;unicode-casemap algorithm.
+	+ Config files support splitting values to multiple lines with \
 v1.0.0 2007-04-13  Timo Sirainen <>
--- a/TODO	Tue Aug 07 15:16:49 2007 +0300
+++ b/TODO	Tue Aug 07 15:17:14 2007 +0300
@@ -1,13 +1,6 @@
- - command didn't cancel itself: STATUS
- - allow sql plugins
+ - SORT: Invalid input is supposed to be sorted last.
  - indexes: are cache prev_offsets updated right?
  - mmap_disable: updated cache header doesn't invalidate other processes' cache?
- - rquotad support for FS quota
- - filesystem group quota patch
- - userdb lookups aren't verifying / translating usernames
- - message-header-decode.h API: Add support for returning UTF-8 decoded strings
-   directly.
-   - Fix Sieve plugin to decode headers using it
  - maildir+pop3/deliver fast updates:
    - with locking enabled, pop3 could just keep the one and same sync lock and
@@ -31,8 +24,6 @@
    - maildir_copy_preserve_filename=yes has a race condition causing "Append with
      UID n, but next_uid = y" errors when quota plugin is loaded. Practically
      won't happen except in stress testing.
-   - maildir_copy_with_hardlinks=yes is problematic with shared folders where
-     the file mode should change..
  - mbox
    - UID renumbering doesn't really work after all?
@@ -70,8 +61,6 @@
  - EXPUNGE command in read-only mailbox should give an error message if
    there are messages marked as \Deleted?
  - dovecot -o setting=something overriding
- - vmailmgr patch
- - managesieve patch
  - file_cache: we're growing the mmap in page size blocks, which is horribly
    slow if mremap() doesn't exist.
  - login_max_processes_count shouldn't count proxying processes
@@ -147,7 +136,6 @@
  - lib-storage
     - rename: allow moving between storages, as long as they're of same type
     - x search charset asdf all -> should fail
-    - subscribe: IMAP(anonymous): open(anonymous/mail/.temp...) failed: Permission denied
     - should we allow following symlinks in mbox/maildirs? they are now.
        - if we implement shared mailboxes with shared indexes, never do that or
 	 others could symlink your personal mailboxes and see the indexes
@@ -186,7 +174,6 @@
     - non-plaintext authentication doesn't support all features:
         - multiple passdbs don't work, only the first one is used
 	- auth cache's last_success password change check doesn't exist
-    - checkpassword should use passdb-blocking
     - remove system_user and allow returning multiple gids instead.
     - SIGHUP restarts auth processes .. but does it wait until they've finished
       with all requests? no.
@@ -215,7 +202,6 @@
       the next_uid field with the current highest next_uid. Whenever we have
       assumed UIDs and uidlist gets updated, throw the client out with
       "inconsist mailbox".
-    - if storage=0 is given, use unlimited quota but track it anyway
  - ssl
     - add setting: ssl_options = bitmask. by default we enable all openssl
@@ -223,30 +209,18 @@
     - gnutls support isn't working
  - search
-    - message header search: we should ignore LWSP between two MIME blocks
-    - message_body_search() could accept multiple search keywords so we
+    - message header search: we should ignore LWSP between two MIME blocks(?)
+    - message_search_init() could accept multiple search keywords so we
       wouldn't need to call it separately for each one (so we wouldn't need
       to parse the message multiple times).
-    - message_body_search() could support NULL MessagePart and the searching
-      could be done while parsing the message. this would need changes to
-      message_parse() as well.
     - could optionally support scanning inside file attachments and use
       plugins to extract text out of them (word, excel, pdf, etc. etc.)
-    - use a trie index for fast text searching, like cyrus squat?
     - Create our own extension: When searching with TEXT/BODY, return
       the message text surrounding the keywords just like web search engines
       do. like: SEARCH X-PRINT-MATCHES TEXT "hello" -> * SEARCH 1 "He said:
       Hello world!" 2 "Hello, I'm ...". This would be especially useful with
       the above attachment scanning.
- - lib-charset
-     - utf8_toupper() is a must. and a bit difficult if we want to do it right.
-     - add support for other things than iconv() as well? we could reuse
-       the code from cyrus or courier
-     - cache iconvs? they'd probably be faster if we just reset the
-       conversion instead of opening new one every time. and there will likely
-       be only one or two charsets which are used for nearly all conversions.
  - deliver
     - recipient_delimiter setting so user+mailbox@domain works directly
@@ -261,16 +235,6 @@
     - ability to build plugins statically into the binaries
     - ~/.dovecotrc to override system wide settings. namespace settings should
       override all the previous namespace settings instead of adding new.
-    - option to disable SORT, SEARCH and other memory/cpu-intensive features.
-      defaults and per-user by dovecot-auth.
-    - dotlock overriding is racy, but it's pretty difficult to fix it. Also
-      overriding someone else's dotlock in shared folder isn't possible. These
-      could be fixed by having separate lock process running as root, which
-      would chown() the file for another uid and then unlink() it as that user.
-      One problem with that is that if malicious user sets setuid+execute bits
-      on for the file, he could run the file and get changed to the new uid.
-      That hopefully shouldn't matter much since the new uid should be user
-      with minimum possible privileges. Anyway, optional..
     - things break if next_uid gets to 2^32
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