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date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 23:23:12 -0800
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 - make showing removed files (in history etc.) faster.
-- hg diff Makefile should avoid walking the tree
 - hg add <directory> should work
 - hg status <filename>: file rev, changeset rev, changed, added,
   deleted, sha-1
 - select to pull a subset of the heads
 - number of args too much magic (e.g. in patch())
 - automatic pull fallback to old-http://
-- hg init|pull doesn't say that no repo was found
+- hg pull doesn't say that no repo was found
 - hg annotate -u and hgweb annotate with long $EMAIL
 - hg pull default in a subdir doesn't work, if it is a relative path
 - optionally only show merges (two parents or parent != changeset-1, etc.)
@@ -45,4 +44,3 @@
 - some web servers think hgweb.cgi.[di] is a CGI script with old-http://
   (use quoting (see foo.d in Core) or document server configurations?)
 - link children in hgweb
-- search field searching in descriptions, file names, what else?