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Revert changeset 120aa5fc7ced1bf765b4f025f5a3a138cd87f49e. I inadvertantly used "hg import" on a message I saved, expecting it to do the right thing, but instead it made the commit look like I authored it, and filled the description with the email header. Changeset 737f9b90c571b3991f7e35dc846e7ef38a475cfe contains a guard against "hg import" doing this again.
date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 09:08:21 -0700
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children 6e165de907c5
files doc/hg.1.txt mercurial/
diffstat 2 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-) [+]
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--- a/doc/hg.1.txt	Thu Sep 01 09:04:18 2005 -0700
+++ b/doc/hg.1.txt	Thu Sep 01 09:08:21 2005 -0700
@@ -266,16 +266,13 @@
     aliases: patch
-incoming [-p] [source]::
+incoming [source]::
     Show new changesets found in the specified repo or the default
     pull repo. These are the changesets that would be pulled if a pull
     was requested.
     Currently only local repositories are supported.
-    options:
-    -p, --patch           show patch
     aliases: in
 init [dest]::
@@ -330,14 +327,11 @@
     The manifest is the list of files being version controlled. If no revision
     is given then the tip is used.
-outgoing [-p] [dest]:: 
+outgoing [dest]:: 
     Show changesets not found in the specified destination repo or the
     default push repo. These are the changesets that would be pushed
     if a push was requested.
-    options:
-    -p, --patch           show patch
     aliases: out
--- a/mercurial/	Thu Sep 01 09:04:18 2005 -0700
+++ b/mercurial/	Thu Sep 01 09:08:21 2005 -0700
@@ -1064,7 +1064,7 @@
             addremove(ui, repo, *files)
         repo.commit(files, message, user)
-def incoming(ui, repo, source="default", **opts):
+def incoming(ui, repo, source="default"):
     """show new changesets found in source"""
     source = ui.expandpath(source)
     other = hg.repository(ui, source)
@@ -1079,10 +1079,6 @@
     for n in o:
         show_changeset(ui, other, changenode=n)
-        if opts['patch']:
-            prev = other.changelog.parents(n)[0]
-            dodiff(ui, ui, other, prev, n)
-            ui.write("\n")
 def init(ui, dest="."):
     """create a new repository in the given directory"""
@@ -1164,7 +1160,7 @@
     for f in files:
         ui.write("%40s %3s %s\n" % (hex(m[f]), mf[f] and "755" or "644", f))
-def outgoing(ui, repo, dest="default-push", **opts):
+def outgoing(ui, repo, dest="default-push"):
     """show changesets not found in destination"""
     dest = ui.expandpath(dest)
     other = hg.repository(ui, dest)
@@ -1173,10 +1169,6 @@
     for n in o:
         show_changeset(ui, repo, changenode=n)
-        if opts['patch']:
-            prev = repo.changelog.parents(n)[0]
-            dodiff(ui, ui, repo, prev, n)
-            ui.write("\n")
 def parents(ui, repo, rev=None):
     """show the parents of the working dir or revision"""
@@ -1671,9 +1663,7 @@
           ('b', 'base', "", 'base path'),
           ('m', 'mail-like', None, 'apply a patch that looks like email')],
          "hg import [-f] [-p NUM] [-b BASE] PATCH..."),
-    "incoming|in": (incoming, 
-         [('p', 'patch', None, 'show patch')],
-         'hg incoming [-p] [SOURCE]'),
+    "incoming|in": (incoming, [], 'hg incoming [SOURCE]'),
     "^init": (init, [], 'hg init [DEST]'),
@@ -1691,9 +1681,7 @@
           ('p', 'patch', None, 'show patch')],
          'hg log [-I] [-X] [-r REV]... [-p] [FILE]'),
     "manifest": (manifest, [], 'hg manifest [REV]'),
-    "outgoing|out": (outgoing, 
-         [('p', 'patch', None, 'show patch')],
-         'hg outgoing [-p] [DEST]'),
+    "outgoing|out": (outgoing, [], 'hg outgoing [DEST]'),
     "parents": (parents, [], 'hg parents [REV]'),
     "paths": (paths, [], 'hg paths [NAME]'),