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On shutdown, make sure we tell the dbus clients that we're done
author Josef "Jeff" Sipek <>
date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 06:16:19 -0500
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This file describes the concept behind this program. All is licensed under

There are two playlists:

1) Priority playlist: initially empty

2) Default playlist: initial contents are loaded from a playlist (file)

When a new song is about to be played, the priority playlist is checked. If
there is a song, it is dequeued off the list and played. If the playlist is
empty, a song is chosed from the default queue.

One uses the 'a' and 'd' commands to append (enqueue) and delete (dequeue)
songs from the priority lists. For exact command syntax see the 'h' command
in the program.

Here's a sample run of the program:

jeffpc@batlh:~$ vixm
Creating playlists...
Loading songs from the playlist...
Instanciating ui thread...
Seaching list 0 for 'starship':
Seaching list 1 for 'starship':
883. Jefferson Starship - With Your Love
1570. Starship - We Built This City
Enqueuing song: Starship - We Built This City (4:52.000)
Seaching list 0 for 'Cars':
Seaching list 1 for 'Cars':
321. Cars - You Might Think
681. Gary Numan - Cars
1676. The Cars - Shake It Up
a 321
Enqueuing song: Cars - You Might Think (3:07.585)
1. Starship - We Built This City (4:52.000)
2. Cars - You Might Think (3:07.585)